SSBS – Smile Precure! Episode 4: Straight Ball Showdown – Cure March of the Wind

Plot: The girls find Nao to be a super cool and talented girl, so they decide to see if she’ll be the fourth Precure. In an attempt to get to know her, Miyuki spends some time with Nao’s little brothers and sisters. When her family’s put in danger as Akaoni strikes again, will Nao join the Precure family to save them?

Breakdown: I really enjoyed this episode. Nao is a fantastic character. I always have a soft spot for the mature, responsible big-sister types in the group. And I’m eternally thankful that her brothers and sisters are both believable and likable. That is so hard to find in shows with these character backgrounds.

Her transformation and attack are both kinda cool, but I’m still thinking they’re just falling asleep at the wheel when it comes to making cool attacks/transformations/attack names. That’s half the fun of magical girl shows, guys. Come on.

March’s super speed and seeming super kicks are awesome, though.

I also like how, even though it’s not a huge differentiation, we switched from the fully friendship theme to a family-oriented one, and that the reason Nao transformed was for the sake of her brothers and sisters, not the Precures.

There were many small moments I really enjoyed, especially when they talked about Peace’s Rock, Paper, Scissors game.

I honestly don’t have any real complaints about this episode. It was a lot of fun all the way through.

Next episode, we round off the Precures with Cure Beauty!

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5 thoughts on “SSBS – Smile Precure! Episode 4: Straight Ball Showdown – Cure March of the Wind

  1. Well, that was quick. I do understand that it’s much harder to review good shows than bad shows, since the former can easily end up being just a recap if the whole thing was awesome. With bad stuff, you can add analysis of every problem, but it’s hard to analyze success beyond “It’s awesome.”

    The only problem I have with this episode is that Nao doesn’t seem to have any flaws, unlike the others. It’s not that big a deal, since the show gets into her shortcomings later.

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    • Yeah, it’s always been a problem of mine to write a lot about positive reviewed shows, especially when it’s just one episode of a show being discussed. I really need to work on that because I worry I tend to come off as a grumpy complainer in my posts a lot.

      She does seem pretty flawless. I didn’t get bothered by it much since this was her debut and shows like this tend to celebrate characters in their debut so I didn’t expect much in the ways of flaws. Plus, I was just enjoying her too much to really care. Good to hear some flaws will be explored later.


    • Also, I’ve been uploading my own SDC of this show. I’ve already mostly completed it, but it’ll take a while to upload everything. I wanted you to do an SDC because I thought I wouldn’t be able to upload mine. I’m sorry about this, and if you don’t want to be redundant, it’s okay if you quit. I still think you’d do a better job than me because your SDCs are more concise.

      Here’s the table of contents:!/Glitter_Force_Sub/Dub_Comparison:_Table_of_Contents

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      • Oh so you’ve been the one posting those! I was gonna give a shoutout on Twitter to that because I saw someone had followed a link back to me from there and I was flattered by the compliment, but I was worried I’d seem like a dork for getting excited over that lol

        I think you’re doing a great job so far! Nah, I don’t mind being redundant. There are already Sailor Moon, Pokemon and Digimon SDCs out there (And others I’m sure), plus I use them as a mouth piece for voicing my opinions on the episode as a whole (Dub anyway) I have fun with them, so I’ll keep on truckin’. I can’t wait to read the rest of yours, though. ^_^


      • Thank you so much!!

        Yeah, it would be kind of awkward to be all “Yay Glitter Force!” in front of everyone.


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