Aardman’s Clay: Wallace and Gromit – Curse of the Were-Rabbit Review

Plot: Wallace and his dog, Gromit, live in a town where vegetables are everything. They live to grow, care for, eat, and display their veggies, all building up to an annual vegetable competition. Wallace and Gromit run an anti-pest (though mostly bunny) company that humanely captures pests and protects the vegetables of the town.

One night, Wallace gets the idea to stop the bunny plague once and for all by using a mind-altering device to eliminate obsessive thoughts about veggies from their minds. It seems to work, but, in the process, they created a monster….a veggie destroying were-rabbit.

Breakdown: Okay, so yes, the plot does sound very silly, but it’s supposed to.

This was my first ever venture into the Wallace and Gromit series. I’ve heard about it several times in the past, but never actually watched the movie, TV series or played the game….Even though I have the game (from a Humble Bundle).

Curse of the Were-Rabbit is a very entertaining and fun movie that, while not making me bust a gut, did have me smiling and laughing out loud numerous times. It has a very unique style and sense of humor that I thoroughly enjoyed, even if some things about the movie irked me.

For example, I think Gromit deserved a bit more of a hurrah for all the stuff he did over the course of the movie, which is damn near everything. While Wallace is certainly useful as an inventor and bunny catcher, there’s no denying that Gromit does a hell of a lot more in this movie. In addition to being the only one who is effective against the were-rabbit, he also basically waits on Wallace hand and foot with Wallace only barely giving Gromit his props here and there. Not to mention it was Wallace’s invention that started the were-rabbit fiasco in the first place.

Also, I get that he had good intentions, but if the rabbits stopped being a problem, wouldn’t they be out of a job?

The overall unraveling of events were fairly predictable. I knew from the instant they used that machine what the ‘plot twist’ would be.

Ending spoilers. Finally, they give no explanation as to why Wallace turns back at the end. He saves Gromit from falling to his death, turns back into a human and the curse just seems to go away. He didn’t get shot with the golden carrot, so I just have no clue how or why Wallace was cured of this problem…..because he ‘died’ and was seemingly revived by the smell of cheese?….If so, that is really silly.

End of spoilers.

All in all, I really enjoyed this movie and I look forward to playing the game seeing as how I’ve had it on Steam for like three years and never got around to playing it. *cough*

Recommended Audience: There is quite a bit if innuendo, though some of it might be my filthy mind playing tricks on me. Like that scene where Totty is showing Wallace her giant carrot. Dear God, the things she says can easily be turned into dirty talk. Other than that, though, really nothing to bother with. 6+

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8 thoughts on “Aardman’s Clay: Wallace and Gromit – Curse of the Were-Rabbit Review

  1. “For example, I think Gromit deserved a bit more of a hurrah for all the stuff he did over the course of the movie, which is damn near everything”

    Having grown up on Wallace and Gromit (“A Close Shave” was my favorite of the shorts), I can safely tell you that’s been Wallace and Gromit’s dynamic since day one. Wallace might be the clever one, but Gromit is the true protagonist and underappreciated sidekick who does 80% of the work. The dude deserves more appreciation.

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  2. There’s a funny YTP called “You Reposted in the Wrong Trousers” that involves Wallace and Gromit. Might want to check it out if you like the movie.

    Also, how far do you plan to go with Vanguard? Apparently, there’s multiple seasons.

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    • I shall seek that out when my Wifi’s back. 🙂

      I plan on going all the way with Vanguard since I’m really enjoying it a lot. As long as it stays on this track, I don’t see any reason to stop. I may slow down because there are a lot of episodes, but I hope to finish the whole franchise down the line.


  3. Nice review. I didn’t see this movie, but I remember watching the old Wallace and Gromit movies when I was a kid. I could be wrong, but I think one of them was played on Fox Kids back in the day once or twice. They have been fun from what I remember. Interestingly enough, this franchise was on my mind a bit when I found out about which part of England the movies take place in and how Wallace’s accent isn’t native to his hometown. There’s a joke in the UK that you can drive 20 minutes and the accent or dialect changes. This is something very interesting especially when one of my college classes had an accent activity where we did a standard British accent, Liverpool, and Manchester one, and really realizing the various accents when I’ve been getting more into indie BritWres. Hahaha!


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