Hell Girl Episode 11: Broken Threads Review

Hell Girl ep 11

Plot: Hajime’s old colleague, Inagaki, tries to give him some investigative journalism work, but refuses when he realizes that he wants him to lie in order to make the article work. Along the way, he discovers a man named Kakaoka has a beef with Inagaki and comes to the conclusion that he’s called Hell Girl for help. Can Hajime finally stop someone from pulling the thread?

Breakdown: This one kinda lost my attention because it just wasn’t a very interesting client or plot for the ‘main’ story. It’s more of Hajime snooping around Hell Girl cases and, spoiler, failing to stop her from fulfilling her duties. Hajime has a slight connection to the target, but it’s not like it impacts him. He realizes Inagaki’s a scumbag before he even learns that he’s a Hell Girl target.

The client today, Masaya Kakaoka, is also forgettable. I had to rewind three times just to commit his backstory to memory. His father, a prominent political figure, had some scandal written about him and even wrote some things about his son, Masaya, doing drugs. The article was filled with lies, and it ruined his father’s reputation, his career, got his father arrested, left their family broke and destroyed their lives.

I will admit Inagaki is a scumbag who deserves to go to hell, but I don’t connect nearly enough with Kakaoka or his situation to really root that much for him to pull the string. Not to mention that Kakaoka’s logic makes no sense.

He’s scared to death of going to hell, which makes him uncomfortable about pulling the string. Instead, he decides to try several times to murder him. Uh, dude, murder is a quick way of getting to hell. Just saying, you’d be better off just pulling the string if you want him dead that badly. No witnesses, no evidence, no muss, no fuss.

The hell torture this time around is just lame. They trap him in a magazine…….that’s it. Once he’s in the boat, he gets grabbed by a bunch of hands, but we’ve seen that before and it’s not scary at all.

All in all, one of the more disappointing episodes from all sides.

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