Sailor Moon Episode 6 Sub/Dub Comparison Placeholder (Undubbed)

Sailor Moon ep 6 title.png

Plot: The theme this week is music, and Jadeite is planning to suck the energy out of the people of the world with a special noise through the use of a popular pianist’s music. However, when Jadeite’s minion needs a special tape that the pianist has made for his one true love in order to achieve this, Usagi must retrieve the tape and beat the demon to ensure that love is protected.


Another episode dashed by DiC to get to the other Sailor Scouts faster. Unlike the previous episode, I can honestly find no other reason for cutting this one. Don’t worry, though, we won’t have any more cut episodes until episode 40 I think.

Not like it matters much anyway because god it was boring. The characters of the week, if you can call them that, were boring. Jadeite didn’t show up to fight Sailor Moon. Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru didn’t show up at all, and the plotline was cliché and boring. At least I’ll have something to do next episode.

Next episode, Usagi’s town has star fever, and Jadeite’s pulling the strings to suck up the energy of those who want their five minutes of fame.

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