SnSBS – Yu Yu Hakusho Archive

Episode 1 – Surprised to be Dead

Episode 2 – Koenma Appears

Episode 3 – Kuwabara: A Promise Between Men

Episode 4 – Requirements for Lovers

Episode 5 – Yusuke’s Back

Episode 6 – Three Monsters

Episode 7 – Gouki and Kurama


12 thoughts on “SnSBS – Yu Yu Hakusho Archive

  1. I was trying to find this show online, and I found it on Funimation’s website. But I looked at their YouTube channel first. Did you know that this show is rated PG for “risqué humor, cartoon violence, violence against women, alcohol and tobacco use”? Does that mean it would be G rated if it only had violence against men?

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    • I don’t think so because it’s still listing ‘cartoon violence’ which encompasses both genders, and several other mature factors. YYH is too violent as a whole (and barely any female characters even get hurt or fight) and mature (with swearing, blood, gore, some perversion on Yusuke’s part, etc.) for it to be G. I find it odd that it only has a PG rating and those warnings listed. I wonder if the YT channel is using the cut version that Cartoon Network edited.


      • The YouTube channel just has promotional material, I think. As for the Funimation website itself, I’m not sure, as I haven’t started watching the show yet. I do know it has both the Japanese and English versions, but I don’t know if the English version is cut or not.

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      • I just checked an episode on Funimation in English – yup it’s the uncut version. A bit under rated in regards to content if you ask me, and I’m usually quite lenient in that respect. For example, the scene I usually check to see if it’s the uncut/censored version is when Kuwabara very slowly gets his arm snapped in half. In the cut version, the one that was shown on Toonami not adult swim, they cut out almost all shots of it both happening and the arm after the fact since it’s so twisted.

        You do you, I guess, Funimation.


      • Update: Just watched the first episode on Funimation’s website. The dub is uncut. I sort of wish I could see the cut version too and see what they censored.

        Overall, it was quite a good starter episode. The dub’s voice acting, although not perfect, is still a lot better than what I’m used to in anime dubs. Also, did you know Keiko shares her voice actress, Laura Bailey, with Emily/Glitter Lucky from Glitter Force?

        The only major problem I had with episode 1 is that Yusuke looked up Keiko’s skirt. This guy’s supposed to be a sympathetic protagonist, and yet one of the first things we see him do is sexually harass/assault a fellow student. What’s especially weird is that Keiko still seems to be fond of him despite this. Hopefully, problematic instances like this don’t continue to happen.

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      • I’m so glad you liked it! It’s one of my favorite anime! 😀

        Cartoon Network was the one that did most of the editing for airing, so Funimation probably doesn’t have access to that cut of it, even though it was their dub they were censoring. They also did some digital painting work that was awful like trying to paint away most of the the blood on Kurama after he got badly wounded during the Dark Tournament and the paint is jumping around all over the place, then another where they paint Yusuke’s middle finger away when he flips off Toguro and it just looks weird.

        Yeah I knew that! I love Laura Bailey, she’s great. 🙂

        Yusuke’s thing with Keiko is to flip up her skirt and even grope her boobs sometimes. In fact, that’s one of the ways in which Keiko is able to identify him when he takes over Kuwabara’s body later on. Yusuke’s meant to be a punk first and foremost. He’s a thug, but he has a good heart that becomes more apparent the longer his journey goes. He always maintains an attitude, but trust me he gets a lot better. It’s a process.

        Keiko still likes him because they’ve been friends since they were very young and knows Yusuke may be a pig but he doesn’t really mean any actual harm by it. I imagine he’s been doing that since they were quite young too. It’s doesn’t make it right at all, and Keiko always makes him pay for it by smacking him and yelling at him, but it’s just part of his character. This also isn’t an excuse, but he never does this to any other girl but Keiko because he knows she knows he’s ultimately harmless.

        If it’s any consolation, once the first chunk of episodes is done, after he comes back to life, he very rarely, if ever, sexually harasses her or acts like a real perv again to my recollection.


  2. So, I’m really angry. I’ve watched 17 episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho and I want to watch more, but now Funimation’s decided to be a jerk. Before, you could watch the entire anime on Funimation for free (with ads). But now, every episode of season 1 except for episode 1 is only available to Premium subscribers. How am I going to watch the show now? How are you going to, for that matter?

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    • Oh wow, what a hot mess that sounds like…….DENISE/DENNIS. My poor baby Kurama XD And poor Genkai gets mistaken for an old dude. I also don’t get what the hell they were thinking with Alfred. It doesn’t fit any syllable count for Kuwabara, it doesn’t sound anywhere near Kuwabara – did someone at the dubbing company get reminded of Bruce Wayne’s butler while coming up with the name? lol I really don’t get how they could mistake any of that. They have the scripts and their genders are quite clear in them. From what people are saying, though, the gender misidentifications (that were later fixed because WOOPS) and the names are really the main things that were changed, though – so that’s good anyway. However, fully naming the series Ghost Fighters when they….uhm…never fight ghosts, was a choice. At least “Ghost files” was just a tagline and it fit with Yusuke being a Spirit Detective and him initially being a ghost. “Demon Fighters” would be a way more apt name.

      Thanks for showing that to me. Other dubs, in regards to countries and companies, can be so funny sometimes. I still get a kick out of what Harmony Gold name some of the DBZ characters, like Bongo for Krillin, Whiskers the Wonder Cat for Karin/Korin and Squeaker for Puar. Then there’s the infamous AB Groupe French dub where they named Piccolo Big Green XD

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