AVAHS (Finale) – Regular Show: New Year’s Kiss


Plot: Mordecai gets a date for a New Year’s masquerade dance, but Rigby gets a message from his future self to stop him from kissing his date at midnight for the sake of Mordecai’s future happiness.

Breakdown: Holy crap, it is insanely hard to track down New Year’s specials. I was only able to find this one, one for Batman and another for Young Justice, neither of the latter seemed to actually be about New Year’s. I know Charlie Brown and Rudolph have New Year’s specials but I wanted to delve into something at least kinda new.

I’ve watched some Regular Show in the past but I haven’t watched much of it, so I’m going into this semi-blind. This episode is….eh. It’s not really funny, but it has a couple funny-ish lines. The story’s just kinda weird. I wish they had explained why the kiss needed to be stopped outside of saying it was for Mordecai’s future happiness and leaving it at that.

All in all, there’s not much to say about it. It’s just okay. Which is disappointing given how this seems to be yet another holiday with slim animated special pickin’s. But it does, sadly, have more to its name than Hanukkah or Kwanzaa….

And thus concludes A Very Animated Holiday Special for 2016. Happy New Year, everyone!

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