Animating Halloween: Hell Girl – Two Mirrors: Episode 8 – The Fake Hell Link


Plot: The students of a junior high school are constantly scolded by a strict teacher named Shoko Baba, though they’ve nicknamed her Make-Up Hag. As the grudges of the students grow, more of them receive emails by a mysterious person claiming to be Hell Girl with a fake Hell Link website. None of them can properly enter a grievance against her, however, since every attempt results in an error claiming they’re not filled with enough anger and vengeance.

Who is behind this fake Hell Link, and why does it seem to be specifically targeting Shoko Baba?

Breakdown: One of the best episodes so far.

The premise, at first, didn’t intrigue me much at all. When I watched the next episode preview, I thought it’d be boring. A spam email claiming it’s Hell Link? Unless things are actually happening to the people being entered into the system, how could this possibly be interesting?

Surprisingly, quite a bit. The entire first half leaves you wondering who’s really behind this website, and even after it becomes quite clear who it is, you still wonder why they’re doing this and what beef they have with Shoko Baba.

In a previous episode, we saw the first time someone has outright refused Hell Girl’s services after hearing what the price is. This is the second time such a thing has happened.

When the, let’s call her a culprit, called Hell Girl, she refused to pull the string because she didn’t want to go to hell. She even got on her knees and begged Hell Girl to just take Baba without cursing her. This obviously didn’t work, so she decided she’d go on an insanely long mission to destroy her life, to the point where Baba’s husband divorced her and she became estranged to her son.

She became enraged when it seemed like that didn’t destroy her enough, so she concocted a plan to trick one of the students into using Hell Girl for her so she could send her to hell without damning her own soul.

This actually isn’t the first time we’ve seen someone try to send another person to hell by proxy, but this is the first time it nearly worked. Before, the proxy client didn’t take a level of vengeance into consideration. This time, the proxy client has used the website before and knows how Hell Girl works so she could game the system better.

Too bad Ai doesn’t put up with that shit. Laid down a trap for her like a boss.

It’s also amazing how they flipped the script on us. I won’t give away the final twist, but it was very bittersweet and somewhat touching.

What is wrong with the proxy client, though? I will admit, Baba’s a bit of a bitch, but what did she do besides give her somewhat poor marks in middle school that made her so hateful? She even blamed this woman on her own parents getting a divorce. Like, what? Get help, lady.

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