SSBS – Tokyo Mew Mew Episode 32: Princess Fight – The Hero Can’t be Bought for Money


Plot: Mint decides to invite the other Mews to her family’s famous annual tea party. The girls are all very suspicious of Mint suddenly doing something nice for them, but she convinces them to go with the promise of meeting one of Ichigo’s favorite pop idols.

At the tea party, Mint, Zakuro and Pudding fit right in, but Ichigo and Lettuce feel out of place in such a fancy environment. They’re about to head home when a flashy helicopter arrives to literal fanfare. With a deafening cackle, a young girl emerges. She proclaims herself to be Mint’s eternal rival, Kanna Saionji, but Mint denies even knowing her.

Kanna shares a tale of her attending this same tea party seven years ago. It was a ‘fateful encounter,’ according to her. Mint walked by her as she was eating at the party…..and that’s it.

In a last ditch effort to jog her memory, she gives a big introduction to herself, but Mint still doesn’t care. She just sighs and walks away, leaving Kanna in the hands of her friends. Ichigo comes to the realization that Mint really only invited them to babysit Kanna so Mint wouldn’t have to deal with her – something Mint denies.

Angered at continuously being ignored, Kanna challenges Mint to a duel. Ichigo and the others ask why a duel is necessary, and Kanna proclaims that it’s a duel to see who’s really worthy of princessness. As she’s monologuing, Mint and Zakuro quietly exit.

Zakuro tells Mint that she believes she knows Kanna more than she lets on and that she seems to worry about her a little. Mint says she’s just an annoying girl who pesters her every year at the tea party, but she also annoys her because her arrogance and abrasiveness remind her of her old self.

Angered by Mint’s sudden and rude departure, Kanna is more determined now than ever to defeat Mint and determine who is really worthy of princessness.

As Mint gets news that a special item is right on time to be delivered to the party, Kanna finds her and prods her some more. Mint has had enough. She finally tells off Kanna, claiming she’s only doing this because she’s lonely and is trying to make friends with her. She tells her that no one will open up to her if she’s not open to others and to stop playing this ridiculous game.

Kanna acts like she has no idea what she’s talking about, and their conversation is soon interrupted by a crash. The horse-drawn carriage carrying Mint’s delivery has been overturned by Kisshu.

Kisshu claims there’s Mew Aqua in Mint’s delivery. He tries to grab it, but Kanna nabs it away, claiming something with such a lovely name as Mew Aqua must be something worthy of only a princess. Mint demands she give it back, but she vehemently refuses. She says she’ll give it back if Mint admits defeat against her.

Kisshu interrupts and attacks her by turning a spirit of one of the guests into a Chimera Animal. Mint and the others transform into their Mew forms to battle. The pterodactyl-like Chimera Animal attacks Kanna, but Mint manages to save her.

The girls do their best to combat the Chimera Animal, but it’s very powerful. It breaks through Pudding’s Pudding Ring Inferno and takes Zakuro and Lettuce’s attacks without issue. It’s also incapacitating them with a sonic blast time and again.

Mint tells Kanna to run away, but Kanna refuses since that would be admitting defeat to Mint. Fed up with her stubbornness and immaturity, Mint slaps her across the face and berates her. Kanna and Mint are about to be attacked by the Chimera Animal, but Ichigo jumps in the way, taking the full brunt of the assault.

It’s about to finish her off when The Blue Knight suddenly shows up, slashes the Chimera Animal with his sword and saves Ichigo. He tells her that the weak point of the Chimera Animal is in its mouth. She has to attack when its mouth is open.

Giving the signal to Mint, she tricks the Chimera Animal into opening its mouth. Mint shoots an arrow at Ichigo, and she deflects it into the Chimera Animal’s mouth with her bell. Now weak, she finishes off the Chimera Animal with a Ribbon Strawberry Surprise and the battle ends.

Kisshu checks the box and finds no Mew Aqua so he leaves.

Kanna is in awe of the Mews and asks if they’ll be hers, with no limit on how much she’ll pay them. Mint interjects and says friendship is not something you can buy. You need to open your heart to others to obtain it.

A flashback from Kanna reveals that she was always given everything she’d ever wanted. Her parents bought her everything, even her friends, but they weren’t genuine. When she met Mint, she was snubbed by her, and Kanna realized that Mint was different from everyone else. As a result, she always envied her.

Mint reveals that the contents of the box was a tea set. She was making a surprise private tea party for her friends, which is why she invited them to the main tea party. Kanna stands in silence as she listens to the girls have fun, but Ichigo decides to invite her over. Kanna reluctantly agrees, and she starts to enjoy herself. Still wanting to keep up her facade, she declares that she’ll invite them to a much better tea party at her house next time and that Mint remains as her eternal rival.

Kanna leaves in her helicopter and the girls bid her farewell, even Mint, who seems to be content that Kanna might finally be changing as a person, just like she did.


– I’m glad that the girls are very suspicious of Mint’s intentions with this invitation instead of blindly believing her. Not that Mint never has good intentions, but when it comes to stuff like this, she always looks down on the others, to say the least. They even outright say that she’s never done anything nice for them, which, honestly, I think is a bit of a stretch. She’s not the friendliest person, but she’s done nice things for the other girls. Never to this extent, but still.

– Glad to see the chemistry’s back between the girls, too. These past handful of episodes have been really brutal for them as a group. It’s been Ichigo City.

– Ladies and gentlemen, I present the ugliest helicopter ever.


– The ‘fateful encounter’ flashback is hilarious.

– If they’re trying to make Kanna seem worse than Mint, they’re doing a terrible job. She’s already a million times more entertaining and less bitchy.

– Ichigo: “I bet she has no friends.” What a horribly rude thing to say. I’d be more apt to question how Mint has any friends.

– Kanna: “Shut up, filthy commoners!” Alright, getting a little bitchy.

– Why is there so much blushing in this episode? It seems we can’t go a full minute without seeing a character blush for no reason.

– I’ll give props to Mint for rushing into investigating the situation immediately and telling her grandmother to take care of her guests.

– I love Mint’s reaction to Ichigo seemingly accusing Mint of having Mew Aqua delivered to the party.

– Hahahaha! Kisshu called Kanna a bitch.


– Oh okay, so I guess now we’re just ignoring the secret identities entirely and are just transforming mere inches away from other people. Smart.

– Yay for giving Mint a full transformation sequence, though. It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve seen someone besides Ichigo do that.

– Oh my god! She’s the only one whose transformation we get to see! Someone catch me, I feel faint!

– Mew Mint: “Now, make your escape!”

Kanna: “I’ll never run away before you!”

Just documenting proof that Mint did indeed transform in front of her, revealing her “secret” to her without hesitation. Granted, it was a difficult situation. Most shows have something that knocks out very closeby witnesses so they can transform without fear of being caught. At this point, I have to assume that at least a handful of people know who the Mews really are, even with their ridiculously obvious name connections and lack of masks. Are these people all just really nice and agreed to keep their secret or is this all plot convenience?

– This Chimera Animal is quite powerful for being made out of the spirit of some random rich guy at a tea party.

– I have to say, this is one of the more intrusive saves by The Blue Knight. This whole situation has nothing to do, really, with Ichigo, yet the focus is yet again on Ichigo and her knight in shining…….clothes. It would’ve been better if either Mint saved her or if The Blue Knight tried to save one of the other girls for a change.

….Does…he…ever try to save the other girls when they’re in danger? I know who he really is and why he’d be drawn to Ichigo, but it seems like a dick move to only show up when she’s in danger.

Kinda have to wonder if he just has impeccable timing or if he realizes Ichigo’s in a battle and waits in the shadows until she’s in direct danger so he can swoop in.

– And yet again he instantly knows the weakness of the Chimera Animal and just tells Ichigo how to defeat it, and she does. Friggin’ girl power, brought to you by a guy.


– Oh well, at least she lets Mint participate in the final attack.

– Ichigo’s bell can reflect other Mew attacks now? Okay.

– Oh nevermind, it’s a pre-final blow. Ichigo gets the real final blow because of course she does.

– I love how Kisshu opens the box, realizes it’s not Mew Aqua and just leaves. What is with all of these Mew Aqua misidentifications? Some of them kinda make sense, like the necklace, but others are just baffling, like the crystal ball and the tea set.

– How the hell did that tea set survive a horse-drawn carriage crash and falling to the ground about three different times?

– The special item really was a tea set?….Why? Why did it need to be specially delivered? What’s so special about it? Why did it start out in a safe on a ship? I get the message – that the real treasure was a nice private tea party with her friends, but I’m still confused as to why this was a super special delivery.

Unless the delivery was the tea itself, which makes even less sense.

And why did Kisshu think this was Mew Aqua? No way in hell did this thing give off any signals. He justifies it at the party by saying if Ichigo’s where this thing is then it must be Mew Aqua…..That is probably the dumbest explanation he’s given so far.

Ichigo is rarely ever by actual Mew Aqua, and every time they’ve suspected it otherwise has been a false alarm. Not to mention that he’s been following this thing since it got on the highway, far away from Ichigo. Grasping at straws is an understatement to say the least.

– You do feel a bit for Kanna. She’s a product of her environment. Rich people are already known for being really fake. Growing up in a world where your parents buy your friends, and you’re well aware of their disingenuous nature, has to be lonely. It’s hard to know how to make friends, either. Even if they’re not directly bought off, they might only like you because you’re rich.


Mint may be bitchy and condescending, but she doesn’t come off as very fake. Her lies are usually quite obvious, and she’s not afraid of telling you anything bluntly. As of this episode, it seems she has the most trouble being honest with things that make her seem nice, like this tea party.

– Speaking of which, Mint invited her friends for legit reasons and scheduled a private special tea party just for them, perhaps even because she knew they might be uncomfortable in the larger fancy setting. Mint gets major props in this episode.


I thought I’d dislike this episode because it’s Mint-centric and I was not looking forward to the fancy environment or Kanna, but it was actually really good.

Mint is the most tolerable she’s ever been. In fact, she’s been pretty….awesome? She did a nice thing for her friends out of nowhere, she even seemingly cared much more about the private tea party than she did the big fancy rich person one. She developed as a character by having disdain for someone she finds similar to how she used to be before she met the other Mews. She took initiative in protecting the people at the party and Kanna, no matter how much she annoyed her. She was blunt with Kanna without being a bitch, and she even managed to get to do something in the final battle.

Her character arc, if you will, went full-circle by showing Kanna the way to true friendship and leading her away from the synthetic rich person’s social life. We also got some cute moments with her and Zakuro. They were subtle, but Zakuro gave some small smiles that indicate that she’s proud of how much Mint has matured.

Kanna was much less annoying than I had feared. She’s more flashy than she is condescending and there were only a few instances where she seemed bitchy. Kanna seems like a nice enough girl. She just feels she has to put on this loud boisterous persona in order to get attention or be liked.

Even the Chimera Animal and the other girls were much more properly fit into the story than they have been lately.

Only a few things noticeably irked me, and they were pretty much the norm at this point. The Mew Aqua detection was laughably written, we’re just throwing the secret identity thing out the window, The Blue Knight was completely unnecessary and took the flow of the episode way off, Ichigo got the final attack again and Mint didn’t even get the pre-final blow to herself.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. Good job, writers! You got me to like Mint! Whoo! I’m proud of you! Keep it up!….Please.

Next episode, Pudding’s engaged to a fully grown man?! Martial arts?! Her daddy’s talked about again?! Outdated marriage traditions!? Gasp!

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One thought on “SSBS – Tokyo Mew Mew Episode 32: Princess Fight – The Hero Can’t be Bought for Money

  1. BTW, Quiche didn’t really call Kanna a bitch. IIRC, he actually referred to her without honorifics, and the subs translated it as him calling her a sexist slur.

    *** SPOILERS ***
    I believe the Blue Knight not protecting people who aren’t Ichigo comes from the fact that Masaya secretly hates humanity, except for Ichigo, who’s his only real friend. My headcanon is that were he to make other friends, he’d be able the become the Blue Knight to protect them as well.

    And maybe him knowing the weak points of the chimera animas is a result of him being Deep Blue.

    *** END SPOILERS ***

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