SSBS – Tokyo Mew Mew Episode 41: The Wind Brings Happiness – A Heartfelt Prayer


Plot: Shirogane and Akasaka detect numerous disturbances in Tokyo Bay and set out the Mews to fight once again, but Lettuce has reservations. She asks if they can talk to the aliens instead and come to an understanding. Even though the other Mews have similar thoughts and agree that the aliens also have feelings and hearts that should be respected, they can’t deny that the aliens don’t seem to be reasonable. The chances of them coming to an understanding are far too low, and it’s dangerous to avoid fighting since it might cost them the lives of those they’re trying to protect.

The aliens’ newest plan involves growing a Chimera Animal that creates pollutants. Using a current generator, when the Chimera Animal is fully grown, they’ll spread the pollutants all over the bay, killing every creature in the ocean.

The group splits off into two teams to combat the minor Chimera Animals Pai has sent out into the bay to guard the main beast. Pudding and Ichigo dive underwater to investigate when they’re swarmed by a school of vicious Chimera Animal fish. The girls transform and start to fight, but there are simply too many to take down. They’re forced to retreat, but the fish take chase.

Meanwhile, Masha spots the current generator and sends out an emergency beacon only to be shot down by Pai seconds later. After receiving the signal, the group changes up their teams with Lettuce heading off with Shirogane to investigate the signal while Akasaka and the rest of the Mews head in the other direction to distract the fish.

When Lettuce and Shirogane arrive at the location of Masha’s lost signal, their boat is suddenly overturned by the toxic Chimera Animal, now fully grown.

While Lettuce can breathe underwater in her Mew form, Shirogane starts to drown. She tries to save him, but the Chimera Animal gets in her way. The Chimera Animal grabs Shirogane and makes off with him. However, it suddenly changes color, lets go of Shirogane and leaves to fulfill its duties to pollute the sea.

Meanwhile, the other Mews set a trap for the Chimera Animal fish and Taruto. Pudding traps them all within her Pudding Ring Inferno, made larger by Mint Echo, Zakuro fends off Taruto, and Ichigo finishes the fish off.

Back with Lettuce, she’s able to spot Shirogane under the water by catching a glimpse of the Mew Aqua on his necklace, but Pai stops her from saving him. She tries to appeal to his heart, but he refuses to listen. She avoids his attacks and rushes towards Shirogane. Her body reacts to the Mew Aqua and she becomes a mermaid again.

She kisses Shirogane to transfer some of the Mew Aqua’s power to him to help save his life. The Mews and Akasaka arrive at the current generator and are confronted by the main Chimera Animal. Lettuce emerges from the water, and the light from the Mew Aqua causes the Chimera Animal to recoil in pain. Taking the window of opportunity, Ichigo mounts an attack and defeats it.

After the battle, Shirogane wakes up, and Lettuce is ecstatic to know he’s alright. Masha is fished from the water, exhausted and damaged, but not in disrepair.


– Again, I thought they were trying to reclaim the earth and hated that humans were polluting it, yet their plan this week is to pollute the bay and kill every creature in there? Is this like a commentary on the human condition? Now the aliens are screwing nature up and not fully taking into consideration the consequences of their actions?

– I know Lettuce isn’t a strong swimmer, but does it not make more sense to send the only aquatic animal based Mew out scuba diving into the water?

– Also, those wet suits are really cool.

– Just gonna come out and say it – I ship Lettuce and Shirogane. He makes her more confident, she softens him up, they work well together. It annoys me that they so unceremoniously end it after just teasing it a couple of times. Why even bother?

– This is really nitpicky, but not only can Lettuce, when transformed, breathe underwater, but she can also talk. I’ll forgive the talking since that’s connected to the breathing and just something characters that can breathe underwater tend to do, but it doesn’t really make sense for her to have the ability to breathe underwater. The animal she’s based on, the black finless porpoise, is a mammal. It can’t breathe underwater.

I hate that I’m calling out one of the Mews having a unique ability when it’s pretty clear that I hate that the others girls get nothing while Ichigo gets everything, but I couldn’t just leave that alone.

– It is a little touching that Taruto actually seems like he feels guilty for taking control of the fish when Pudding calls him out on it.

– That was actually a pretty clever trap that they laid for the Chimera Animal fish. I’m a little annoyed that Pudding’s Pudding Ring Inferno keeps coming off like it’s a weak ability that can easily be broken, but it was a good plan.

– Uh, Pai, I’m pretty sure you can’t use directed lightning attacks like that underwater.

– The animation for this episode has been on the lower end of the spectrum. Not the worst in the series, but noticeably poor.


I liked this episode, but I didn’t love it. I’m a little disappointed that Lettuce turned into a mermaid again only to save Shirogane and to be an annoying distraction for the Chimera Animal while Ichigo, once again, gets the last shot. Maybe I wouldn’t be as irritated if she didn’t also get the last shot on the Chimera Animal fish not but five minutes prior.

I should at least be thankful she wasn’t the central focus of this episode when it was Lettuce’s time to shine….literally.

I do love Shirogane and Lettuce’s dynamic, and it’s nice that they’re continuing to show the softer sides of the aliens. Also, I did really appreciate that the Mews legitimately defeated the Chimera Animal fish together instead of the other girls being a shield or distraction or something.

Next time, is Zakuro leaving the Mews to move to the US?

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