Hell Girl Episode 2: The Possessed Girl Review

Hell Girl Ep 2

Plot: A high school girl named Ryoko is being stalked and harassed by a mysterious man.

Breakdown: I feel like, for some reason, I wasn’t as creeped out by this guy as the show wanted me to be. He sends her some creepy gifts, breaks into her room when she’s not there and he even has the scary aspect of being a cop, with the power and authority to get around being suspected or charged.

However, he still doesn’t come off as fully scary to me. There was no moment when I went ‘Oh holy crap, this sick bastard needs to go to hell.’

I also felt more sympathy for the victim this time around because she was trapped in every sense of the word and basically had to send him, and subsequently herself, to hell for something she couldn’t control.

How she knew who he was before even her father knew is beyond me. She had to have known his name in order to input her grievance into the Hell Girl website, yet their lone suspect was the wrong person at that time. Maybe it was a flashforward I didn’t quite get. I dunno.

The torment this time around was fairly fun, but nothing fantastic or particularly memorable.

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