The Salty Anime Challenge – Day 1: Least Favorite Anime

Not pulling any punches, eh? Questions like this always throw me because I’ll think I have a lock on it, but then I’ll remember another show later that deserves the spot even more.

I have some nominees for this category like 6 Angels, Skelter Heaven, Amnesia, Baldr.exe, Shining Tears x Wind. I felt my criteria should be a show I would never watch ever again. I thought I had backed myself into a corner because nearly every entry is something I could return to again for one reason or another if I absolutely had to….But then I remembered…..











I mean Eiken.

Fuck. This. Show.

Never have I felt more robbed of an hour of my life. I went into this show obviously knowing it would be bad – you can tell from the cover art that it’s stupid – but not this level of soul-poisoning horribleness.

I’ve seen people defend this show by saying it’s just a goofy stupid ecchi show and it’s so bad it’s funny.

Nononono. Skelter Heaven is so bad it’s kinda funny. 6 Angels is so bad it’s kinda funny. Even Mad Bull 34 has moments where it’s so bad it’s kinda funny. Eiken is so bad I could hear my brain pleading for mercy the entire time I was watching it.

It’s not even that it’s ridiculously overblown ecchi with some of the biggest chest weights you could ever witness – it’s the sheer laziness and repetitiveness of it all. There are three jokes in this OVA.

“Wow, that’s funny because she has big boobs.”

*Slapstick so unrealistic even cartoonists from the 1920’s would ask what you’re smoking resulting in some obvious visual innuendo or groping*

Bananas are funny because they look like dicks.

Yeah, I’m using an old meme. If they’re gonna be lazy, so can I.

It is an hour of anti-humor. I know I mentioned in my review of Eiken episode two that it didn’t seem worse than 6 Angels because I could understand what’s going on, but my views have changed. The non-sensical nature of 6 Angels may actually help it because if I can’t understand what’s going on then I can just laugh at everything ridiculous going on around me. I can understand what’s happening in Eiken, and that means I have to pay attention and be enraged instead.

I humored the idea of giving Eiken the AniManga Clash treatment, but not only would that require me to re-watch the series, but I’d also be obligated to reading the manga.

The manga.







The manga……








I’m sorry. I’d like to avoid brain aneurysms as much as possible, thanks.

Shameless plug – want to get the full low down on my views of this anime in a beat-by-beat breakdown?

Here are my full reviews to each episode.

Eiken Episode 1

Eiken Episode 2

Runner UpColorful (The Series) Would’ve made it if it actually made me feel any emotions besides the desire to nap.

8 thoughts on “The Salty Anime Challenge – Day 1: Least Favorite Anime

  1. Every once in a while, I’m reminded at how unfair life is, like how a manga like this goes on for so long and gets an anime, and yet so many good series are canned early and/or never make the jump.

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  2. Your rant made me kind of want to watch it, because it sounds like it’s horrible, but I won’t because it sounds horrible. I’m surprised that it has 18 volumes. That’s crazy. If it’s the same three jokes over and over again, how did it last that long?

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    • “Your rant made me kind of want to watch it, because it sounds like it’s horrible, but I won’t because it sounds horrible.” Lol. I recommend giving damn near anything a try just to have that internal “Achievement unlocked” moment, but yes. Your brain cells will thank you.

      “If it’s the same three jokes over and over again, how did it last that long?” I can only assume the amount of people in the manga/anime community with a strong desire for rib crushing boobs is much larger than we ever anticipated.

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  3. I have sadly heard of that anime and have seen clips of it no thanks to AMV Hell. This really represents some of the absolute worst aspects of 00s harem and fanservice comedies even with my limited exposure. YOu might as well have Nicki Minaj randomly pop up to commentate on Eiken by saying a certain lyric from a song I wish I didn’t know about and the lyric involves her repeating the same word that would best describe the girls in that anime.

    I’m totally not going to watch that garbage. Some of my least favorite anime would be Debutante Detective Corps (Akiyuki Shinbo has made crap anime, too), Kai Doh Maru, Street Fighter Alpha: Generations, and Mars of Destruction.

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