SjSBS – Smile Precure! Archive

Episode 1 – She’s Born! The Perfect Smile, Cure Happy! (An Exciting Beginning)

Episode 2 – On Fire! The Hot-Blooded Cure Sunny is Here! (Kelsey Gets a Makeover)

Episode 3 – Rock, Paper Scissors – Cure Peace! (We Want Peace! Glitter Peace!)

Episode 4 – A Straight-Up Bout! Cure March of the Wind! (Here Comes Glitter Spring!)

Episode 5 – A Beautiful Heart! Cure Beauty! (Glitter Breeze vs. The Witch)

Episode 6 – The Team is Complete! Smile Precure! (The Library of Legends)

Episode 7 – Where Could it Be? Our Secret Base! (The Perfect Hideout)

Episode 8 – Miyuki and Candy Switch Places?! (Glitter Switchers)

Notice: I’ve decided to end this review series in order to put focus on other projects. If you’d like to see fantastic reviews and Sub/Dub Comparisons for this series, please check out my friend’s blog GlitterInformer.


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