The Salty Anime Challenge Day 6: A Show That You Wanted to Like (Due to the Synopsis) but Couldn’t

The show that most came to mind with this prompt was 11Eyes.

What is up with your pose, Yuka? “Eugh I dropped my keys!”

The main plot is very interesting. A group of teenagers are suddenly thrust into an alternate version of their world that is signified by a blood red sky and blackened moon. They never know when they’ll be shifted into the Red Night or brought back home. It happens randomly.

In this reality, they realize that they each have strange powers. One of them can summon and utilize a variety of different swords, another controls fire, another has a sociopathic superhuman fighting machine alter ego, etc. They soon encounter the Black Knights who similarly have powers and want to kill the group. Mysteries surround the Red Night, including the introduction of a girl who looks nearly identical to the main character, Kakeru’s, deceased sister, and an imprisoned girl named Lisellotte who begs to be freed.

The premise looked very intriguing to me, and the first few episodes had me locked in…..but wow did that go downhill fast. Many elements of the show really aren’t that bad, and I quite enjoyed many characters such as Takahisa, Yukiko and Misuzu, and the battle between Misuzu and one of the black knights, Superbia, was quite memorable, even if Misuzu went through a period of useless lumpness near the tail end of the series.

Yuka and the ending demolished this entire series for me, though.

Yuka is Kakeru’s childhood friend who obviously has a crush on him and clings to him like a small child with a teddy bear. Since Yuka’s powers are not shown until the very end, she’s essentially an entirely useless character outside of being damsel in distress bait for a majority of the series. But she’s a main character! What do!?

I know! Let’s have her be a crazy psychotic jealous bitch out of nowhere!

Kakeru and Misuzu start getting closer because she’s trying to train him to fight and utilize his powers, and Yuka doesn’t like that. She starts getting insanely jealous and goes off the deep end fast. And when I say she goes off the deep end I mean she licks blood off of Misuzu because she saw Kakeru do it, not knowing what they were doing, starts talking to a stuffed penguin like it’s Kakeru, gives zero shits about the safety of anyone else but Kakeru (Not reading into it. She says it straight out) and there was that little instance of attempted murder when she sneaks a RAZOR BLADE INTO MISUZU’S TEA!

Fans of the show seem to justify her insane and terrible behavior by saying Kakeru’s all she has left in the world and she felt like he was abandoning her, but screw you, no. Her being upset and jealous at believing she’s losing Kakeru to Misuzu, understandable. Her even going a little nutso because of it and talking to stuffed penguins, fine. Being an obsessed, uncaring, psychopathic attempted murdering bitch because of it? No.

Did I mention that Lisellotte’s the main villain and Yuka frees her from her prison for absolutely no reason whatsoever? Because there’s that too.

And for those believing Kakeru is indeed an ass because of this, he’s really not. Even after Yuka’s seemingly dead, he refuses to let himself get emotionally close to Misuzu because he believes it’s a betrayal to Yuka. Iffy physical stuff happens between them, but it’s basically ‘the plot said so’ because it’s stuff meant to make him stronger…..even if one of those things is just flatout sex…..This is show is dumb. Good premise. Dumb execution.