The Salty Anime Challenge – Day 2: A Popular and/or Hyped Anime that You Didn’t Care For

The one anime that really comes to mind here is Kill La Kill.

I hadn’t heard much of a bad word against Kill la Kill. I had many people suggest it to me, and they gave it very high praise for how crazy, funny and action-packed it was, but I just found it to be, overall, irritating. It’s a lazy plot coupled with a mostly uninteresting main lead and antagonist with one of the most overpowered and ridiculously designed battle outfits I’ve ever seen.

I still can’t wrap my head around this. How does she breathe without triggering the censors?

Outside of that, it’s pure noise. It is trying way too hard to be the ‘craziest anime ever’. It never takes a damn break from the gigantic blocks of red text being pelted at the screen every three minutes to the constant yelling to the somewhat ugly art and animation.

I’m no stranger to crazy loud anime, but they usually know when to pump the brakes. Kill La Kill is like running on a treadmill, setting a time to get off and then realizing you’re handcuffed to it. You think it’s alright at first, but eventually, it gets exhausting and miserable.

Let me be completely fair – I never completed this series. I never made it beyond the commercial break in episode two. I really don’t like doing that, but I had no interest in going further. Maybe it gets better. I don’t know. But I didn’t feel like I was enjoying it enough to give it more of my time.


13 thoughts on “The Salty Anime Challenge – Day 2: A Popular and/or Hyped Anime that You Didn’t Care For

  1. I feel the same way. I think I made it an episode or two farther than you, (I honestly don’t remember) but I didn’t really care for this either.

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  2. I’m with you. I don’t know how far I pushed into this, maybe three or four episodes, maybe more. I really just kept watching hoping it would improve but I really did not like it much at all.

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  3. ahahaha, I know it won’t help as much but the true main character of KLK is actually Mako Mankanshoukou. Ok, she isn’t really, but the story’s so weak I can argue the MC is her.
    Also, the anime is a nostalgia grab. you never liked FLCL cause everyone salivated over this anime because of its homages.
    I am also not a fan of this, btw. I don’t hate it though. xD

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    • If I recall, Mako was the most tolerable thing in the show. She was actually kinda funny, but not worth it enough to keep watching. I believe I would’ve finished it if she was the real MC.

      And I actually love FLCL lol. It may make little sense, but FLCL takes breaks and has more style to it’s insanity. It’s more like a cartoon in various areas whereas this show is just being loud for the sake of being loud. Also, I’m totally biased to FLCL’s soundtrack XD


  4. I liked this series a lot. Later on the story has a few surprises and some cool characters are introduced. If you don’t like something though there’s no point in forcing yourself to watch.

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  5. I loved this series but it surprised me that I liked it. Maybe because I hadn’t heard anything about it beforehand? So I had zero expectations and honestly watched it on a whim. That’s actually why I kind of hate watching an anime that is really hyped up because it’s so much easier to be let down! I’ve had that happen to me a few times. Free!! and Soul Eater come to mind for me when I think of this…

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    • That’s why I sometimes like going after shows that have bad word of mouth. If it’s bad, then I’m not disappointed and I have something to rant about (lol) If it’s good, I’m pleasantly surprised and have something new to enjoy and talk about.

      I never had any expectations for Free!! Beyond fanservice, and it delivered there lol

      I liked Soul Eater, but I think I was mostly into the idea and the style than anything. Story-wise, it was nothing special.

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      • I was so disappointed in Free!! Everyone was talking about the characters and the all the feels (blah, blah). I honestly forgot I was watching a sports anime lol I think the show is better if you think of it as a slice of life.

        I feel like Soul Eater is something I SHOULD like. It seems to have all of the elements I enjoy but I’ve tried to watch it twice now and dropped it. It’s not that it was bad it just has never seemed to hook me.


  6. Oh man, heck yeah. I’ll admit, I enjoyed Kill La Kill for what it was: mindless, ridiculously inappropriate fun. But it was SUPER hyped and I did not understand why, still don’t.


  7. I saw clips of it, but this really does look overhyped. Maybe it’s just not for me.

    I could certainly name so many overhyped and overrated series or movies I can think of when it comes to anime.


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