Episode One-Derland: Karasu Tengu Kabuto

Plot: Kabuto is the last of the Tengu, a clan that sealed away the dreaded Kuroyasha many years ago. Kuroyasha Douki has recently returned and wants revenge on the descendant of the Tengu clan for sealing him and his comrades away. Kabuto is a mighty warrior, but he still requires help to take down the Kuroyasha. He unlocks an ancient demon sword named Hiryuu and calls upon the four guardian gods of his family to help take them down.

Breakdown: Mmm smell that 80’s cheese.

There’s not a whole lot to say here. It’s one of a million ninja clan vs. evil demonic ninja clan shows that peppered the 80’s the 90’s in anime. But this one gives the main character black crow wings. Oooooooohhhhhhh~~~~

As a first episode, it does a good enough job at explaining the backstory, hero, villains and what the objective of the story is. The hero’s just as you’d think, the villain’s just as you’d think, and the intro battles are putty patroler-esque pushovers. The finale gives them these cool flying statues that blow fire, so there’s that.

The art is very dated, and the animation is nearly hilarious with that classic, always mocked, sudden zoom in to a shocked face trope, as well as the regular action animation shortcuts of cutting away during an attack to just animate a lit up slash on a black screen.

That’s not to say the action’s not fun. It’s not some of the best I’ve seen, but it’s pretty good so far.

The music is mostly forgettable, and, remarkably, that’s probably the only aspect of this that isn’t really dated.


Anyone who wants a dose of 80’s ninja cheese can enjoy this just fine, but so far there’s really nothing to draw anyone else in. I’ll keep it on the back burner.

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