Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power Episode 25 Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: Akasaka and Shirogane have found a clue to the whereabouts of Mew Aqua deposits. They send out the girls every night in search of the Mew Aqua since their bodies can be used as a sensor. The girls quickly get exhausted from being overworked, and Ichigo seems to be suffering the most as not only is she extremely tired but she hardly ever has time for Aoyama anymore. Tensions reach the breaking point, and Kisshu has a new trick up his sleeve; one that could wipe out humanity in an instant.


Starting with scene swap? Aw, you shouldn’t have…..seriously. The original starts off with a scene of a street where the ground suddenly collapses before we get our title card. The dub starts off with Zoey, Blonde and Brunette at school, which was originally the scene that followed the title.

The scene with Ichigo/Zoey’s friends is the complete opposite. In the original, her friends tease her because they know she’s going to the park afterschool because Aoyama goes there everyday at the same time. Word is buzzing around school about them, Aoyama’s fangirls are freaking out, but they say that his fangirls shouldn’t deter her from true love.

In the dub, the girls talk about the fact that Zoey supposedly hasn’t been spending much time at all with Mark, and rumor has it that she has a new boyfriend. She denies this and says she’s merely been busy with the café and hasn’t had the time to be with Mark as often. Brunette doesn’t believe that the café is the only issue because even they haven’t been spending much time with her, and she also believes she must have a new boyfriend. Blonde pops up and says that Zoey is probably busy preparing a surprise party for Mark for his birthday and Zoey goes along with that story.


Originally, Aoyama invited Ichigo to watch his kendo club activities. In the dub, the meeting is canceled and he asks to walk home with her.

Ichigo’s ring tone is the ending theme? Silly meta.

Zoey’s ring tone is a generic ring tone song? Silly possible copyright issues.

They remove when Ichigo apologizes to Aoyama for leaving because that would be polite and kind; wouldn’t want her to do that.

Ichigo keeps denying that she’s angry. Zoey doesn’t deny this, and in fact says things like “This better be good!” and “I’m not in the mood!”

The nuts in the cake are chestnuts not macadamias. Also, Akasaka doesn’t keep talking about the cake in such deep detail like Wesley does mostly because the cake is just being used as a visual aid to discuss important world-save-y things and not being the next feature on the Food Network.

Ichigo asks what he means by Mew Aqua being in underground pockets of clay……eh, that’s pretty self-explanatory, Ichigo. Zoey says all the talk about cake has made her hungry.

Why the hell does Wesley keep talking about the food examples like he’s trying to sell them? You’re trying to explain something important; there’s no need to tell us how light and fluffy the mousse is or that the strawberry is organic.

Shirogane tells the girls that these clay deposits are most prominent under the ground in the Kanto Plains of Tokyo. Elliot says that finding the crystals won’t be as easy as cake or mousse.

I don’t really get it. The girls have been really close to Mew Aqua before and haven’t had reactions yet the way they’re supposed to find these underground Mew Aqua deposits is by using the light they emit when they experience a reaction to it as a sensor?

Wow, 4Kids got lazy with this digital paint. Shirogane holds up a paper with the headline “Mysterious Cave-Ins; Completely Inexplicable!” The dub also says this, but replaces the upper text with the name of the dub paper ‘Daily Chronicle’ and they very clearly blur out all of the other text because they were too lazy to have some intern type up some filler text.

Subbed: tmmep25screen1

Dubbed: tmmep25screen2

They place the scene from the very start of this episode between the two separate shots of the newspaper.

Because of this, a small shot of the girls was removed.


Outer shots of the completely random lightning are removed.


And I mean it, this lightning seems like it came out of nowhere purely for emphasis of the weight of this development. It was perfect weather out before this meeting happened, and they’ve been talking for like two minutes.

Ichigo says the situation sounds serious with a very worried look on her face….Zoey….being the ditzy little sack of crap she is, hears the news and thinks with a worried look “That means I’ll never be able to see Mark anymore.” Because boys > saving the world.

They add a flash transition after this scene for some reason.

The Chimera Animals who can sniff the Mew Aqua and/or clay deposits are called Chimera Moles in the original. In the dub, they’re called ‘Armadrillos’

Now why is Dren suddenly acting even dumber than usual by adding stupid nicknames and word play every five seconds?

They shorten the final shot with Kisshu and remove the line about him saying he’ll use the power of Mew Aqua to reveal the identity of Deep Blue.


Ichigo points out that she has blisters all over her hands. Zoey says she needs a manicure because girly! ❤

Ichigo complains about how she can’t find any Mew Aqua. Zoey complains about manual labor being “so uncool.”

Wait a minute, what the hell!? They showed Ichigo’s pose at the end of her transformation this time! In fact, it was really the only part of the transformation period. You mean they could’ve kept that in this whole time and didn’t for no reason? ….*sigh* That’s 4Kids for you, I guess. This really shortened transformation is the same in the original, but 4Kids also replaces these transformations with their own all the time so I don’t get it.

They cut out Ichigo declaring her attack before we see her doing it.


They keep the shortened transformation and show a part of the transformation that they’ve never shown, yet they replace the shortened attack with the regular version? Urgh, headache.

Shirogane doesn’t say the artifact is ‘beautiful’ which it really isn’t considering it looks like a rusty pipe with a heart on top. So the rainbow stone is ‘tacky’ and ‘ugly’ yet the tetanus stick over there is ‘beautiful’…..welcome to upside-down world!

And oh goodie, that means we’re almost at more Ichigo favoritism time. Hoo-freakin’-rah. Is it really too much to ask for to give the other girls something, anything else to do? Every other magical girl show I can think of allows the other girls to get more powerful, giving the biggest props to the lead still of course, so why the hell does this show just keep letting the other girls stagnate? At best, the only additional powers of the other girls is Mint being able to talk to birds and Zakuro maybe being able to talk to dogs. That is it. They get no new weapons, no new attacks, no new abilities, no nothing. It makes them really boring and dare I say pointless to have them around most of them at a point. I know I keep bringing that up, but seriously….

They shift a short scene of the Chimera Moles digging and Pai watching their progress on screen.

Shirogane flippantly responds that their search methods right now can’t be helped. In the dub, when he hears the girls complaining he says “I don’t want to hear it!” *huff*

Why did Shirogane need to send out Masha to tell Akasaka about making the search area smaller? Especially considering how slow Masha seems to fly. I’d like to introduce you to these things called ‘cell phones’. It’s that thing in your pocket that lets you talk to people from far away.

Masha initially detects the cocoon as an alien, then believes it to be a bird’s nest, crashes into it, then when he pulls away from it he says he’s mistaken most likely because he’s tired. In the dub, Masha detects a predasite, doesn’t know what to make of the cocoon, crashes into then keeps screaming that his eyes are burning, supposedly because of the poisonous properties of the moth….but I think it’s more likely because Masha’s eyes get little question marks in them when he emerges from the cocoon because he’s confused. These question marks are kept in the dub, but make no sense anymore because Mini-Mew’s not confused, he’s in agony because his eyes are burning….from the question marks? I don’t know. And chalk this up as another odd instance where 4Kids makes something scary/worse for no reason.

The short scene with Pai that I mentioned is switched to after the scene with Masha. And they, for some reason, cut it so that instead of seeing two shots of the Chimera Moles back to back and then Pai we see one shot of one ‘armadrillo’ then Sardon, then a shot of a different armadrillo. Where can I buy those question marks to put in my eyes?

They add in a night shot of Tokyo Tower that I suppose is from later on between the final shot in the sewer and the next day at school.

I don’t really know why they did that either because we don’t even start the small scene at school since we cut to commercial here in the dub.

Ichigo complains about how late she is and how the girls probably left without her. She briefly complains about the fact that she has to do this day after day, but then says that she should do it because finding the Mew Aqua is very important. Zoey on the other hand does nothing but bitch about the fact that she needs to keep searching for Blue Aqua in her off time. Then she complains about never being able to see Mark anymore and laments over the thought that Mark may already have a new girlfriend by now. In other words, this world saving thing is like totally ruining her life and stuff and is like totally uncool and stuff.

The scene with Aoyama and Ichigo is edited and changed. Ichigo runs up to Aoyama, he asks if she’s going home and she says yes, but she’s also in a hurry. Aoyama then says she’s always busy lately and we get a commercial. This part of the conversation is removed and the clips for the conversation have been shifted, some removed entirely.

Her bending down to set down her shoes, her putting her shoes on and running up to Aoyama are removed.

The second half of the conversation doesn’t get away without changes either. Aoyama says she’s been really busy and wonders if it’s because of the café. She says it’s sort of because of that. Aoyama then asks if she’s a bit tired because she looks pale. Ichigo seems surprised that she’s pale, then he apologizes for holding her up before they each bid each other farewell.

In the dub, Mark says he’s missed her. Zoey says she’s missed him too. Mark then asks her if she’d like to see a movie sometime, she says yes and they depart. Because why be caring and have a nice moment when you can be all ‘Miss ya Zo (and he does call her ‘Zo’ here)’ ‘Miss ya too Mark’ ‘Movie sometime?’ ‘Kay’

Zoey: (Inner monologue) “I feel awful. How can I treat Mark like this?” Like…..what? Saying you missed each other then saying you can go see a movie sometime? You….bitch?

Shirogane says that he knows they can do this because they have plenty of free time and nothing better to do. The line about “nothing better to do” is echoed in Ichigo’s head as she finally flips. Elliot says she’s had a real attitude problem lately and then mockingly insinuates that she hasn’t been seeing her boyfriend enough, which is the line that echoes in Zoey’s head before she flips.

Half of the chibi-ized rant is gone. It’s cut off right after the girls nod. The rest of the rant includes Ichigo’s tail and ears popping out, the girls implying that Ichigo’s snapped since it’s been so long since she’s had a date with Aoyama, and Ichigo’s licking her shoe like a cat. Shirogane pops up and says “Ah you mean Ao-something?” which makes Ichigo freak out even more.

Also, right before Shirogane’s line, he makes a weird face. This is also removed.


After Ichigo leaves, Akasaka says he’s gone too far. Lettuce says it’s not Shirogane’s fault, Ichigo’s just tired. Mint then says that Lettuce is speaking for Ryo again, making her blush. This is a poke at the fact that Lettuce has a crush on Shirogane that is rarely ever talked about, explored or anything. In the dub, Wesley says that didn’t go well, and Bridget says that Zoey didn’t mean it when she said Elliot was a slave driver. Corina then said she’s right because slave drivers are sweethearts compared to Elliot, and Bridget says Corina didn’t mean that either and blushes while she says this for some reason.

Kisshu has no inner monologue, self-praising or otherwise, while he’s lying there. Also, they take the upside-down shot of Kisshu’s eye and make it right-side up because do you really believe they have a reason? Seriously?

Subbed: tmmep25screen15

Dubbed: tmmep25screen16

Ichigo says it was on a beautiful day such as it is in the shot when she and Aoyama had their first date. She then wonders, if Shirogane really is the Blue Knight, then how could he treat her like that? Zoey regrets acting the way she did at the café and then says she overreacted, but she’s not sorry because Elliot shouldn’t have treated her like that. She then, completely unprompted, says Mark will probably never talk to her again ever.

Ichigo just says to whoever is behind her to leave her alone. Zoey believes it’s Elliot behind her and tells him to not bother apologizing, which is weird because Mark in no way shape or form sounds like Elliot.

I’m gonna side with both Ichigo and Zoey now because if you’re being run so hard into the ground that you randomly faint, then you’re being way overworked.

The sign for the nurse’s office is translated.

Subbed: tmmep25screen17

Dubbed: tmmep25screen18

Also, the signs behind Ichigo have their text painted off.

Subbed: tmmep25screen19

Dubbed: tmmep25screen20

They add in a record scratch after Mark reveals that he was just taking her temperature (she thought he was going to kiss her; and scratch that up to two record scratch moments today, the other being her meeting with Mark during sunset.) Also, Ichigo doesn’t have a fever, and Zoey does.

There’s some animation on the screen of Ichigo’s phone as she plays her ringtone. It’s out of focus because the shot’s on Aoyama, but still. In the dub, this is changed to having the screen say ‘The Bon Bons’ which is guess is the name of the band that does the generic ring tone on Zoey’s phone. While the phone itself is out of focus because the shot’s on Mark, the screen is crystal clear. That’s either a magic phone or Zoey need glasses badly.

Subbed: tmmep25screen21

Dubbed: tmmep25screen22

Aoyama mentions that the song is by Candy 5. Mark says the song is by, well, *pokes above* It should be noted that there is no mainstream group that sings the first ED. The singers of the song are actually the Mews’ voice actresses. It’s possible that the name ‘Candy 5’ is indicative of the fact that they work in essentially a sweets shop, and of course there’s five of them. Also, I suppose they made the name The Bonbons as a throwback to that.

Ichigo wonders if Aoyama’s just saying that he likes Candy 5 to be nice. Zoey gushes over the fact that she found a guy who likes ‘chick rock’. *grumblegrumblegrumble*

Ichigo thinks to herself that Aoyama was so nice to bring her to the nurse’s office and stay with her, yet she even forgot to merely say ‘Thank you’. In the dub…….Just read it.

Zoey: (Inner Monologue) “Oh you’re such a sweetheart, Mark. Who cares about saving the world, anyway? I only wanna be with you.

Well, that sums it up pretty friggin’ nicely doesn’t it? This is everything that I hate about Zoey. I praise Ichigo because, while she can be lazy and complain sometimes, she knows what her responsibilities as a Mew are. She knows that she and her friends are humanity’s only hope of survival. She knows this requires sacrifices, and while she doesn’t always like it, and she by all means doesn’t have to, she still stands up and knows that she has a duty to do so. Even if she didn’t have to, she’d still feel like she should because lives are at stake. She doesn’t sit there and gush over Aoyama in battle like certain magical girl show main characters who shall remain nameless. She braves through her fears, puts her desires aside and tries her best to fight for what’s right.

ZOEY is a ditzy little boy crazed bitch who is constantly complaining about her responsibilities as a Mew and obsessing over Mark. “Who cares about saving the world?” Soak that in. She does not care about saving the world or the people in it because it requires work. She’d rather just be luvey duvey with Mark. I’m not saying Elliot’s not being an ass here. Hell, everyone in this damn (dubbed) show is a huge ass, bitch or otherwise unpleasant character, but that doesn’t give her any more of an excuse.

This show as a whole is made all the more of a chore to sit through because Zoey is such a terrible character. Every second she’s on screen and every time she belts out that ear-stabbingly awful motto, I just want to slap her. She is Ichigo in character design only. Otherwise, she’s a little typical teenage brat.

The text message is translated and painted.

Subbed: tmmep25screen23

Dubbed: tmmep25screen24tmmep25screen25

Ichigo quietly whispers slowly “Thank you so much.” Zoey just says it in her regular voice. Also, I’m nearly certain they sped up that clip so her speech would sound more natural.

Ichigo apologizes, very genuinely, for how she acted earlier. Zoey doesn’t apologize at all, she just awkwardly reports for work.

Zoey: “Hi Marky Mark!”

Is that even a joke? Like….really, a Marky Mark reference? Kids will CERTAINLY get that, and that will never be dated ever ever ever.

ANOTHER RECORD SCRATCH!? ARE YOU FRIGGIN’ KIDDING M—-*sigh* Nevermind. It’ll be over soon….

They left the graphics on the Candy 5 tickets relatively alone, but obviously all the text had to be painted away and changed.

Subbed: tmmep25screen26

Dubbed: tmmep25screen27

Stop calling him ‘Elly’, I will shank you.

They changed Tokyo Tower to…’City tower’? They can’t even come up with a name for the place they live in or is it literally just ‘City’? Hey guys come to the beautiful city of City. It’s in the great state of State. In the country of AMERICA BECAUSE THAT IS THE ONLY COUNTRY!

Guys, if you can’t squeeze in the word ‘you’ at the end of Sardon’s sentence due to the lip flaps, either change the visuals or the line. He said it so quickly and softly I honestly just thought he said “I think I’ll accompany.”

Akasaka knows precisely that there’s a Chimera Moth in the cocoon and worries that it will hatch that very day. Wesley just knows that there’s something with an alien cocoon that needs to be stopped quickly.

Next episode—Oh who cares? Next episode is the last episode of Mew Mew Power!




Blow up the balloons, bake a friggin’ cake, hell break out the good booze glasses; WE’RE ENDING THIS!!

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