The Salty Anime Challenge Day 15: What is Something that You Find Yourself Avoiding?

This entry stumped me for quite a while. My approach to anime is usually to give everything a decent chance. Unless it’s just seriously not clicking with me as a whole, I don’t tend to avoid something due to one factor. I’ll even give harem anime the benefit of the doubt by throwing it at least one episode watch.

I guess if there’s something that keeps rubbing me the wrong way though, it’s probably ultra drama romances in anime. Whether the romance is the main focus or not, I just tend to roll my eyes and resist the urge to fast forward when these soap-opera level romances spring up.

And I don’t….really mean the super corny romances like Renton and Eureka from Eureka 7, because they can still be very sweet…..but seriously, I can’t stand the cheese in that show. Wisconsin would tell them to tone down the cheese. I mean the ones that have to constantly include misunderstandings and relationship-ending drama all the time, usually making at least a few people look like complete assholes.

“I should probably tell her I’ve been banging her manager….and kissed a close friend….and another close friend….and slept with her too…and made out with another friend……But she might put out tonight sooooo….” —-”I wonder if I should tell him that I care way more about my best friend and my career than I do my relationship with him. But he might put out tonight sooooo…”

Inuyasha, Fushigi Yuugi, Gundam SEED, Vampire Knight, I’’s, and just to cheat a little, even The Legend of Korra’s first and second seasons suffered because of romance drama, whether these shows are objectively good without the romance or not.

I still never forgave either of them for this. Korra for kissing another guy while on a date with Bolin (You can’t convince me she didn’t realize Bolin was taking that as a real date. She’s not that dumb.) Korra for kissing Mako when he’s dating Asami. Mako for kissing back. Note: He was forced into being kissed, but he clearly reciprocated after. Mako for being a lying bag of dicks who tries to pass the buck after Asami finds out. Blah blah. This whole love triangle BS marred a really great season plot concept otherwise.

I’m not an idiot, I know no relationship is perfect. I wouldn’t want it to be, either. Those overly saccharine ‘love conquers all’ romances are almost as bad. I just prefer realistic romances with likable characters who encounter hiccups that they actually work through, not ones that are forgotten or swept under the rug. Romances where being with the other actually makes the characters grow and mature not stagnate and worsen.

I don’t want couples that do terrible things and act like asstards then end up together because ehhh the series is wrapping up, chop chop kissy kissy. I want them to work for the happily ever after. I don’t want either of them to get together because the writers said so or one or the other is a prize or, god forbid, because the fans demanded it.

I’m not even going to touch upon shipping wars because fuck that mess, especially after the stupidity that was the Darling in the Franxx death threat fiasco – And I’ve never even watched that show! These things can get scarily out of hand. I’m all for shipping whatever you want for any series, but guys, calm down. They are characters, they are drawings – as much as you care about them, they literally do not possess the ability to care about you. You’re barking at a tree.

Also, this isn’t to say I technically avoid shows that have overly dramatic or terrible romances. I either tune them out if they’re on the side or I use them as handy-dandy rant fodder because, dear god, the kinds of ridiculousness this can spawn. You want to see the dark side of people? You don’t need to go to some dark, gory horror anime – You can find them in the romance section. There’s something depressingly poetic in that.


8 thoughts on “The Salty Anime Challenge Day 15: What is Something that You Find Yourself Avoiding?

    • It’s such a shame so many writers for practically every form of media believe relationships need drama to be interesting. This trope is in practically every western TV show that includes romance – it’s ridiculous.

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      • Drama can be legit, though. For example, in Tokyo Mew Mew, Ichigo goes to great lengths to keep her being a Mew Mew a secret from Masaya. Would this be considered drama?

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      • Not really – in that definition anyway. I mean, it can sometimes make for drama. The mid-series finale is probably a bigger testament of that, though it ended very well for the both of them in the next episode.

        I moreso mean high levels of drama, particularly drama that’s, for lack of a better word, unnecessary, that make the characters look either stupid or like they’re horrible people. For instance, one character cheating on the other, stringing the other along when they don’t have strong feelings for them, emotionally or physically hurting them, etc.

        Ichigo keeps her secret from Aoyama to protect him (though, admittedly, some of it is because she’s afraid he’ll think she’s a freak) It’s technically necessary, and Ichigo is pretty much brave for doing so, because keeping the secret sometimes causes her a lot of trouble and heartache. It’s especially difficult because, even with Aoyama in the dark about her Mew identity, he still ends up in the crossfire numerous times. That’s certainly a burden of guilt on Ichigo’s shoulders that she continuously needs to carry.

        They also dodge unnecessary over drama by having her not reciprocate Kisshu’s feelings and advances. Another dodge, to a closer degree, was Shirogane. While they end on better terms all around, and Ichigo does come close to having romantic feelings for Shirogane, Ichigo is entirely loyal to Aoyama, which is moreso proof of their strength as a couple and not ‘Aoyama-kun is my one true love, we’re destined to be together and he’s hot~~”

        Like I mentioned, I like realistic relationships that overcome hurdles and work though issues. While Ichigo and Aoyama’s relationship is pretty damn clean, it is a magical girl anime afterall, they have bumps and hurdles that they talk through and work out and they grow closer in a more realistic way.

        I actually prefer their relationship to the most famous magical girl pairing, Usagi and Mamoru from Sailor Moon, because, for the most part, they just seemed to be together and stay together because destiny and whatnot. (They were massive assholes to each other before they started having ‘wait, I feel like I know you’ moments) Ichigo and Aoyama love each other for who they are from the getgo, even before Ichigo becomes a Mew and after she hangs up her Strawberry Bell.


      • ‘Aoyama-kun is my one true love, we’re destined to be together and he’s hot~~” That sounds more like Twilight than Tokyo Mew Mew XD

        Also, there’s a relatively recent anime called Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun. Its protagonist is a sportsman named Aoyama-kun who has a fangirl squad and is the most popular guy in school. That is not familiar at all. Nosiree.
        (It’s actually kinda different. The main guy is germophobic and has OCD)

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      • Yep yep. The thing is, there are shows where there isn’t major garbage people drama and it works. Ore Monogatari is a perfect example of that.

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  1. I came up with an idea for a harem anime without any over-the-top drama! What if we had five or so guys each dating a different girl, but a freak accident caused them to fuse into one person! Because they’re a fusion, they love each of the girls equally, and the girls (hopefully) understand the situation. Hijinks and legit drama ensue as the girls share the fusion between each other and find out more about the other boys in the fusion as they try to return their boyfriends to normal!

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    • I’m just imagining a massive mass of human flesh with a bunch of bishounen faces on it lol. The show can be called “I’m in love with a Bishie Blob!?”


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