Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power Episode 15 Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: Masha’s feeling like he’s not very useful to the Mews, so he tries his best to fight a Chimera Animal with the girls. However, it ends up eating him. Taruto takes the Chimera Animal back with him without realizing Masha’s in the Chimera Animal. The girls frantically search for him while Pai and Taruto try to torture poor Masha into giving them information on the girls.


The stillframe of the outer shot of the café is shortened.

Lettuce says that Akasaka’s cakes are getting so popular that they’ve even been featured in gourmet magazines. Pudding then says that she loves Akasaka’s cakes. In the dub, Bridget gives a jab to Corina saying “This is the first day of work (she’s) ever put in.” and Kiki says “That’s a good one, Bridget.” While I’d be the first to high-five that line, it doesn’t really work. For starters, Bridget/Lettuce is too kind and timid to make a shot like that. Second, Corina would react in some way to that not just sit there quietly.

Masha tells the girls that they did a really good job today and that he wants to help too. In the dub, Mini-Mew pops up demanding for attention in the fact that he did work too, and Zoey points out that she used him to mop up a drink she spilled. Real nice, you lazy inconsiderate twat. Mini-Mew may be a robot, but it obviously has feelings, and you use it as a rag especially when you likely have plenty of actual rags and paper towels to use in this CAFE. Bitch.

Mint says that Masha doesn’t stand out much. Ichigo agrees then points out that he doesn’t appear very often when they’re in battles. Lettuce says Masha’s important because he alerts them to Chimera Animals, but Pudding adds that he’s sometimes wrong about those alerts.

In the dub, Corina complains about how tired she is, Zoey tries to imagine Mini-Mew waiting tables but not wanting to risk one of the customers taking him (Pretty sure the reason Ichigo wanted to keep Masha a secret was to help keep the Mew Project a secret.) Bridget’s line is kept the same, but Kiki says that she’d be able to detect predasites if Mini-Mew wasn’t around.

Lettuce wonders if Masha has some sort of super powerful punch attack and that prompts the crude drawing of Masha with a boxing glove. In the dub, Bridget says she’s always considered using him to dust her bedroom furniture or to powder her nose, and they think that the picture of Mini-Mew with the punch and boxing glove still works with this line for some reason.

Also, first he’s used as a rag and now you want to use him as a duster or a powder puff? What is wrong with you people? Things already exist for these purposes!

Ichigo says they won’t use Masha to fight. Zoey says no one will ever use Mini-Mew for anything. Geez, Mini-Mew’s just getting slammed today.

Ichigo says that Taruto is just a kid, which prompts him to nearly fall out of the air while saying “A kid?” Zoey says she’s not scared of Tarb because she brought her flyswatter. Tarb then nearly falls out of the air while asking what a flyswatter is.

In retaliation, Taruto calls Ichigo an old bat, which makes her fall over. In the dub, he says he’s brought catnip, which I guess makes more sense than a flyswatter, but still not really because….what is he going to do? Bait her and get her high? Zoey then falls over gushing over the promise of catnip.

Ichigo retaliates to that by calling him ‘runt’ over and over and over and over. In the dub, Zoey just goes on a tangent about him calling her names. (Uh, she started it. Plus how is saying he has catnip even such a bad way to talk to her? It’s stupid smack talk at best.) This also makes the fact that Taruto looks like he’s crying make no sense in the dub.

Lettuce asks if Taruto has the ability to control plants, which he does. Bridget just says that that was a weird predasite.

Text is blurred on Shirogane’s computer. No idea why it wasn’t removed outright. There’s nothing affecting the quality of the footage like the flashback from last episode so *shrug*

In addition, the logo of his computer is removed.

Subbed: tmmep15screen1

Dubbed: y2kqnlp

Also, note in the upper left-hand corner that the Mew Project actually uses the Greek letter for ‘mu’ instead of the word Mew. Don’t think that has any meaning but it’s interesting.

Kiki: “He must’ve been mewnapped!” Shut up.

The art and animation seem a lot worse than they usually do. A lot of the animation seems like paper doll animation, and the art is just so off and ugly. It’s like this is a super filler episode or something. Considering that the preview looked higher budget than usual, did they save all their animation money for later?

They shift the scene of Shirogane and Akasaka to before Masha gets ‘tortured’ for some reason.

In the original, Shirogane and Akasaka find the location of the portal. In the dub, they lose the signal and send the girls out to ‘the tower’ to increase the range of the signal.

The text in Masha’s eyes is removed.

Subbed: tmmep15screen2

Dubbed: 5lmjsku

The girls don’t have any question about whether they can make the jump between the buildings or not in the dub, they just do it, which I guess confirms that they all, to some degree, have jumping abilities.

Taruto threatens that Pai might break Masha. Tarb threatens to keep Mini-Mew.

Shirogane and Akasaka explain back at the café that their trace failed because they must’ve discovered Masha’s SOS signal and cut it off. In the dub, they’re still tracing the faint signal but can’t get a good read on the location.

Zoey: “I’ve got to go find him! Mini-Mew is counting on me!” Yes, me! I am the only one who matters and also the only one he cares about! Me! Zoey! Me!

They cut out Shirogane saying “Ichigo…” in the middle of her speech.

As Ichigo stands in the rain she hears Masha say “Ichigo” and then hallucinates him floating in front of her before he vanishes. This is removed from the dub for I dunno why.


They cut some staring and talking from Ichigo and Aoyama’s conversation.

Ichigo is wondering what Aoyama would do if his best friend suddenly went away and he were told he could never see him again. Aoyama says he’d believe him and say if they truly were best friends there’s no way they’d never see each other again. If he was in trouble, he’d do everything he could to get to him and vice versa. In the dub, the conversation is essentially amputated and changed into;

‘My friend’s in trouble and everyone believes I should give up’

‘Well, don’t give up’


Also, only Elliot believes Zoey should give up. In fact, Zakuro has a minor line change from “Ichigo…” to “We’ll find him!” from the scene before this, so this makes even less sense.

So Zakuro’s a tech genius too, huh? Even better than Shirogane and Akasaka if they couldn’t even find Masha……Again….Why….is she….not….the leader?

They insert some shot of the computer screen that I’ve never seen before while Zakuro is on the computer.

Oh so this episode’s not really filler because Ichigo, and no one else of course that’d be silly, gets a new weapon. Whoopeediddledee.

Shirogane tells Ichigo to save Masha and Ichigo says she will. In the dub, and keep in mind this new wand thing has angel wings on it;

Elliot: “You’ve earned your wings, Zoey.”

…..DOING WHAT?! All she did was refuse to believe Mini-Mew was gone for good, and the rest of the girls did that as well, so what exactly did she do to ‘earn’ anything?….Unless you just wanted to make a dumb pun, in which case my reaction mirrors Zoey’s of;

Zoey: “Oooohhhhh….kay?”

Oh okay the short computer screen shot was taken from right after the transformation but before we see the girls running….Why? I have a better question. Why do I keep asking ‘why?’?

Like they do with Ribbon Strawberry Check, Ribbon Strawberry Surprise’s spinning is sped up, which makes it look even sillier than it did before because Ribbon Strawberry Surprise’s spinning is already faster than Check’s making her look damn near like the Tasmanian devil.

Attack Name Change: Ribbon Strawberry Surprise is changed to…..wha…Rose Bell Full Power?…..Rose bell? How the hell does that even make sense considering the attachment that made the attack only has wings as a decoration and not a damn rose?! It has a really tiny almost illegible picture of a rose on the heart part, but why would that even make sense to begin with? Strawberry → Rose? Is it just the color scheme?

Also, Rose Bell Full Power? Strawberry Bell Full Power? Are there going to be times when she calls upon Medium or Low Power?

Akasaka says that it was due to astute judgment that she was finally able to use the new bell. Uh huh, right, whatever you say there, Ponytail. In the dub, he says that it’s important to remember that Mini-Mew is the real hero.

They mix up the shots in the ending scene. Ah there it is. Stopped caring. That feels good. I will however mention that, in this end scene, Masha thanks all of the girls individually for saving him but he doesn’t thank any of them in the dub. Also, two shots from the scene are removed; one of Masha flailing around and another closeup of Ichigo.


Well, this episode was kinda sweet but also really weird. It starts off as fillery as possible with a side-character just wanting to prove themselves as useful, but then we get a new weapon and a new attack, the first time that Ichigo and the others have fought Pai and Taruto head on, and the first time they’ve purposely gone into their dimension. Despite this, however, it still looks like half of this episode was drawn and animated on the budget of a ham sandwich. It gets laughably awful sometimes.

Next episode, Lettuce falls in love. I’ll be interested to see this episode because it’s the one I thought I’d have the best shot at getting her transformation comparison in, but now I know that’s fruitless. I know for a fact that she transforms alone in that one in the original so let’s see what they do. Or should I say LETTUCE see…hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….ahhhh, I need to get some sleep.

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