SSBS – Smile Precure! Episode 2: Burn! It’s the Hot-Blooded Cure Sunny!!


Plot: After watching her amazing display in a volleyball match at school, Miyuki watches Akane in a volleyball club match. However, she does poorly and is seemingly losing the chance to be the ace attacker on their squad.

Later, Miyuki tries to cheer up Akane, but she finds that Akane’s not disappointed – she’s more determined than ever to get better to earn her spot as ace attacker. Miyuki offers to help her practice, and she agrees.

The next day, Akane does much better in her match, but the day is sullied when Wolfrun reappears. Cure Happy’s not enough on her own. Does Akane have the inner fire to become a Precure herself and save her friend?

Breakdown: I feel like Akane will be my favorite character in the future. I like her attitude and her spirit. She’s got a good sense of humor without being a jerk about it, and she’s got plenty of fiery passion and determination.

That being said, one of the things that confuses me about this episode is the message.

Akane is amazing at volleyball and blows everyone away when she plays with her class. In the club, she does terribly. After one afternoon of hard practice, she’s suddenly on ace attacker level?

It would’ve helped if we knew why Akane was playing so badly in that match. It might just be a matter of bad luck or having a bad day, but then what’s the lesson? Never giving up and trying your hardest is good, but considering there’s no reason for her bad game, it seems odd. She’s not overcoming anything or working through anything if she already had the skills and confidence to begin with.

Either that, or they’re saying she didn’t stack up with the league players before and, after one afternoon of hard practice, she’s on her way to ace attacker?

Maybe they could’ve had her be uncertain with herself in the club, but she’s much more confident in her abilities in class games because there’s not as much pressure. Then, with the help of Miyuki and the practice they had together, she becomes more relaxed and confident in her club matches. She had the determination in her, hence why she was working so hard, but the help of friendship allowed her to shine through….like the sun!

I’m so clever.

Plus, Cure Sunny is a badass. That fiery transformation. That kickass attack – a flaming volleyball spike of death! It is convenient that it’s a volleyball move, but it’s a million times more awesome than a heart shaped sparkly laser. In addition, I like that it seems like Sunny has super strength above Happy’s because that gives her something else to differentiate herself.

SDC Episode 2

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