Hell Girl Episode 8: Silent Friendship Review

Hell Girl ep 8

Plot: Chie wants revenge for her friend, Yuko, after she falls into a coma due to a terrible incident. Meanwhile, a reporter named Hajime investigates Hell Correspondence, and his daughter, Tsugumi, starts having weird visions of Ai’s clients and targets.

Breakdown: This episode is not so much about the case at hand and moreso about introducing a couple of characters who will be more or less mainstays for the rest of the season and partially throughout the other series – Hajime and Tsugumi Shibata.

At this point, their presence and this ability is not very relevant, but it does add some intrigue. You know from the moment that this link between Tsugumi and Ai is established that both of the Shibatas are not going to be one-off characters. For now, we just look forward to what they’ll add to the overarching plot.

As for the case this time around, it’s very cut and dry. A woman named Chie wants revenge for her friend, Yuko, after witnessing her boyfriend, Guro, knock her off a balcony. She calls on Hell Girl for revenge and she pulls the string.

The torture this time around isn’t that memorable, but we do get to see an outsider’s view on someone else being dragged to hell, which is interesting, but since each time is unique it’s also a bit pointless.

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