The Salty Anime Challenge Day 4: The First Anime You Hated And/Or Dropped

Yikes. You’re going to make me trudge into ‘Goddamn, I’m old’ territory and look up…..My first reviews.

And I mean like the old old stuff that hasn’t even seen the Madhouse.

I do believe that honor goes to the dumpster fire that is School Days.

I don’t have much left to say about this series that hasn’t already been said by others or I haven’t personally said. At the bare bones, it’s a stupid harem anime with one of the worst main characters ever.

But when you really get down to it, School Days is just mean-spirited and makes you feel awful for watching it.

Admittedly, back in the day, I said I gave it some points for being so ridiculously over dramatized and stupid that it had some entertainment value in that regard. However, now that I am far more schooled (no pun intended) on anime, the series as a whole isn’t ridiculously over dramatized enough to stand out that much. It just decided to have the main character actually sleep with all of these girls as opposed to just wacky ecchi shenanigans or making out.

When you get down to it, though this show is really only remembered for the batshit ending.

Let me save you a headache for those who haven’t watched it. Sekai, Kotonoha and Makoto are in a love triangle. Makoto’s a dick to both of them and cheats on both of them without a care in the world, but ultimately chooses Kotonoha because he felt bad for emotionally breaking her through his dickishness (and she got raped by his best friend, but this doesn’t even seem like it’s a real plot point at all) Sekai is pregnant with Makoto’s kid, but maybe not. She doesn’t take being dumped well, so she viciously stabs him to death.

Kotonoha finds his body, beheads him, kills Sekai, slices up her body to prove she’s not pregnant (or maybe was?) then spends her last days on a raft in the middle of the ocean while clutching the severed head of Makoto.

Got all that? Good.

The ending catches people off guard because nothing alludes to it beforehand. It’s a brutal, bloody murder followed by another brutal, bloody murder in the tail end of a harem anime. Granted, the games have several bloody bad ends, so this might not have been a shock to people who had played the (Hentai) games before, but still.

Either that, or people were cheering their heads off that Makoto was killed at the end because he was such a massive douchewhistle. Bonus points for Sekai for some, though that might be controversial if she was indeed pregnant (they never made that clear.)

Then there’s the controversy that sprung around it back when it was first released. In many versions of the series, the blood is painted black to censor it so it looks like Makoto bleeds oil (I wouldn’t be surprised to be honest). They censored it because the ending episodes were being released right as a string of murders were happening in Japan. Upon first release, they didn’t even show the episode and instead showed some clips of boats – which is what spawned the ‘Nice boat’ meme.

If you ignore the ending, all the series is about is Makoto banging most of the cast of female characters and giving zero shits about who he hurts. You’re constantly wondering why Makoto is so highly sought after when he has absolutely no redeeming traits, and around every corner there’s someone else being a dick to someone. You root for no one. You like no one. And past me was overtly generous to give it a 2/5 score. I may have been easy on it in the original review, but I definitely believe this was the first anime I ever really hated, especially as time went on.

9 thoughts on “The Salty Anime Challenge Day 4: The First Anime You Hated And/Or Dropped

  1. MAKOTO!!!!!!

    What I never understood was that before he starts being a sex crazed bumhole, no one really pays attention to him. But the moment he starts having sex, it’s like every female on the show wants to sleep with him. WHY?? Why not find a nice guy who doesn’t sleep with everyone? Why not find a guy who won’t be around so many unhinged people? Why not find anyone other than Makoto? I guess he’s a sex magnet, but why?

    Man, everyone on this show was horrible. Ha, I just remembered the subplot of people taping others having sex during the cultural festival. And then playing it in front of everyone at school.

    This show….

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    • I never understood that either. Even if you take every terrible thing you know about the guy away, he has no real attractive traits. He’s not even that physically attractive – he’s rather plain.

      I don’t think they have a choice in finding nice guys, though. We rarely ever see any other male characters on the show and they seem just as bad as Makoto. Taisuke’s a friggin’ rapist for crying out loud. Then you have that other guy who was the boyfriend of one of the girls and he turned out to be running an underage sex ring or something, if I recall what I read about the games.

      Oh god, that dumb festival plot. I actually had some sympathy left in me for these characters before that and then, nope. Flushed it all away.

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      • Having sex on this show turns guys into a babe magnet apparently. As long as it is consensual, everyone will want a piece of your golden penis. Unless you get one of them pregnant.

        Isn’t it sad that once they find out that he got someone pregnant they disappear. Wouldn’t their main concern be, “It seems that he’s been having unprotected sex with multiple people. Perhaps I should get tested.” But nope. A baby stops him from getting girls.

        …talking about School Days almost makes me want to rewatch the series just to chronicle how bad it is. lol

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      • Didn’t Hikari (or her twin whats-her-face) still sleep with him after they found out about the pregnancy? I distinctly remember her kinda lecturing him about sleeping with her while Sekai was dealing with the pregnancy (Because apparently she doesn’t feel guilty herself about letting him boink her when Sekai’s allegedly her friend–goddamn I hate these people). Though it’s been so long, maybe I’m misremembering.

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      • It’s been a long time for me too, so I’m not sure.

        Perhaps we should rewatch it and find out if he still got some after it was announced that Sekai is pregnant.

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      • Booyah! I totally cheated!

        Brain cell status: Saved!

        I hopped to my review of the series because I knew I mentioned something like that back then and while I didn’t mention who it was (It was definitely one of the twins.) I did indeed complain about one of the girls sleeping with Makoto after they learned Sekai was pregnant. So, yup. Everyone’s riding the terrible person bus.

        ….Though…maybe I should rewatch it anyway.

        Brain Cells: “Noooooooooooo!!”

        EDIT: Also, yup, she totally chastised him for it. Terrible. Person. Bus.

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      • *sigh* These girls and boys should really learn about the dangers of stds. At least we have our answer now. I’m glad we didn’t have to watch it again to find out.

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  2. I liked this series because I find harem shows that leave things unresolved very annoying. This one settled the love triangle in a very unexpected way.

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