Animating Halloween: Unikitty – Scary Tales


Plot: Unikitty and her friends tells scary stories on Halloween while trying to scare the seemingly unscareable Richard.

Breakdown: I’ll be frank – I barely know a thing about Unikitty besides it’s a show made by Lego and it’s based on the character from The Lego Movie.

No one’s ever really encouraged me to go and watch it. I haven’t heard really bad things about it, but I also haven’t heard anything all that great either.

That being said, this was a pretty enjoyable Halloween special. While the overarching storyline is cliché and the individual stories aren’t all that memorable, the little moments and jokes they had throughout the episode were usually pretty entertaining and funny.

I liked the handful of nods they gave to classic horror movies like Friday the Thirteenth and Scream. They also had two characters dress up like Pac-Man and a ghost, and I thought that was cool. Not sure how many kids today would get it, but still.

The show kinda goes at a breakneck speed for me, but it has fun with itself. I’d watch some more episodes if I caught it on TV.

One thought on “Animating Halloween: Unikitty – Scary Tales

  1. I’m not too familiar besides a few clips I’ve seen of The Lego Movie years ago. Weird how that spin-off became a thing. It was also crazy how I quoted Uni-Kitty in my Sunderland ‘Til I Die 2 review. It makes sense in context. Good review, though.

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