Hell Girl Episode 9: Sweet Trap Review

Hell Girl ep 9
I can’t tell if he’s stuck in the cake or if he became a part of the cake….

Plot: Hiromi and her sister Yuko are ready to open their new sweets shop. Ever since they were young, they always wanted to open a sweets shop with their father, but he passed away before that dream could be realized. With Hiromi’s great talents and Yuko’s savings from years of part-time jobs, they’re finally able to open a shop. However, Hiromi’s previous boss, Mirasaki, steals one of her trademark desserts and makes her look like the thief, damning their shop to ruin before it even gets off the ground. Yuko wants revenge against Mirasaki for crushing her sister’s dreams.

Breakdown: Back to less infuriating targets, this one’s iffy on whether or not the guy deserved to go to hell.

Mirasaki is indeed an asshole. His reasons behind stealing her dessert weren’t even to further his career or anything. She rejected his sexual advances, so he decided the best course of action to get revenge was to basically ruin her career by stealing a trademark dessert she made and was planning to unveil in her new shop, then he got them both back to back TV spots.

He revealed his stolen dessert on his segment, and when Hiromi presented the same dessert on her segment immediately afterward, she looked like a thief. He was a notable chef and she was merely an up and comer, plus she was his apprentice, so it appeared like it was a no-contest case of her stealing his dessert.

They don’t say her career is ruined, though. They just say he ruined her shop. And, yeah, he did. They were barely open a few weeks before they had to close their doors, and it was all because everyone labeled the place as belonging to a dessert thief.

Both Hiromi and Yuko are still very young, and they can save up the money for another shop. It was one dessert and one minor scandal that didn’t even have proof attached to it. She still has a very hopeful future ahead of her if they play their cards right. Does Mirasaki still suck? Yes. Does he deserve an ass-whuppin’? Sure. But going to hell? And Yuko going to hell to do so? Ehhhh.

Yuko does feel particularly guilty because the only reason he was able to steal her dessert was because Yuko gave him a sample when they were talking about Hiromi’s new shop. How he was able to determine the exact recipe by a taste, I dunno. Maybe she felt it was worth it for how much pain she seemingly caused her sister, but I still don’t believe this needed to happen.

Not for pun sake, but the whole situation was very bittersweet.

The torment this time was also….goofy. People threw cakes at him and called him a terrible chef, people kept turning into frosting and then at the end he was eaten by a cake. And any ‘torment’ scene with someone yelling ‘EAT ME!’ is just not going to do anything for me but make me laugh.

Hajime and Tsugumi were in this episode, but really only to show us that they weren’t one-off characters. They did nothing.

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