Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power Episode 23 Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: Ichigo’s friends have suddenly become madly in love with Akasaka and Shirogane. Ichigo decides to help them confess their feelings, but the appearance of Mew Aqua makes the situation even more complicated.


Getting off to a bad start with a scene removal/misplacement, the original starts with a shot of a river at night cutting to a drop of Mew Aqua before we get our title screen. In the dub, we start off at the scene following this which is the café scene.

The sign outside the café is painted and actually translated….to a degree of course.

Subbed: tmmep23screen1

Dubbed: wleop6o

Is it just me or does ‘gotta’ look wrong written in that sentence?

When Ichigo faces the audience with question marks in her eyes, she’s yelling out “Why?!” In the dub, she says it’s gross that her friends are in love with Elliot and Wesley. I wouldn’t bring this up if not for the fact that the dub doesn’t really make sense with the question mark eyes.

During the flashback, the letter ‘K’ is removed from a sign behind the thug. Because…yeah, kids will never know what a K is. This is why your young demographic sucks, Special K cereal!

I find this paint edit even stupider because 4Kids has purposely replaced words with the specific letter K before. Remember Kaiba’s company building?

Subbed: tmmep23screen3

Dubbed: 22yfbkt

In the next shot, we see the garage door full out. It used to say in printed letters ‘World Tane Museum’ Instead, 4Kids painted over this with a huge ugly splash of graffiti.

Subbed: tmmep23screen4

Dubbed: ig1c7f4

Remember, museums are bad. Vandalism is good!

More text, even the incredibly small and totally unreadable ‘text’ in the black sign, are also removed.

Subbed: tmmep23screen5

Dubbed: sg1tpmq

By the way, how lame are these thugs? One of them gets flipped and they’re all ‘AHHH RUN AWAY!’

The tea that….uhh….Brunette friend I know I’ve learned the name of but don’t care, has is merely chamomile. In the dub, it’s Lazy Jane’s Peppermint Pleasures.

Akasaka states that chamomile was the tea he was looking for. In the dub, he recites the company tagline of Lazy Jane’s tea. Also, he omits stating that he wants to buy it because he keeps going on like he’s their damn spokesperson.

Brunette friend says she has the money to pay for the tea since she dropped it, but Akasaka says it’s fine since he’ll be using it the instant he gets home. In the dub, she keeps going on about how she didn’t mean to drop it, and Wesley says she actually did him a favor because he’s been looking all over town for it. Yeah he never would’ve found it had you not dropped it on the floor.

And this sales associate is a bit of an ass for giving Brunette friend a dirty look for dropping the tea. It must happen all the time in stores, and she barely poked a hole in it. That mess could be cleaned up with a broom and dustpan in five seconds. Lighten up.

Before the end of the flashback, Brunette friend is shown giving goo-goo eyes to Akasaka while surrounded by hearts. This is removed.


Brunette Friend originally says that she’s never met a man with such a kind smile. In the dub, she says that any man who drinks Lazy Jane’s Peppermint Pleasures is the only man for her. If that was an actual brand, I’d really believe this whole scene was a commercial. And is she really so shallow and/or obsessed with this brand that her relationships may hinder on it?

Woman: “Oh darling, I can’t wait until we’re married. We’ll have a wonderful future together. A nice house, some kids, maybe a cute little dog. I just can’t wait to share my life with you!”

Man: “I feel the same way, sweetheart. Would you like any tea?”

Woman: “Oh certainly! Make mine Peppermint Pleasures, please!”

Man: “Oh that’s only available in Lazy Jane’s brand; I don’t have that.”

Woman: “Aw, you’re all out?”

Man: “No, I use Motivated Joan’s brand tea. Has a slightly better taste and is a bit cheaper.”


Ichigo asks if it’s a coincidence that her two best friends fell for Shirogane and Akasaka. Zoey says that it looks like they have really deep crushes on Elliot (“The attitude king,” as he’s referred to here) and Wesley (“Prince Charming the second” as she refers to him) and then says she hates her life. I can get how it’d be annoying to have one of your best friends be in love with someone you dislike, but why is she upset about the other liking Wesley? She likes him just fine doesn’t she?

The next scene is removed. In the original, we cut back to school. In the dub, we cut to a scene with Deep Blue having a meeting with Dren and Tarb. I’ll tackle the removed scene first then go to the meeting.

It’s the end of the school day, and Ichigo is talking to Aoyama about the situation. She says Shirogane’s abrasive and Akasaka might be too old. She also worries about them getting hurt, so she doesn’t know what to do.

Aoyama tells her not worry because he believes Shirogane and Akasaka would never intentionally hurt them. Plus, the most important thing is to support the girls’ feelings of love as they’re very important. Ichigo agrees and we cut out. I guess this was removed because this actually shows a mature conversation about this situation and doesn’t involve treating Shirogane and Akasaka like they’re assholes.

Now for the meeting….

And….they didn’t really change it at all. Good on ya, 4Kids.

The scene that follows this is pushed back a bit. Instead, the shot of the river from earlier is placed here as the group continues to talk.

An establishing shot of the café is added before the scene with the boys researching because of 4Kids’ commercial.

Like always, the text on the computer is removed.

Incredibly minor details but;

1) The herbal tea shop originally was given no name. In the dub it’s Gourmet Galore and More.

2) The tea that he’s serving is the same tea he bought that day. In the dub, it’s Lemon Zinger.

The girls say the traditional ‘itadakimasu’ before drinking their tea. In the dub they say that the Lemon Zinger tea ‘sounds zingy’.

Brunette Friend clamors over Akasaka’s smile. She, in response to Wesley saying that he finds the tea subtle and refreshing, thinks to herself that she finds him subtle and refreshing too in the dub….not sure what that means.

Blonde friend asks Shirogane why he saved her, and he responds that he was walking by and felt like it. In the dub, she thanks him for saving her to which he responds sharply that it was no big deal.

Afterward, she gushes over how cool he is while in the dub she gushes over how crabby he is.

All the girls say while musing about the secret Akasaka and Shirogane could be harboring is maybe they’re fighting to save the world with a super-woman. Not exactly sure why they’d say specifically a super-woman, but whatever. In the dub, they get way too specific by saying they’re probably teamed up to fight aliens with a bunch of half-human half-animal superheroes.

Blonde friend babbles about how Shirogane’s probably a nice person beneath his rough exterior while dub!Blonde friend babbles about the food she’s going to make him for lunch. Oh she also adds this stupid line about napkins. Because he’ll truly be blown away by napkins with little cupids on them.

Brunette friend talks about how Akasaka is likely carrying a heavy burden secretly in his heart and she hopes her poem will mend the wounds. In the dub, she basically says Wesley’s really refined and intelligent so she’ll search her soul to create the perfect poem for him.

Shock beyond shocks, the signs in the next scene are all painted free of text. There are a bunch of other signs that are painted free of text as they walk, just trust me on that.

Subbed: tmmep23screen10

Dubbed: f5vbirt

Also, what is that store? Mold Seven? What?

Ichigo talks about how it’s weird that she never noticed the attributes about Akasaka and Shirogane before her friends fell in love with them. Aoyama then says that liking someone allows you to see merits in a person that others may not see – that’s the power of love. He then wishes them the best, Ichigo agrees and then thinks to herself that she sees Aoyama’s smile in a more radiant way than anyone else, and she hopes one day that her feelings will get through to him.

In the dub, Zoey talks about how love is weird in the way that one day you’re just walking along and, boom, love hits you. Mark says he heard that love changes your body’s chemistry. They cut out Ichigo nodding in agreement, and her inner monologue is changed to her thinking she’s so lucky to have met him. They also cut out a shot of him near the end before we cut.

They included this line purely to add in a new pop song that can pucker up and kiss my ass.

….Sorry….Anger’s getting the better of me in this episode. Let’s carry on.

They cut out a shot of a bunch of poetry books on Brunette friend’s desk. And they paint away the title of the book that she’s holding as well as all text on the books from the further away shots.



Bonus: krypijs

Ichigo says the café is closed today so the boys should be in the office. In the dub, one of the friends says it’s exciting.

4Kids not only adds in cheesy piano music when Blonde and Brunette go to give their gifts to Wesley and Elliot, but when they say they’re too busy, they add a sound of someone slamming the keys of a piano. That’s basically the piano equivalent to a record scratch.

Ichigo just yells at the boys to wait and then says “What the…” after they leave. In the dub, Zoey yells that they’re rude and then says “Men are beasts”…..They excused themselves politely and said they had an emergency to attend to in both versions. They also apologized for needing to leave. That’s not rude and in no way warrants calling them ‘beasts’.

I get that these are young teenage girls we’re dealing with, but why are they so devastated merely at the fact that Akasaka/Wesley and Shirogane/Elliot were too busy to take their gifts at that moment? They could always do it later…..Okay, in the case of Blonde maybe not because the food might spoil, but still. She can always make a new lunch or put it in the fridge, and Brunette’s poem won’t rot. You caught them at a bad time. It’s not the end of the world.

They cut out a shot of the presents at the café and Ichigo explaining that they left them there for them to enjoy later… wait, they did that and they’re still moping and giving up completely? Man, either teenagers are more wishy washy about this stuff than I remember or they’re just lame.


They exchange a wipe transition for a fade. The most exciting of edit notes!…..XTREEEEEEEEEEEMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!

Ichigo is also mad at the boys but moreso because they ran off during such a ‘critical point’ in their confession. Zoey says this as she rants through the park:

Zoey: “Of all the mean, low-down, rude, egotistical, chauvinistic, arrogant, pigheaded tricks I’ve ever seen, this takes the cake!”

……….Bitch, shut up.

I know you’re angry, but this little tangent is completely uncalled for.

Let’s see, what did they do in this episode so far? Elliot saved Blonde. Wesley was kind to Brunette. They kindly put aside something important they wanted to do, something involving, of all things, investigating Mew…..*sigh* sorry, this is the dub so BLUE aqua, for the sake of having tea with a couple of lovesick kids. Then they politely excused themselves, as they were clearly leaving and you guys were interrupting them YET AGAIN, mind you, and apologized for leaving.

How is that mean? Low-down? Rude? Egotistical? Chauvinistic; a word I’m pretty sure you don’t even know the definition of? Also, nice that you’re basically calling them sexist when earlier you said, word for word “Men are beasts,” hypocrite. How are they arrogant? Pigheaded? Hell, how was anything they ever did a TRICK?

Out of all of the stupid, nonsensical, moronic, mean-spirited, childish, bitchy, and completely uncalled for lines I’ve ever heard from this show, this one takes the cake!

The following few lines are basically the same, with Zoey of course being more brash, but Zoey adds this:

Zoey: “You big ape!”

Elliot: “Who are you calling a big ape?”


And yet they turn around to make a nice comment where there was none. After relaying that there are signs of Mew Aqua in the river, Akasaka says he and Shirogane wanted to investigate the area first before sending out the girls to do a more thorough investigation and possible retrieval. In the dub, this is changed to Elliot apologizing again for being ‘rude’ (He REALLY wasn’t. Not even the abrasive Elliot/Shirogane was really being slightly rude.) to her friends, but they really needed to investigate the area. Then Zoey says, understandably….’Oh.’

Ooohhhhh you mean when you said you had an emergency to take care of and work you needed to do that you actually had an emergency to tend to and work to do!? I thought you guys were going to go out in the middle of the street to put your thumbs in your noses while repeating ‘Lunches and poems are for losers’ and setting fire to pictures of Zoey’s friends. Welp, color me embarrassed.

No, don’t! Please, I beg of you! I’m sorry for all the mean comments and sarcasm I’ve made this episode. Please don’t bring this plague upon me again! Mercy! MERCY!

Zoey: “Mew mew style, mew mew grace, mew mew power in your face!”

That’s it! I’m committing all the arson. The world will burn alongside my rageful heart! I WILL NOT LISTEN TO THREE MORE INSTANCES OF MEW MEW POWER IN MY FACE WITHOUT COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF DESTRUCTION AT MY FEET! DO YOU HEAR M–


*panting* Ah……..someone took all my gasoline, and my blowtorch and my lighters and my matches and my flint and my magnifying glass…..and all the dry sticks in the area. I….just…I just want the world to hurt as I hurt. Is that so much to ask?

Also, two notes about this.

1) Ichigo doesn’t do her motto here, so screw you, 4Kids.

2) Why are you wasting time doing your motto when your friends lives are in danger? That’s way ruder than anything Wesley and Elliot allegedly did to them.

Kisshu says that, in the end, the Mew Aqua they were after was merely a drop. In the dub, Dren says there’s something different about that drop.

They cut out the other Mew Mews showing up out of nowhere, which I don’t mind in the least because all they do is stand behind Kisshu and do nothing. Did they have a screentime quota they needed to fill?


Shirogane told Blonde friend that her lunch made him feel loved. Elliot said it was so good she should open a café. It’s not the worst change, but considering how closed off Shirogane is, getting him to say something like that, to someone he barely knows no less, is a pretty big deal.

A closeup of the girls on top of the café is shifted to the end of the episode where they use it, in reverse, to merely just have Renee say she’s going to barf at the lovey display from Blonde and Brunette.

This replaces a shot of the top of the café.


This episode was poo. The dub was an elephant poo sundae being forced down my throat via a hollowed out cactus. I’m so glad this is done. I procrastinated so much on this episode. I’m really sorry if I amped up the anger a bit much in this episode, but sometimes these comparisons seriously grate on the nerves, especially during episodes that are both filler and focusing on characters that annoy me.

But it’s done now, so let’s look on the bright side.

Three episodes left, guys! Whoo!

Next episode is Zakuro at some jewelry show and stuff happens! YAY!

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