Animating Halloween: The Berenstain Bears – Trick or Treat

Plot: Brother and Sister go out trick-or-treating with their friends. They want to avoid the house of a woman that they think is an evil witch, but Mama tells them to go in order to be polite, stating she’s a very nice lady. When they arrive, will their fears be realized?

Breakdown: Ah the Berenstain Bears. One of few old cartoon series where I know the books better than the TV series.

Like many shows for little kids, this one obviously has a moral that is laid out from the very start of the episode. “We think this lady’s creepy!” “Don’t judge someone by how they look.” “She’s nice and Mama was right!” *roll credits*

It’s a good lesson to learn, and they do sneak some slight spooky-ish scenes (at least for small children) in there to make for a nice little Halloween special. How and why this lady had a statue of a bear that looked identical to Lizzy, even down to the costume she was wearing, is beyond me, but it’s a respectable effort to lend credence to the story that she supposedly turns bears into stone.

This is also one of those episodes where bullies get pranked ten ways to Sunday, which seems to be an odd theme in Halloween specials.

I love Whitter Jones. She’s how I want to be when I get older. Hell, how I try to be now. She loves Halloween and decks out her whole house in all sorts of cool Halloween decorations and tricks. Though, I have to wonder how Mama Bear is such good friends with her that she actually has a framed picture of the two of them on the wall yet Brother and Sister don’t seem to know enough about her to know she’s not an evil witch.

If you’re a Berenstain Bears fan, this is a pretty good entry in the series, and it’s also a good episode to show the youngins around Halloween.

Recommended Audience:……..You’re kidding, right?

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