Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power Episode 24 Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: Ichigo is taking over for Zakuro’s personal assistant while she’s out sick. Zakuro has a jewelry modeling show for Pop Jewelry soon, and, as she’s working, she meets Tsukiko Yamada, an aspiring jewelry designer but mostly overlooked lackey for Pop Jewelry. She made a necklace out of a rare rainbow stone that she wants to use in the show, but no one will listen to her. The girls discover that the rainbow stone may be the crystallized form of Mew Aqua at the same time that the aliens do, and it’s a fight for the rainbow stone while also fighting for Tsukiko’s dream.


Say it with me everyone; the text on the signs were all removed!

Subbed: TMMEP24screen3.png

Dubbed: pe2joyl

One of Ichigo’s friends says Zakuro was voted Best Dressed. In the dub, she says Renee’s modeling for Rayburn Jewelry.

The letters A and I are erased from the rings.

Subbed: tmmep24screen4

Dubbed: rlyyx6t

A stands for Aoyama and I stands for Ichigo, which is a bit weird because she’s seeing these rings in a daydream of him proposing to her, I presume anyway…so wouldn’t it be better to use his first name ‘Masaya’ instead? Who calls their significant other by their last name?

Ichigo says it’s scary for her because Aoyama’s always popping up out of nowhere. In the dub, Zoey says, because of how they acted in the arcade, that she should stop being friends with Blonde and Brunette at once. I agree. Do that.

The stories as to why Mint/Corina is upset is roughly the same, but in the original Zakuro’s attendant merely caught a cold. In the dub:

Kiki: “Some mover guys dropped a grand piano on Renee’s personal assistant.”

Bridget: “The doctors say she’ll be okay, but until she’s up and walking again–”

Nonononnononononononononono……..come again?

Kiki: “Some mover guys dropped a grand piano on Renee’s personal assistant.”

Bridget: “The doctors say she’ll be okay but until sh–”

Nonono, one more time?

Kiki: “Some mover guys dropped a grand piano on Renee’s personal assistant.

……..Uh… this Looney Tunes? Someone had a GRAND PIANO….DROPPED ON THEM….and….they’re not a stain on said grand piano?

She’ll be okay? Until she’s up and walking again? When will that be? When they discover a cure for death!?

I have a feeling they meant to say ‘dropped a grand piano on Renee’s personal assistant’s foot’ or something. You just do not get a grand piano dropped on your person and live, especially if they were moving it with a pulley system to get it onto a high level building or something. Hell, even if it was her foot, that would still be like ‘probably lose your foot’ level damage. What was wrong with merely saying she had a cold?

Zakuro says Ichigo has brawn. Renee says she has more inner strength than every one of them. This change is merely made so that Zoey can make a joke about it when she’s lugging all of Renee’s crap around.

Ichigo says even she’s not strong enough to carry all her stuff. Zoey asks why Renee isn’t going around in limos and stuff like she thought all popstars did.

Pudding says the spirit of cooperation is important, and Lettuce says they’re all friends. Kiki says the reason Renee doesn’t drive around in limos and stuff is because she’s environmentally-friendly, because we haven’t brought up that message in a while. Then Bridget points out her environmental-friendliness by stating that the bags are pleather.

The ending of this scene is cut off for some reason. In the original, Ichigo is told that Zakuro is going to a roll-out event for Pop Jewelry (which additionally means that they changed the name of the company from Pop to Rayburn in the dub.) She imagines the rings she saw earlier and suddenly gets really excited to help Zakuro. Mint then stews about Ichigo’s sudden happiness at being Zakuro’s assistant.

In the dub, they extend Ichigo’s muttering a bit and make her complain about having to haul the stuff around. The rest is removed for some reason.


Scene shift, yay! The next scene in the original is Kisshu and the others researching some new rainbow stone that has something to do with Mew Aqua. In the dub, it’s the scene with Elliot, Wesley and the girls researching it. I’m basically obeying the flow of the dub now, so let’s tackle it.

They cut out the shot of Wesley explaining the rainbow stone at the start of the scene.


Mint calls the stone ‘plain’ while Corina calls it ‘Ugly’….really? It’s kinda pretty. Not the best cut in the world, but it’s a rainbow gem, why would it be plain or ugly?


Shirogane says they had a special agency investigate the stone, and apparently it can detect drops of Mew Aqua. Elliot says that the first thing he thought of the rock was that it was ugly like Corina said and then goes on to say ‘that tacky rock’ has similar properties to Blue Aqua….Am I missing something? What is the hate with this gem? Do I just have awful taste? I mean, a rainbow rock in jewelry would go with anything wouldn’t it?

They add in another shot of the girls from behind to extend the scene and have Corina call the stone ugly again. Can we start an anti-bullying campaign against rocks? This is getting really mean.

Also, Akasaka says he believes a rainbow stone will be included in one of the jewelry pieces at the jewelry show that Zakuro is in. In the dub, they haven’t tracked any down yet.

More scene swappage as the next scene in the original is preparations for the jewelry show while the dub’s brings us back to the meeting with Dren and the others.

Kisshu asks if Taruto’s information is reliable, and he says he’s confident that it is. In the dub, Dren asks why he’s staring at some gaudy rock—Okay seriously, leave the poor rock alone.

Anyway, Tarb says it’s because the ‘gaudy rock’ is the answer to beating the Mew Mews.

The aliens’ screen says ‘Power Search’ and it’s erased in the dub, which is weird because the Mew Mews screen said ‘Rainbow Stone’ earlier and it was left alone.

Subbed: tmmep24screen8

Dubbed: 9zvv7s5

I can’t quite understand what the sign behind Zakuro says, though I think the first part says ‘Pop Jewelry’. It’s painted away and replaced with ‘The Future is Now: Rayburn Jewelry.’

Subbed: tmmep24screen7

Dubbed: tsxnewz

Originally, Ichigo is talking to herself about how Zakuro is beautiful like jewels. In the dub, she’s loudly acting like some obnoxious fashion show announcer while also imagining that Renee’s modeling jewels that Zoey made famous.

They cut out some shots of Zakuro getting prepared for the show. Also, the guy doing her hair is originally silent. In the dub, they make him babble on in what I can only call a stereotypical gay guy voice. Because men who are hairstylers, right? Pfft.

Ichigo also is thinking about the rings Zakuro is going to showcase that night while the guy is talking over this in the dub.

Name Change: Tsukiko Yamada is changed to Gretchen.

Ichigo asks if Tsukiko is okay. Zoey asks if she’s alive. I just found the dub to be kinda rude is all.

They cut out some of the conversation between Ichigo and Tsukiko after she falls into the boxes. Her glasses are messed up and then she fixes them while we get a long shot of Ichigo obscured by the box. In the dub, it cuts straight to her glasses being fine and her getting up to help.

Ichigo, like Zoey, says that they (or in the dub, SHE, because Zoey’s rude) made a mess, but Ichigo also adds that she’d be glad to help her. Tsukiko starts crying because, since she’s constantly messing things up, everyone either yells at her or ignores her yet Ichigo is being kind to her. In the dub, they cut out the shot of the messed up boxes and remove the line about Ichigo wishing to help her. Instead it jumps from Zoey pointing out the mess to Gretchen crying about the fact that she can’t do anything right.

Ichigo asks for Tsukiko’s name and she gives it. Zoey gives the suggestion that she should be in a wrecking crew. *sigh* ….Zoey….goddamn it.

Tsukiko explains that she polishes gems day in and out. She was really impressed with Zakuro at the rehearsal and we see a fantasy clipshow of Zakuro modeling the jewelry. This is removed.

Tsukiko’s credo is different between the versions. Tsukiko says she knows the rainbow stone may be kinda plain (I still don’t get this. The rainbow stone actively changes colors!) but she believes a gem’s true value is in how much it brightens the person wearing it, and she believes it will brighten up Zakuro very well. In the dub, Gretchen says most people think the stone is ugly (urgh) but she believes it has a real future in fashion, and she has to convince the big wigs in the industry to get over their conservative tastes to see that.

Uh, first off, conservative; yet another word 4Kids shouldn’t think their audience knows.

Second, conservative tastes? Isn’t that kinda the opposite of what’s going on here? The gem is seen as plain and whatnot, which would technically be what a conservatively viewed person would prefer right? The other option is people who are so set in the trends of fashion to change them, but come on, this is the fashion industry. It thrives on change, even in the slightest. That’s why it’s a kinda a joke when someone says something is ‘so yesterday’.

Originally, the chief and the other higher ups won’t listen to Tsukiko’s ideas because she’s a bad worker. In the dub, it’s because she’s an intern.

Ah, scene shift. This is where the scene from earlier in the original with the girls learning about the rainbow stone comes from. In the dub, we cut straight to the next day at the show.

I don’t know how it happened, but somehow I became conditioned to instantly correlate the name Gretchen with the Gretchen from Recess.

Zakuro asks why Tsukiko doesn’t ask the chief herself if she’s sincere about the necklace, but Tsukiko says no one will listen to her so Zakuro has to be the one to show everyone. Renee asks her the same thing, and Gretchen says the producer thinks the stone is ugly and she has no chance of changing his mind.

More scene swappage. After the midroll, we originally cut back to the show. In the dub, we get a commercial and cut back to Gretchen in the street. It’s a very short shot just of her walking and we cut back to the actual scene right after so…..yeah.

In the dub, they keep focusing on the future of fashion accessories, and even Gretchen said she believed the rainbow stone has a big future in fashion. This just lends credence to my earlier confusion about why the stone is actually having problems being accepted. If this show is all about changing trends in jewelry then why are the higher ups so determined to not give the rainbow stone, a very unique gem, the time of day?

After we see the girls in the audience, they cut out Ichigo running up to Zakuro.


Ichigo tells Zakuro that the show’s about to start but Yamada’s nowhere to be found. In the dub, Zoey says:

Zoey: “Between you and me, you can be really cold sometimes.”

I don’t think you know how ‘between you and me’ works. It’s usually used in situations where you’re either keeping a secret or talking about/insulting someone behind their back. The only person who would get insulted by what you’re saying now is Renee, and that’s who you’re talking to.

After Ichigo says that, we see the shot the dub used as the first post-commercial shot. In the dub, this is obviously removed.

Zoey’s being a lot more lecture-y to Renee than Ichigo is to Zakuro. Ichigo’s merely trying to make a plea for Tsukiko while Zoey’s bitching her out.

The guy who tells Zakuro about the interview merely says “I don’t know…” when Ichigo asks for more time. In the dub he tells Zoey “Who are you, and why are you talking to me?” Why the hell is everyone an asshole in this dub? Does Americanization in shoujo shows mean ‘Shove a stick up everyone’s asses’ to 4Kids?

On the electric billboard outside, the shot changes to two different shots of Japanese text. In the dub it’s changed to ‘The Future is Now: Rayburn Jewelry.’

Subbed: tmmep24screen17

Dubbed: 2ndswld

Tsukiko says to herself that she really is a failure. Gretchen says she should move back to Ohio and work at a mall kiosk.

Also, this makes this scene not work. Once Tsukiko says that she’s a failure, she hears Zakuro on the TV saying “That’s not true.” This is meant to sorta make it seem like Zakuro is talking directly to her. She says the same thing in the dub, but since it’s after “I should move back to Ohio and work at a mall kiosk” it doesn’t make it seem like Renee is talking to her, making the shot lose some impact.

Signs are painted, yayaaayayayayyaayayya!

Subbed: tmmep24screen18

Dubbed: lwd7qxm

The messages of Zakuro/Renee’s speeches are the same…..but Renee adds that the reason she knows that girls need to find their own inner beauty and share it with the world was because when she started out no one would sign her as a singer because they said her songs were boring. So, she decided to record and distribute them herself. It’s not a bad change, and I’m all for characterization…..even if it’s made up here, but still.

The original’s first display was the Blue Sky Aquamarine series. I honestly cannot understand half of what the announcer is saying in the dub as she’s forcing a really snooty accent, but I’ll try my best….Luscious Blues from the….Portal Heart collection?

Zakuro says “You came back!” in a pretty happy tone. Renee says, with a ‘tude of course “So, you came back.” Because no one can be pleasant in this show.

The incredibly small, impossible to read, Japanese text on Ichigo’s phone is removed.

Subbed: eidj8tz

Dubbed: ubztlrk

There’s an important change in the next scene. Tsukiko and Gretchen both beg the producer to put the rainbow stone in the show, but the producer sarcastically suggests that she model the stone in the show if it’s so important to her, and, in the dub, Gretchen is the one who makes the offer.

The reason this is important is because the dub is completely against what we know of this character. Sure, she’s gained some confidence to push her dream a little more, but you don’t go from as spindly and quiet as she’s been to offering to model in the middle of a live show, televised no less, because of one pep talk. Look at the way she’s standing as she’s talking to the producer. She’s still really slumped over and giving off no sense of confidence. The reason she eventually does it is because the comment is taken as a challenge to prove herself, and Zakuro gives her more confidence later.

The producer obviously still mocks Gretchen for her offer, but the fact is that she is already ready and confident enough to model the stone on her own as she made the offer to do so. The mocking at this point really just presents a bit of padding.

As expected, the producer is WAY more of an asshole in the dub. He does suggest sarcastically that she should model the necklace, while the girls behind her laugh, but then he merely asks what Tsukiko knows about jewelry and says they need to go back to work. In the dub he says:

Producer: “You want ME to let you strut your stuff on the runway? The fall LOSER line is being modeled next week. Tell you what, when I decide to throw my career away, I’ll give you a call!”

I really hate this dub….

They cut Ichigo’s lines after the producer leaves. She says the only reason that the jewels in the show are shining so brightly is because Tsukiko worked so hard on them. In the dub, she just says “That guy…!” and then Dren shows up.

I paused for a second after this, and, man, sometimes you just gotta appreciate Pierrot’s work.


That is some kind of terrible.

I hope I didn’t praise Pierrot much in my Tokyo Mew Mew review, which I will probably redo now that I’m taking a much harder look at this series, because man this series can look horrible sometimes.

Tsukiko says she’ll leave the retrieval of the necklace to Ichigo before she falls unconscious. Gretchen laments again about how nothing goes right for her before falling unconscious……Yeah, I’d say once it’s come to an alien stealing your life’s work, it’s pretty safe to say that the world doesn’t particularly smile on you often.

Wait a minute, why are they okay with showing Ichigo pinning Kisshu down, but they do everything to edit out Kisshu pinning Ichigo down? Double standard?

They even leave in the line about asking for a kiss as he’s being pinned by her. Wow.

Scene swap; we originally don’t see Masha alerting the other girls to the Chimera Animal until after Ichigo transforms. In the dub, since 4Kids wanted to use their transformation mashup again (though, oddly, instead of mashing up the four of theirs transformations, they only do Mint, Lettuce and Pudding’s. It’s weird because the way they set it up makes it very easy to have Ichigo in there too), they place this scene right after Ichigo gets slapped.

Again, this is one of those times where I don’t care that they did this because the original was being a jerk again. Instead of just skipping their transformations altogether in the original, they have them all yell out ‘Mew Mew Mint, Lettuce, Pudding Metamorphosis!’ while showing us a shot of the hallway! And then they burst into the hallway transformed. That’s almost more insulting than just skipping the whole transformation sequence entirely. Hey, we’d rather show a shot of a hallway than show our main characters transforming. Who cares about them? You saw Ichigo transform, and that’s all that matters.

4Kids did something weird to the transformation sequence though. Because it’s just Corina, Bridget and Kiki transforming right now, they misplace a clip of Mint’s transformation and play the clip backwards to make it look like it fits.

In the hallway, Taruto says he discovered this piece of Mew Aqua, so they shouldn’t steal it. Pudding says she (or they) found it first, so it’s not stealing. In the dub, Tarb says they found the Blue Aqua so it’s finder’s keepers. Kiki then says that it’s loser’s weepers so he should get ready to cry. Then she runs away.

…Wha? Why would you say something like that just to run? And instead of Taruto telling the girls to wait, he says “What’s that mean?!” to Kiki’s comment. Which also doesn’t make sense because if he knew “finder’s keepers” surely he knew the rest of it was “loser’s weepers.”

Pudding offers to keep Taruto busy. Corina basically makes her do it while Kiki complains about it.

So here’s something new……..they cut out Ichigo’s transformation entirely in the dub. Which is fine, I mean, we’ve seen the other girls transform off-screen enough, and it’s nice to see Ichigo’s kept aside for once….but why? They have mashup transformations for specifically just these four girls considering they were a group before Zakuro joined, so other than possibly time constraints I can’t see why Ichigo’s transformation was omitted entirely.

They also include the beginning of Ichigo’s attack in the dub as it starts off at her spinning in the original.

The bright attack that the Chimera Turtle uses is called Diamonds are Forever. It has no name in the dub.

Ah Blue Knight appearing in the nick of time just as Ichigo’s about to be attacked. I really hate this trope.

The rainbow stone being stolen is news to Ichigo. In the dub, she knows, which she couldn’t because Pai’s the one who took it and she hasn’t seen Pai yet. Last she saw of it, it rolled under a curtain.

Why does the dub announcer need to say who’s modeling the jewelry mid-show?….I’m pretty sure the only model there IS Renee.

This episode is ripe for weird screencaps.


All of their faces look weird in that shot, but man the Blue Knight….the spacing between his eyes is just…wow.

The dub omits the fact that the way they won was because, since the Chimera Turtle is…well, a turtle, it can’t get up when laying on its back…….which shouldn’t be true in this instance since it’s humanoid. It can easily get up……Eh whatever.

This is in both versions, but it still confuses me. Pai/Sardon says they have no interest in the rainbow stone anymore because it merely reacts to Mew/Blue Aqua, it’s not actually made of the material. But….isn’t a stone that reacts to Mew/Blue Aqua still useful? You’re looking for Mew/Blue Aqua and it’s a Mew/Blue Aqua detector…*sigh* Eh whatever.

Corina gushes over Renee just like Mint does, but she says this:

Corina: “I mean, talk about Mew Mew style, Mew Mew grace…”

Mew Mew live grenade in your face.

What? They left in Zakuro winking with a little heart popping up and Mint’s (albeit funny) super blush and cartoonish burst into flames? Yet they’ve erased blushes from Aoyama’s face before. This company purposely seeks to make no sense.

The announcer originally says that all girls can shine brightly; the brilliance is within you. That plus Tsukiko’s show slowly starts making the producer change his mind. There is no narration by the announcer in the dub, and he just says to hire her as soon as possible. I wouldn’t really note this, but the dub seems like bunk to me. It’s like he changed his mind because she’s all pretty-fied now not because he’s starting to come around to Gretchen’s way of thinking.

By the way, why did the announcer announce Gretchen’s necklace as the beginning of a new rainbow stone line for Rayburn Jewelry if the producer, IE Mr. Rayburn, the owner, didn’t approve of it?

They cut out Tsukiko throwing her bouquet.


Lettuce says Tsukiko was very pretty, and Mint adds that Zakuro was too. Bridget says that Gretchen was almost as pretty as Renee, and then Corina gushes and says no one’s prettier than Renee. Glad we’re ending on a ‘You’re pretty but not THAT pretty’ note.

Ohmahgawd guise. 2 moar episods!!223123

*cough* Uh anyway, my thoughts on this episode? Eh, it was okay. There were many elements that I thought were weird, and we got a random sudden appearance from the Blue Knight who hasn’t appeared in a while. The defeat of the villain made no sense, but Tsukiko was a decent enough CotD. The art and animation in this episode was noticeably poorer than usual though.

Next episode has Ichigo being unable to really see Aoyama much because of work overload.

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4 thoughts on “Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power Episode 24 Sub/Dub Comparison

  1. Most of the fanbase for this show agrees that this episode had the worst animation of the series (although episode 46 is a close 2nd XD). However, believe it or not, the animation for this episode was waaaaaaay worse in it’s initial TV airing. Examples of it are in the links below.

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    • Eh, how bad could it possibly loo–Oh god! Did I miss an episode where the girls were hit face-first by a tractor trailer? 0.0

      That final shot in the first link lol Mint looks so drunk there.


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