Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power Episode 20 Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: Pudding falls ill, and the group discovers that she is the sole caretaker of her four little brothers and sister since her mother died a few years ago, and her father is constantly traveling on a mission to be a master martial artist. The girls take it upon themselves to take care of the kids while she recovers, but the aliens find this to be a prime time to attack.


They replace the opening shot of the café for a different shot of the café. Your guess is as good as mine.

Subbed: tmmep20screen1

Dubbed: uo62rxj

The two customers arriving at the door only say that they have a party of two. Ichigo asks if they can wait for a bit because there are no tables available. In the dub, the two customers say that they’re booking a birthday party with a group of 20 people arriving right now…….

I want to mention, not kidding, that I subconsciously wrote ‘bitchday’ while trying to type ‘birthday’ because that’s the first thing that sprung up in my head….I mean, planning a birthday party with a group of 20 is already difficult enough for restaurants to handle, but this is a damn CAFE.

I’d be surprised if they actually had a way to set up accommodations for a party of 20. It really seems like all they have are those quaint little white round tables. Who has a birthday party at a café anyway? I know they have cake, but typically setting up a birthday somewhere involves eating an actual meal in addition to the cake, and they don’t seem to carry much in terms of regular food.

More importantly, what kind of asshole wanders into a café intending on getting a table for 20 for a party? That’s one of those times when you call ahead to ensure that you can not only be served but also to ensure that the place is actually suitable for such a thing. These girls in the dub are complete morons.

Originally, Akasaka apologizes to Pudding for making her do the dishes since that’s usually his job. Pudding says it’s no problem because she always does this kind of thing at home. In the dub, Wesley reminds her that the plates she’s throwing around are very expensive, she says she knows and that’s why she’s being ‘extra careful’ with them.

They switch the shots of Ichigo and Lettuce reacting to Pudding falling and Akasaka’s reaction. Why? Because they can.

Mint says it’s odd that a person as healthy and energetic as Pudding ended up getting sick. In the dub, Corina says they need to find someone to fill in for Kiki at the café, and Zoey says that Corina could actually start working for a change….and they add a rimshot….again. Is 4Kids really that hard up for making entertaining dialogue that they have to keep adding in awful jokes with rimshots to help the audience know when to laugh? Is a laugh track coming next?

When Lettuce is done ‘helping’ Pudding, they flash small labels on the various items she put on Pudding. This is gone from the dub, but oddly it seems like they left in the ‘boing boing boing’ sound effects for when they flashed. I won’t bother getting a screenshot because, since they flash, you just have to imagine the shot being a static image of when the flash ends, but she gets an ice pack, a whiplash neck brace, bandaids on her face, a cold pack for her forehead, and a leek shoved into her mouth.

Going to her torso, we get a huge paint edit. In the original, she gets a pickled plum on her belly button, moxa burning on her wrist (for moxibustion therapy), an IV drip on her other wrist and a belly warmer.

In the dub, all of this is removed except, oddly enough, the most foreign and unknown thing on her body, the moxa and the belly warmer. However, they moved the moxa to her belly button in place of the plum. Can someone please tell me how an IV drip and a plum are somehow more weird or offensive than a damn burning piece of dried mugwort? By the way, the moxa is changed in dialogue to incense.

Finally, down to her feet, we see Lettuce has put health sandals on her. This shot is just edited out.

Subbed: tmmep20screen2

Dubbed: cxcmfqv

Extra: tmmep20screen4

Oh and in the very next shot, they show the IV bag. So you can show the IV but not the place where it goes on the arm? Lovely.

Lettuce says she thought those items would help. Bridget says she got the ideas from her mom who is very much into homeopathic remedies.

Corina: “Look, she’s alive!” I hate you more with every line.

Mint says it’d be better for Pudding to get some more sleep instead of getting up. Corina says, immediately after Kiki regains consciousness, mind you;

Corina: “You think you’ll be able to work your shifts tomorrow?” Hatred. Pure. Hatred.

Why would 4Kids put the theme song immediately after Kiki passes out and falls on the floor? That’s a pretty scary moment to cut away from in a kids’ show. Especially when the theme song is so poppy, upbeat and girly.

*Kiki passes out and falls on the floor* “Oh no! Kiki!” D: ♪ LAAAALALALALA, LAAAALALALALAAAAA ♪

Pudding’s just muttering “I have to…pick them up…” referring to her siblings, though I guess just her sister. Kiki’s muttering “lil sprouts” over and over.

Shirogane and Akasaka explain that Pudding’s mutterings are probably about picking up her little siblings from daycare/school. The girls say they didn’t even know she had siblings, and Akasaka and Shirogane send them off to pick up the kids instead. In the dub, Elliot and Wesley say ‘lil sprouts’ seem to be referring to some business. The girls wonder if it could be a health food store, but Bridget says that’s not possible because she would’ve heard of it what with the sudden revelation that her mom’s a total hippie. They then send the girls on a mission to find out what the ‘sprouts’ thing is about.

Sign change!

Subbed: tmmep20screen3

Dubbed: yqc1kie

Also, this is a kindergarten in the original. In the dub, it’s a daycare.

Originally, the girls wonder why Pudding has to be the one to pick up her little brothers and sister….funny, I could’ve sworn they already knew somewhat of Pudding’s situation, but whatever. In the dub, the girls wonder why Kiki would be talking about the daycare. Zoey wonders if it’s a second job at night, Corina points out that it’s a DAYcare center, yada yada.

Zoey: *Looking in the daycare at Kiki’s sister* “What….is that?”

Corina: “It’s….a girl!”

Zoey: “Maybe it’s an evil predasite!”






Originally, they just talk about how much the girl looks like Pudding.

They add a flip-screen transition after the first shot of the teacher.

Speaking of the teacher, hi Veronica Taylor! Using your Delia voice today I see.

Can I ask a question? If this is a daycare in the dub, what explanation is given as to why Kiki’s brothers aren’t cared for there?

Pudding’s father is traveling around training to be the best martial artist and doesn’t come home very often. Her mother died a few years ago, and now she’s left to care for her siblings.

In the dub, Kiki’s parents are supposedly both still alive, but they’re not ‘on the scene’ whatever that means. According to the Wiki, it’s still canon in the dub that Mrs. Benjamin dies, but I guess that they skirt the idea. They also give no explanation whatsoever as to where Kiki’s father is.

I can understand dancing around the death thing, but why the traveling thing? That is basically the exact same explanation that Brock’s dad had from Pokemon and they kept that, though maybe they didn’t want to mention it here because Pudding’s dad doesn’t suddenly show up and decide to stay like Brock’s dad does. In fact, the dub almost makes it worse. You’re just left to insinuate that he’s some deadbeat who left his sickly wife and six young kids…..which….yeah….he pretty much is.

Mrs. Rosbe, who goes unnamed in the original, but let’s just call her Sensei, also replaces the information about Pudding’s mother passing to stating that she just learned recently that Kiki has four brothers as well.

We cut to Pudding’s face that soon gets silhouetted and we see a scene of her father traveling around while Sensei tells that part of the story. In the dub, the shot of Pudding’s face is shortened, the shot itself is blurred for some reason and the part about her father is removed.


Between the shots of Pudding taking care of her siblings and the flashback to the kindergarten, 4Kids adds another short shot of Mrs. Rosbe talking.

It’s weird in the dub too. While Mrs. Rosbe seems to know Kiki, she seems to be meeting Heidi just then.

Name Change: Heicha, the lone other sister in the group, is changed to Heidi.

In the flashback, Sensei talks about how great of a job Pudding is doing taking care of her brothers and sister considering she has schoolwork and everything else. Pudding smiles and says she’s gotten used to it. In the dub, Mrs. Rosbe tells Kiki that she was disappointed to not see Mrs. Fong at the daycare that day, but Kiki says she couldn’t make it. Mrs. Rosbe states that she must be very busy and that Kiki’s great for helping out so much.

Corina: “I’m just glad she’s not a lonely independent orphan like we all thought.” You have good meaning behind those words, but it still pisses me off. Her being essentially an orphan with ‘off scene’ parents and needing to juggle taking care of five toddlers while also going to work and school and doing Mew stuff is almost as bad. I honestly don’t see how, in either version, child services hasn’t done anything.

In the original, she just says they’ll take Pudding’s sister home.

Ichigo says “Good evening,” and Heicha says the same in a shy voice. Zoey asks if she’s building a house and Heidi says it’s a castle.

Heicha and Heidi’s lines about strangers are basically the same, but Mint’s inner monologue about that kind of lesson being typical of Pudding is covered by more Heidi dialogue continuing the insult with “Creepy fake smiles” and “Horrible nasty breath.”

Ichigo asks Heicha how she plans to get home if she doesn’t go with them, and Heicha says Pudding will definitely come for her. In the dub, Zoey argues with Heidi about the bad breath comment since she’s too far away to tell how bad their breath is, but Heidi just says she can tell from so far away because it’s just that bad.

Heicha repeats Pudding’s line about saying that that girls can go home now. Heidi, being a brat, says “Yeah, go home!”

In the dub, Kiki keeps calling Heidi ‘Monkey’, which isn’t present in the original. It’s probably poking at Kiki’s animal, but still.

Pudding’s brothers at least welcome her home before they whine about being hungry. In the dub, that’s the first thing they say when she comes through the door.

Ichigo doesn’t mention anything about DVD rentals like Zoey does.

Another mention of ‘Itadakimasu’ is removed in lieu of ‘1, 2, 3 GO!’ which, while not being bratty, is still kinda rude.

They remove the shot of the group saying thanks for the food, probably because they all have their hands together like they’re praying. Oddly, though, they keep in the split second shot of a closeup of Pudding doing it.


Ichigo has a mug that says ‘Ichi’ ‘go!’ though I’m fairly certain those two are meant to be together to say ‘Ichigo’ with a picture of a strawberry on it. In the dub, this is painted away to say ‘Zoey!’ which is really surprising. With how much they simply paint away, no matter if it makes the item pointless like signs or papers, you’d think a completely superfluous mug would just be whitewashed and not painted over. To push this even further, in the same shot even, they completely paint away the letters ‘cle’ (clean?) from the toothpaste tube in said mug. I love doing these comparisons with 4Kids shows. It allows me to see what it’s like to live in a world of perpetual confusion.

Subbed: tmmep20screen7

Dubbed: 3gzei4f

Lettuce says this is the first sleepover she’s ever had. Bridget doesn’t mention this and says she brought books for storytime.

Mint asks where her bed is while Corina asks Kiki to ask “one of the delinquents” to take her bags. Still hatred.

Pudding and the girls share a few smiles, and Pudding thanks the girls in Chinese while bowing her head and putting her hands together in respect. This is removed.


I don’t believe Pudding’s brothers get dub names, so for the record they’re Chincha, Hanacha, Lucha and Honcha. And everyone please applaud Pudding for living the life she does. Ten years old taking care of five toddlers on her own while balancing school, a job and superhero work. That is just amazing. And people think Brock was cool. Pfft.

The list on the wall is obviously painted. And if Pudding/Kiki is gone for most of the day usually, on weekdays anyway considering school and work, who is enforcing all of this?

Subbed: tmmep20screen9

Dubbed: ih6p5fw

Corina: “Listen up, delinquents! Your sister is sleeping and we’re in charge!” Still more hatred. Mint doesn’t even have a line here. It’s silent until Ichigo tells the kids POLITELY that Pudding is sick, needs sleep, and they’ll be taking care of them for the day. Speaking of which, the scene I just mentioned with those lines is removed because the girls and the kids agree to work together and show their agreement and respect by bowing again.


Ichigo tells the kids to wash their faces. Zoey tells them to brush their teeth….To be fair, though, Zoey makes more sense because her little chibi shot shows her holding a toothbrush as she says this line.

The kids always agree to what the girls are telling them to do. In the dub, they keep saying “Okay, see you later!” to their tasks.

Mint says it seems impossible to do everything that needs to be done for the kids everyday. Corina says “I’m not sorry. I took a direct blow to the shins.” And status update on hatred. Still there.

They add a flip-screen transition after Kiki juggles, again, for no reason.

Originally, Heicha merely tells Pudding that her face is all red. Pudding tells her that she’s okay. Heidi is going on about a monster in her closet who wants to paint her face blue, and Kiki says the story’s not true and that Corina was only trying to frighten her. Yeah, plenty of hate. Still, a monster that paints your face blue? What?

They mirror the street shots like usual.

They also paint the text off the signs as they drive by. You at least have to admire 4Kids for their thoroughness with that stuff.

Pudding sees Mrs. Rosbe’s face shift into that of her mother’s because her words remind her of her mother, and then we cut to the hospital. In the dub, the shift and the shot of her mother are removed.


They leave the flashback, surprisingly, basically completely alone….but….the dub….has this line which pisses me off immensely for some reason….

Mrs. Fong/Benjamin: “After all, a smile is just a frown turned upside down.”

“A frown turned upside down….”

“………frown upside down…..”



I just….can’t put my finger on why….

I can’t even decide what they’re doing with Mrs. Fong/Benjamin’s ‘death’. They leave the flashback alone which really insinuates that she died, but they refuse to say that she passed away.

Pudding just thanks Mrs. Rosbe for taking care of Heicha. Kiki thanks her for agreeing to take Heidi home later and also says “You rock!”…

Mrs. Rosbe is given text on her license plate, and of the course the shots in and around the car are all flipped.

Subbed: ielezxm

Dubbed: prcphz2

Look, 4Kids…..I give you a lot of crap, but thank you for showing children that it’s not okay to drive around with blank license plates. You’re truly doing a service to all child drivers everywhere.

By the way, pay close attention to Mrs. Rosbe’s license plate. Guess what it’s supposed to say.

Give up?


Think about it for a second. Here, I’ll help. I…B….ROZB….



She’s a teacher.

Taruto doesn’t say he can’t fight without the Chimera Animals or the other aliens, he just says Pudding’s pissing him off. Why would he say that anyway? All it does is play into Kiki’s taunting and make him look like an idiot.

Taruto says he knew Pudding wasn’t feeling well today but adds that it’s no fun to fight her like this. In the dub, Tarb asks if Kiki’s chicken and then retracts his statement saying he doesn’t want to offend his predasite. Why is Mrs. Rosbe’s chimera a chicken anyway?…..

They remove a shot of the chimera animal getting its equipment because it’s very obviously a bent over panty shot….a panty shot for a chicken person…..Have fun with that, furries?


But they don’t remove the shot of her laying an egg?

…..doesn’t that require her panties to be….off? Why am I thinking about this!?

This Chimera Animal says various attacks and weird phrases like ‘Hardboiled egg’ ‘Salt’s better than other condiments’ ‘Saturday bargain sale, 3 for 50 yen!’ etc. This isn’t present in the dub….and I don’t blame them. It’s funny, but only because it makes no sense.

Well, this is weird. Originally, Lettuce blasts away the Chimera Animal and frees Pudding with her Ribbon Lettuce Rush. We don’t see her making the attack, we just hear her and then see the attack hit.

In the dub, the girls have to be shown first after a punny declaration by Zoey because she has to be first on the scene always, and then Corina tells Bridget to use her attack. We also see her perform it. In addition, for some reason, they mirror the shot of the girls on the roof. They’re no where near a street or cars so I have no clue why they did that.

I should really be happy with this change because it forces them to remove the motto, meaning another episode with no Mew Mew power in my face! WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!

They say Bridget’s attack name wrong, but I checked the wiki to make sure of the right one, and, apparently, 4Kids gave her four different attack names for the same freakin’ attack and animation….I truly believe 4Kids just couldn’t be arsed to remember the first one they came up with so they just started pulling whatever they could think of out of their asses.

A short bit of Taruto turning to face the Mews is removed.

Taruto telling the girls that he doesn’t care if they team up is removed because of the scene shifting.


I would be upset with this being another non-Ichigo centric episode where the honor of final shot still goes to Ichigo, but considering Pudding’s main attack is meant to immobilize the enemy and not really damage them, I can’t be too upset here.

It bothers me how Zoey says her attacks….Ichigo yells them because…well, she’s ATTACKING. Zoey’s practically breathy when she just says her attack names. She might as well be ordering takeout.

In the original, Sensei merely offers to take Heicha to kindergarten to give Pudding more time to relax. Pudding declines because then she wouldn’t be able to see Sensei anymore…..well, that’s not true. She’d see her when she came to pick Heicha up, so I dunno. In the dub, Mrs. Rosbe offers to help take care of Kiki and the kids and Kiki agrees immediately.

….Look, I find it incredibly nice that Mrs. Rosbe is offering to do that but…..wouldn’t she have to live there to really be a significant help? Even Ichigo, Lettuce and Mint had to sleepover to ensure the kids were cared for. And there’s no way Kiki would give in that easily. She’d likely agree eventually to some assistance, but this is a bit much for an immediate ‘Okay, and oh by the way’ I also don’t know how often Kiki’s dad is home, but how would he feel about this?

Instead of taking Heicha to school, Pudding asks if Sensei will pretend to be her mother instead, which is both very cute and heartbreaking but also a little awkward. She agrees and Pudding cries into her lap for her mother……Geez. Why do I remember being annoyed by this episode? It’s so sad.

Anyway, in the dub, Kiki tells Mrs. Rosbe that she reminds her of her mother and says she’ll show her a picture of her mother sometime. So….still insinuating that she’s dead without saying it. I guess I’ll take it. It’s better than sending her to the Shadow Realm. She then asks Mrs. Rosbe if they’ll be okay. She says yes and Kiki cries into her lap, which I honestly thought they’d remove both for its emotion and the fact that her head’s in her lap. Don’t roll your eyes, they’d do it.

Pudding looks to the sky and thinks to her mother as her face and the face of Sensei appear in the sky and she says she’s doing okay. This is removed.


By the way, where does Zakuro keep disappearing to? I know she has other stuff to do, but it’s so weird that there are frequent episodes where she’s gone with absolutely no explanation.

This episode was really sad, and it was a great exploration of Pudding’s story, but the comparison was just a chore. I applaud 4Kids for not doing anything dumb with her mother’s death even if they never do outright say she died. And if she is dead, what was with that ‘on the scene’ line? That usually implies that they’re just gone like they left. The kids weren’t as bad as I feared in the dub, though they are pretty annoying. It was also really a nice show of how great friends the girls are turning out to be.

Next episode, Ichigo and Mint are fighting….what a surprise.

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