Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power Episode 13 Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: Ichigo is worried that Aoyama knows who she is after meeting him in the park back in episode 12 (see episode 1 comparison for details) so she avoids him at all costs. But when Kisshu jealously targets Aoyama to get him out of the picture and to win Ichigo’s love, Ichigo will have to decide to transform in front of him or let Aoyama die—Seriously? That’s an internal debate? Come on, woman.


Right from the get-go, we’re starting off badly. In the original, we have the continuation of Aoyama finding Ichigo at the big cherry tree from episode 12 and confronting her. Ichigo, realizing that her secret has been revealed, runs off crying. 4Kids didn’t include this because they completely changed this scene in their first episode by flipping Aoyama’s frown upside down to make him smile and having this completely blow over without any sort of repercussions.


In place of this scene we have a scene taken from later in the episode of Dren overlooking the city monologuing about how pathetic humans are and then complaining about Zoey and Mark being the worst of all. He then has a flashback or I guess daydream of Mark almost confessing his love to Zoey.

I imagine that was from the first episode where he took her to the RDA exhibit, but even if it was, that exchange never happened. Dren then gets jealous of Mark and says it’s time to teach the two of them a lesson. In continuity from the last episode in the dub, this complaint seems really unprompted.

They cut out Ichigo’s parents talking about getting a purification ceremony done on Ichigo since she isn’t eating a lot. They also remove Ichigo’s goofy face in response. However, it’s switched to being after this next scene, and the dialogue is changed to her being worried that she’s been replaced by an alien.

Zoey’s Mom: “What about my seared salmon surprise!?”

Zoey: “Surprise! I’m not hungry!” Hehe, Surprise! 4Kids did indeed completely forget that they set up episodes 2-12 to be a flashback and are currently not acknowledging it. Really would’ve been easy to keep that up with a narration every episode and a note here that says we’re back to where the dub started, but why be logical when you can be 4Kids?

Then again, I guess 4Kids didn’t look ahead because the way they mangled the end of episode 12 for episode one wouldn’t have fit here anyway, so I can bet that first episode will never be referenced or spoken of ever again. Instead, they thought it would be better to insert a flashback of the TV broadcast from the previous episode and have Zoey worried that Mark saw her and recognized her.

In the original, the boy that Aoyama is talking to is asking about seeing his English homework. In the dub, he asks if he saw Renee Roberts on the wilderness show last night. He says he caught the end of it, and the boy asks if he saw the Mew Mew thing and mentions that it was weird. Mark agrees, and then the boy asks if Mark is excited about the match later, and Mark says yes—Nonono, NO.

You don’t just segue from ‘Hey did you see those superpowered teenage girls based on animals fighting that giant snake lady?’ to ‘Well, are you excited for our kendo match?’ Why do people always react like this in these situations? This is an incredible thing! REACT APPROPRIATELY DAMMIT!

A long scene where Ichigo thinks about all of the embarrassing times she’s acted like a cat and gotten caught by Aoyama is removed. Shame, because that was a cute little scene.


Afterward, Aoyama is seen walking away, and Ichigo watches him. She tells herself how she can’t even bring herself to face him, and now she can’t go to the kendo match to cheer him on. This is also cut.


Another long scene where Pudding tries to cheer Ichigo up by forcing her to smile with a device called Yousei Gips: Smiler version is removed. Yousei gips are a corrective training device used in the old baseball anime called Kyojin no Hoshi or Star of the Giants. Pudding made a version for the face as opposed to the body to make a person smile.

I actually recognized this because another parody of the yousei gips was used way back in the early episodes of Pokemon with AJ and his Sandshrew. I really should get around to watching Kyojin no Hoshi if it’s available anywhere. Anyway, the device doesn’t work and we head to the next scene. This is all removed and I don’t know why.


Also, since they couldn’t retain Pudding’s line due to it being a segue into the yousei gips scene, Kiki instead says that Mark would never believe she was a cool superhero. Thanks Kiki, you’re as insensitive and annoying as usual.

Ichigo says she’s just sleep deprived. Zoey says she’ll be okay, especially if she makes good tips at the café today. Also, small note, but they change Mint’s line of saying the team won’t be in shape if she’s gloomy to having Corina say Zoey can wait on one of her tables to make her feel better. Ya know, Mint has few times when she’s being legitimately nice. Thanks for ruining that.

The girls in the audience just cheer that Aoyama got a point whereas the dub girls chant;

“Yay! Mark is a bomb! Mark is a bomb!” The slang you’re looking for here, 4Kids, is THE bomb. Not A bomb. And it sure is nice to see a simpler time when you can yell ‘bomb’ in a school and nothing happens. In today’s world, we have kids getting suspended for having chicken fingers in the shapes of guns or quoting the theme song to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.


The girls in the crowd: “Yay! Mark won the match! Mark won the match!” Are you in a cult or something? Stop it! Not like the original girls are any better, but geez, the way they repeat things.

The girls in the crowd: “Yay! Mark’s so dreamy! Mark’s so cool!” MAKE IT STOP!

The girls in the crowd: “Yay! Mark’s so sweaty! Mark’s so sweaty, yeah!” GO DRINK YOUR KOOL-AID!

Considering Aoyama/Mark is so popular, I’m surprised the concept of other girls being jealous never really sprung up in this series. Any other series would have at least one girl who would despise Ichigo and try to sabotage her relationship with him.

Another long scene is removed. After the match, Aoyama’s kendo instructor asks him if anything’s wrong since he wasn’t fighting as aggressively today. He asks what’s on his mind since his sword’s unstable moves reflect his unstable mind. Aoyama flashes back to catching Ichigo as a Mew Mew, and his instructor says he doesn’t need to know the details, but instructs him to calm his mind before the tournament that weekend. We then cut to Aoyama walking home wondering why Ichigo is avoiding him.

Mint says there’s no help for how gloomy Ichigo is right now. Corina basically wants to ignore Zoey’s problems and go shopping. Hooray for making Mint an insensitive bitch again!

They remove Aoyama bowing in apology for bothering them.


We’re at the scene that was shifted to the beginning, and even that wasn’t left alone. In the original, in place of the flashback/fantasy of Mark and Zoey at the RDA exhibit, we get a shot of Ichigo and then a flashback to her in episode 12/1 for the dub, running towards the tree. This is followed by a sad look on Kisshu’s face that isn’t included in the dub’s version of this scene. Next, he flashes back to a scene of Ichigo and Aoyama on the school roof.

Written on Ichigo’s calendar is ‘Aoyama-Kun’s tournament. Good Luck!’ in the original. In the dub, all of the calendar is removed, and I guess it’s just supposed to be a whiteboard that says ‘Kendo Championships Saturday 11am’ I’m not sure if this is even a whiteboard since it’s written in such perfect text that it has to be computer generated. Does that mean it’s really a sign?….A framed sign?

Subbed: tmmep13screen18

Dubbed: slmelbm

Text is removed from the buildings in town.

The reason Ichigo becomes surprised and suddenly stops is because Aoyama calls out Ichigo’s first name instead of calling her ‘Momomiya-san’. This can’t really be reflected in the dub since he always calls her Zoey so I guess she just stops suddenly because he finally got through to her.

Zoey: “What’ll I do? If I don’t mutate, Mark will be a goner for sure!”…..Mutate? Wha? I mean…..I guess technically that is the correct term a little because their powers are changes in their DNA, but……it’s just such a weird word choice, especially since it’s never been used until now.

……Wait…..was that meant to be Mew-tate? If so, screw you, 4Kids.

Yeah Zoey, your boyfriend’s dying from giant mutant microbes, but you take the time out to say your motto in an empty hallway…. Also, this is a scene insertion because she just goes straight into battle after transforming in the original….ya know…like an intelligent person.

They remove Kisshu trying to kiss Ichigo. In doing so, they also remove Kisshu telling Ichigo that the one condition he’ll release Aoyama on is her becoming his.


I will never understand why villains think that killing someone’s beloved in front of their eyes (or period) will mean that the person they love will come running into their arms.

Mark calls the wilderness show that the girls were on ‘dumb’. That’s even more out of character than when he talks behind people’s backs because Aoyama is a wildlife activist. This is obviously different from the original line which was him apologizing to Ichigo (Mew form) about the night before (episode 12, at the tree) since he mistook her for Ichigo (regular form).

Wow, Aoyama/Mark is really dumb if he couldn’t put the pieces together on that. Let’s see. You recognize a person looks nearly identical to Ichigo/Zoey, and directly after they’re publicly outed/you see them in person, she starts acting really weird and starts avoiding you all the time after that for seemingly no reason and completely out of the blue. Then when you’re in danger, the person happens to have the timing of a lifetime to show up in the nick of time. Gah.

After the battle, the two talk about how Aoyama won the championships. In the dub, they’re talking about how the catgirl saved him from the slime monster.

Oh my God! JIMMY ZOPPI VOICES TARB!? Hahaha, Gary Oak is a legit brat now! Haha, that’s justification for that silly name if I ever heard it.

Of course, he also sounds too old for his role.

Well, that was a mess, but at least I’m not prattling on for nine pages. Probably because this episode was surprisingly low on paint edits. I mean, plenty of cuts and scene shifts, but only a few paint edits. Makes my job easier.

Next episode is a nice change from the norm. We get an episode focused on Akasaka (really the only one that ever focuses on him) where we explore his past and his broken relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

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