Dissecting the Disquels: Cinderella III – A Twist in Time


Rating: 8/10

Plot: Cinderella has gotten her happily ever after, but her step sister, Anastasia, hasn’t. She wants what Cinderella has and gets a lucky break when she gets her hands on the Fairy Godmother’s wand. The evil step-mother takes it from her and reverses time back to the search of the owner of the glass slipper. When Anastasia gets a turn, she magically makes her foot the right size, allowing her to get engaged to the somewhat confused prince, leaving Cinderella devastated. However, she’s not going to give up her prince without a fight, and she’ll need to hope that Anastasia sees the real meaning behind true love before it’s too late.

Breakdown: I pretty much had the same thought as everyone else when this movie came out. ‘Cinderella’s a TRILOGY now? And there’s time travel? Wat?’ I really wasn’t looking forward to this movie when I reached it on my Disquel list, but is it really as bad as it seems?


We start off with Cinderella singing about how perfect her life is with her husband The Artist Formerly Known as Prince as she turns around and gives us an expression like she just farted….I’m not really kidding. I know she’s smiling, but…


Come on….

The Prince comes up to give her her shoes. He tells her that the mice were using her shoes as boats as he dumps some water out of one of them and slips it on her foot. Yeah, don’t dry the damn thing or anything. Just put her wet soggy shoe on her foot.

Mid-song we cut to the evil step-sisters cleaning the house and doing chores since Cinderella’s married into royalty and doesn’t deal with that crap anymore. This song includes a segment about how Anastasia wants to find a prince of her own to marry….Wha, what about the baker?! I know he was apparently so unimportant that he didn’t even get a name, but he was an integral part of Anastasia’s supposed storyline. Was the last movie just so bad that we’re reconning all of it?

What is seriously up with the fascination with Anastasia anyway? Why does she get two stories while the other step-sister, Priscilla, gets nothing? Is she just an irredeemable bitch? And, again, why the hell should we care if either one of Cinderella’s evil step-sisters gets a happy ending? They tried to do that in the last movie, and I wasn’t anymore rooting for her to get laid by the end of her segment than I was at the beginning.

Anastasia follows Cinderella and the Prince to their anniversary party 


held by the mice and her fairy godmother. As they continue singing about what a perfect life they have (Something everyone can relate to I’m sure) Anastasia finds out that Cinderella got her perfect life through magic, and, just as if it were written in the script, the fairy godmother clumsily flings her wand into the forest right in front of Anastasia’s face.

She runs back to Priscilla and Bitch (Might as well name her that) to show them, but they don’t believe her. The fairy godmother shows up to take the wand back. How she knew Anastasia had it is beyond me. In a scuffle to get the wand, Anastasia accidentally turns the godmother into a statue.


With wand in hand, Bitch decides to turn back time to the shoe fitting to ensure that Cinderella doesn’t end up being found and marrying the Prince. Magic: Anyone can do it properly because shut up.

When the duke enters to place the glass slipper on the girls’ feet, Bitch uses her wand again to shrink Anastasia’s foot to the right size. Oh nice, Priscilla gets no chance? Just give the Prince to Anastasia? Pfft.

As Anastasia and the others are about to leave, Cinderella tries to plead her case but Bitch stops her. Cinderella shows the other glass slipper as proof that she was the one who danced with the prince, but Bitch says it was just a dream and breaks the slipper.

Cinderella watches in despair as they leave and starts singing a somber song about how the ball was supposedly just a dream. It’s a pretty nice song even if the visuals are a tad cheesy.

Jaq consoles Gus about the situation, and he says that the prince would know Cinderella by looking at her if he saw her since they danced together. Good point. Which just begs the question as to why the prince never thought to have a mock sketch made up to search for the girl from the ball instead of hoping no one else has her shoe size.

Cinderella overhears their conversation and instantly perks up with determination to go to the palace, see the prince and prove that the other night wasn’t a dream.

As Cinderella sneaks into the castle pretending to be the royal mouse catcher, the prince meets Anastasia. He proves to not be as stupid as I feared since he instantly realizes that Anastasia’s not the girl he danced with at the ball and politely apologizes before sending them home. However, Bitch will have none of that and casts a spell over him that makes him forget Cinderella and have Anastasia replace her in his memories. He turns around and proposes to her and she wildly accepts while sticking the ring on the wrong hand.

Jaq and Gus witness this and go to warn Cinderella who is confronting the prince. Cinderella tries to get the prince to recognize her, but he can’t escape the spell so he doesn’t understand. She’s dragged away for royal mouse catcher business before she can talk further.

Jaq and Gus tell her that Bitch took the wand from the fairy godmother and put a spell over the prince so Cinderella concocts a plan to get him back.

The king asks for a moment alone with Anastasia where he talks about his wife the, I guess, dead queen who died from Disneyitis. He gives her a sea shell that was the queen’s most prized possession as it was the sea shell that both she and the king were reaching for at the same time and when their hands touched he knew it was true love…..

Okay, I want to take a time out here for a minute and showcase just how drastically the king changed his stances on marriage in this movie.

From what I remember of the first movie and from what we’re shown at the very beginning of this one, the king mostly treated marriage as a necessity that all royalty needed, and that love wasn’t really important as long as you just get married especially to someone of great breeding and refinement. He vocalizes this after the time reversal then completely changes his tune after the prince asks him to remember how he fell in love with the queen while looking at a ten foot tall painting of her. He stays in this lovey dovey mood the rest of the movie and keeps looking at various paintings of her…..


Are you saying he just completely forgot how much he loved and cared for his wife and reduced marriage to something so empty and only remembered that it was about love when his son asked him to remember the wife he seemingly adored so much that he’d have giant paintings of her everywhere? Huh?

Anastasia sings a reprise of the song she was singing before about how she’s found a man who loves her and how her dreams will come true when she marries the prince. I really don’t like how we’re being force-fed this BS with Anastasia. She has no character growth seriously, she’s still a bitchy she-beast, she just acts dreamy and somewhat kind when she’s in love. And I keep finding the idea of ‘marriage to hot guy=all dreams now true’ to be super lame.

For anyone worrying about character growth with Priscilla, don’t worry, she’s still a slag. Also, I realize now that I’ve been calling Priscilla the wrong name. Apparently her name is Drizella, but if I called her that I can be sure there’d be jokes, so Priscilla it is since I doubt anyone would make an Elvis joke.

Cinderella sees Priscilla screwing around with the wand to make jewelry and stuff (without saying the magic words, mind you) while Bitch locks the wand away in a drawer and puts the key in her pocket. What was wrong with keeping it on her? It’s probably safer since no one would ever dream of touching her…

Anastasia returns while still all dreamy and has second thoughts about what they’re doing. She even says the prince could love her without the spell. Yeah, he looked practically disgusted when he saw you and has shown nothing but indifference towards you even with the spell. I’m sure he’d fall head over heels…

In order the get the wand, Cinderella sends Jaq and Gus in to nab it from Bitch’s pocket. They accidentally set Lucifer (the cat) on fire and in the ruckus from his freaking out they nab the key…..Hey you know what else I noticed? That cat from the second movie, Pish-Posh or whatever is nowhere to be seen in this movie so far. Huh. Maybe they did completely retcon it.

They break a dish or vase or something in the commotion and are about to call a housekeeper when one arrives at the door. It’s Cinderella with a bonnet shadowing her face. Why she felt the need to do this is beyond me. Obviously Jaq and Gus got into the room just fine, surely they’d be able to get out with no problem. Jaq and Gus are also about to open the drawer while Bitch and the others are still in the room.

What the hell is she thinking? What a dumb plan. She should’ve just gotten the key, waited for them to leave the room, went in and gotten the wand without them noticing. Bitch didn’t have the wand or the key anymore so unless she wanted to grab an axe and rip apart the dresser, she would be screwed.

Bitch recognizes Cinderella and outs her disguise, but Cinderella says she’ll never get away with her plan as she runs off with Jaq and Gus, guards and Lucifer in tow.

She manages to get the wand back, but can’t complete the reversal spell on the prince and gets taken by the guards while the wand is returned to Bitch. Cinderella tries to convince the prince, touches his hand (a spark when touching hands is a theme of this movie) and he feels something, but doesn’t break free as she’s dragged away. Priscilla yells to her that they won and the prince wonders what she meant. But she just says it’s nothing while Bitch shoos the prince away.

Bitch tells the guard to banish Cinderella even though I have no clue why everyone’s obeying her like she’s already royalty. I know her daughter’s set to marry the prince but that doesn’t make her a queen-in-law and even if it did, they’re not married yet.


The mice drag the prince into a sewing room to talk to him and they sing about how Cinderella is really the girl that he danced with at the ball and that Bitch put him under a spell to think Anastasia’s the girl he danced with instead. They also say that Cinderella’s been banished by Bitch and it’s up to him to save her.

Prince: “Magic…..That explains everything.” Magic; the deus ex machina of everything. Also, I love how open and willing he is to accept all of this. Talking mice and intelligent birds are telling him through song that his future mother-in-law cast a spell on him to marry her daughter and the real girl that he danced with at the ball is some crazy lady he met earlier. Most people would seek psychiatric help after that but in Disney movies it’s completely believable.

And they even acknowledge how ridiculous this is. Heh, I like this movie.

I love the look he gives the King when he says that the bluebirds weren’t talking. It’s like “Daaaaaaddd, of course the BLUEBIRDS weren’t talking; just the mice!”

The prince manages to escape the castle to find Cinderella even though his father tried repeatedly to get him to stop. When the prince gets beyond the gate, he dreamily says to let him go……What is the king on exactly? He’s flip-flopping between emotions so feverishly.

Cinderella boards the ship out of the kingdom and reprises her song about dreams this time in a sad sense since she now thinks it was all a dream. Truthfully, some good does come out of this scenario; she doesn’t have to deal with Bitch anymore.

The prince is catching up to the ship, but the ship is departing from port so he decides to take one final leap from the top of a lighthouse or whatever that is. However, his horse won’t make the jump so he stops suddenly, throwing the prince into the ship as he slides down the sail with a knife and swings down ropes. Mythbusters pretty much destroyed the thing with the sails and knife so I’m going to dock you for that movi—oh yeah this is a movie with talking mice, magic wands and glass footwear. Carry on.

The prince reunites with Cinderella and with a touch of their hands, he knows he’s found the right girl this time. However, there’s still 20 minutes left in the movie so it can’t be that simple.

Bitch won’t stand for this and she soon escapes with her daughters as Cinderella and the prince escape.

Cinderella gets ready for her wedding when Bitch emerges from the shadows and reveals her newest plan. She’s going to let Cinderella get married to the prince, only the Cinderella that he’ll marry is actually Anastasia under a spell to look like Cinderella. Couldn’t go the extra mile to change her voice to Cinderella’s though.

Bitch uses the wand to send Cinderella away and ironically transports her to the center of a growing gross pumpkin that grows to an evil version of her carriage from the night of the ball and uses thorny vines to force a nearby horse to pull it. In order to ensure that Cinderella stays out of the picture, she sends a humanized Lucifer to drive the carriage.


We get a pretty suspenseful scene as Cinderella, Jaq and Gus try to stop the carriage as it’s moving. While Jaq and Gus nearly get thrown off several times, Cinderella manages to throw Lucifer off of the carriage where he somehow turns back into a cat again, I dunno. They regain control of the carriage and pull the pin connecting it to the horse, but they’re approaching a cliff so they all jump on the horse’s back just in time.

Cinderella races to the wedding on horseback and we can only hope the old trope of stopping the wedding either before they say “I do” or after the minister asks if anyone has any objections is still alive.

Back at the wedding which I can’t believe got arranged so quickly, but okay, Anastasia is still showing signs of unease about the upcoming marriage because she believes the prince doesn’t feel anything for her when they touch hands. This is especially uneasy when he whispers “my one and only Cinderelly” to her during the ceremony, since the first time he heard her name was from Jaq.

So which one will it be? Cinderella stopping the ceremony or Anastasia not going through with it?

Well, surprisingly, it’s Anastasia.

Okay, we get it. She’s a good person now for some reason. I really just wish we had more actual development with her. You can’t just flip a switch between dress-ripping she-demon and romantic fairy tale protagonist.

It is nice most of the time to see a mean character eventually see the error of their ways and turn good, and this is a way better show of that than the second movie’s third section, but still. Oh and let me guess, she’s going to randomly find someone she loves before the end credits, right?

Bitch won’t stand for this either and both she and the royal guards head for Anastasia. Bitch causes havoc in the palace with her dark magic…by the way, the Fairy Godmother must not have needed a lot of practice for her job. It seems like anyone who grabs ahold of the wand and knows the magic words can do anything they want properly. Look at her. She’s like friggin’ Maleficent without the dragon form and she’s only had the wand for a day.

She’s about to use her magic on Anastasia for disobeying her, but Cinderella stands in front of her to protect her. Oh yeah I’m so sure she’d never do a thing to YOU of all people. She’s always thought of you as a precious little dainty flower.

Obviously, Bitch still wants to attack anyway, but the prince jumps in the way with his sword which reflects the magic back at Bitch and Priscilla, sending them to some dungeon or maybe it’s their house’s basement I dunno, and they’ve turned into frogs. Kinda a lame battle, really, but I guess Cinderella’s not a movie meant for battle sequences and dark magic.

Anastasia grabs the wand since it fell on the floor after Bitch and Priscilla disappeared and turns herself back to normal again. She tries to return the shell that the king gave her as a wedding gift stating she doesn’t deserve it, but the king lets her keep it and tells her that everyone deserves true love.

They return the Fairy Godmother to her non-stone state, Cinderella reunites with the prince again and they get married. The Fairy Godmother asks if she wants them to return to their old lives where they were already married for over a year and none of this mess ever happened, but they seemingly don’t need to since they don’t even remember that life. Hope nothing important happened in that year.

And then we zoom out as they kiss, we see the castle one last time and that’s the end.


Well, we do see in a final shot that Bitch and Priscilla turn back to normal only they’re now tasked with being housekeepers.

The en–….Wait, Anastasia didn’t randomly find her true love? *fast forwards through end credits*…..HONESTLY? They didn’t follow that huge cliché? Wow. I’m blown away.

Now, I’m about to get so much crap for this, I know it…..but……this movie…..I liked this movie.

In fact, I’d say it’s very much on the same level as the original.


Maybe even better…..



Hold back the firing squad, let me explain. Looking back on it, the first Cinderella isn’t all that fantastic to me. Sad but true. As a kid, I never was much interested in movies like that. I was more interested in The Lion King and Aladdin and movies with huge battles and cool fantasy worlds.

When I really think about it, I don’t see the big fuss around the original movie anyway. A girl has a life that is terrible, true. Some bitch married her dad, her dad died, her original mom’s probably also dead from the Disneyitis epidemic and she’s forced to basically be a slave in her own house under the command of said bitch and her two slag-sisters.

She dreams of a better life beyond this, but does nothing about it. A fairy godmother takes pity on her situation and uses her magic to get her to a big ball being held by the king to find a suitable bride for his son, the prince who is never named. (And I know he’s probably Prince Charming, but he is literally never named. Even in the credits of this movie he’s credited as The Prince.) Heck, the mice are the ones who even make her first dress for her, and they also are the ones to get her out of the attic in the end.

She goes to the ball, dances, falls in love as fast as, well, a Disney Princess, runs off while leaving her confusing footwear choice behind and returns to her daily life.

She partakes in a shoe fitting and gets married. The end. That’s all there is to that movie. And you know what I get from it? Everyone around her is being much more proactive in Cinderella’s life than Cinderella is. She’s basically a completely reactive character in the first movie.

Cinderella could easily decide to leave and start a life on her own. I mean, her Wiki even says she’s not 16, not even 18 but 19 years old. Plenty old enough to tell her step-mother to shove a broom up her ass and go live a life of her own. What’s she going to do about it? I doubt she’d do much. The only real method of force that she has outside of emotional torment is a fat sadistic cat. And her father had to have left her something in his will, unless he was an ass too.

Instead she waited around and acted like a doormat until something magical fell into her lap. Even when this happened, she still returned to her awful life with no intentions of leaving until the prince decided he liked the dance so much that he wanted to marry the girl he danced with and sent people off to fetch her.

She gets whisked away, there’s no repercussions for the villains, there’s no real depth to the prince and Cinderella’s relationship, there’s no real depth to the prince barring that he’s difficult to marry off without a dance party.

It’s a good dose of fantasy for young girls, and it is always nice to have that light in your heart that says one day your dreams could all come true at the drop of a hat, but that’s about it.

This movie has action, suspense, adds depth to Cinderella (makes her pretty damn proactive and a little badass to be honest), The Prince and their relationship as a whole even if it’s not a whole lot to go on barring the hand thing.

I will admit, the stuff with Anastasia becoming somewhat nice and basically being turned into not just a protagonist but also kinda the protagonist of this movie is very jarring and a little off-putting. However, it’s huge character development that is not outside of the realms of realism. Maybe they didn’t completely retcon the second movie and that was supposed to be somewhat of a buffer to how she is here and she and the Baker just didn’t work out.

The truly evil ones of the movie actually get some comeuppance, becoming frogs then housekeepers. Cinderella and The PArince actually do stuff to fight for their love. It doesn’t fall into the same cliché pitfalls like giving Anastasia a love interest out of nowhere just to ensure that everyone good has someone to bang or Cinderella stopping the wedding before the “I do”’s.

It also has pretty good art and animation, and good music, surprising for a Disney sequel let alone the third in a trilogy. Never cringed to any of the songs, in fact most were pretty memorable and well-made. Only exception might be the song that Jaq and Gus sing, which is still pretty good but bordering on lame during the chorus and reprise. Good voice acting, good pacing, a pretty good story, good dialogue, and the time travel thing didn’t feel that forced or contrived.

Bottomline: Is it a masterpiece? Definitely not. Is it an enjoyable movie? Yes. Cinderella purists or even Disney purists as a whole may not enjoy this movie because it literally rewrites the entire first movie’s ending and even retcons the second movie. If you have the same opinion on the first movie that I did, you’d have a decent chance of enjoying this all the more as well. If the original is very near and dear to your heart, but you’re open for continuing the story and giving a Disquel a chance, this is the one to see (not the second one. Please don’t watch that)

Recommended Audience: Glass footwear is a dangerous option. You have to put them in the dishwasher and the slightest trip could make you slit open an artery, but nothing offensive beyond that. E for everyone!

Final Notes: That tagline in the poster makes no sense. The slipper DID still fit her feet, it’s just that Bitch used a spell to make the slipper also fit Anastasia’s foot without letting Cinderella even try. Come on poster guys, pay attention.

Yu-Gi-Oh Episode 6 Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: Jounouchi prepares for his first duel in the tournament. His friends urge him to go after someone easy, but the ruthless Mai Kujaku challenges him first to weed out the weakest duelists. She uses a card trick to make it seem like she has psychic powers and can see her cards even when they’re face down. Psyching out the rookie, Mai easily takes the lead in the duel. Can Jounouchi come out a winner or will he lose his only chance at saving his sister’s sight?


Jounouchi’s first speech right before he starts his duel with Mai is pretty deep and insightful. In the dub, Joey just babbles on about how he has to prove himself even though he never got much training, isn’t very experienced etc.
Mai mentions in the dub that the field they’re playing on is 40% mountain, 40% forest and 20% meadow. In the original, it’s 40% mountains 40% grassland and 20% wasteland. This is a fairly glaring error since they make a point early on in both versions that Joey/Jounouchi’s home field is grassland. It doesn’t matter all that much in the grand scheme of things, but still.

Hey 4Kids, it’s Harpy Lady, not The Harpy’s Lady!

Yami Yugi in the original helps Jounouchi by bringing up the “Something that can be seen, yet cannot be seen” thing again. (In this case, scent) In the dub, he says Mai’s just trying to divide and conquer – a strategy that’s been used for centuries. Then as he says “Believe me, I know” they edit in a closeup of Yami’s face and impose a Millennium Eye mark on his forehead….So, 4Kids remembers that Yami has no memories of his life as an ancient pharaoh, right? Right?


In the original, when Jounouchi has his eyes closed, he wonders if this is what people ‘see’ when they’re blind. Then he says he doesn’t want her sister to live like that. 4Kids, sadly, omits this somber bit of dialogue.

Another omission of “Something that can be seen etc.” (This time it’s….time.) They also edit out a shot of the Sennen (Millennium) puzzle’s box since that no longer has bearing on the scene.

In both versions, they completely ignore a primary aspect of the Time Wizard (but it’s fixed later) Time Wizard works by flipping a coin. Call it right, all opposing monsters die (and in Baby Dragon’s case, turns it into a Thousand Dragon, I’ll give the anime a pass for this. Thousand Dragon is actually a fusion of Baby Dragon and Time Wizard) Call it wrong, and all of your monsters die. In addition, you take damage equal to half of the lost monsters’ attack points. In this instance, the Time Magician just uses Time Magic with no gambling involved (which makes it pretty OP)

More ‘cheating’: Joey/Jounouchi uses Thousand Dragon to attack three monsters at once.


I actually really liked this episode, even if Jounouchi gets some Yugi training wheels. It took Mai down her first peg, even though it technically is the start of the domino effect that carries way way way later into the show. It shows that Jounouchi’s smarter than he seems both in dueling and cleverness, and it was just a nice first victory for him. I always like Jounouchi episodes.

Next episode, it’s Yugi’s turn to duel next against the fearsome master of the sea, Ryouta Kajiki. Let’s hope Yugi’s monsters can swim.

…Previous Episode

Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power Episode 7 (6 For the Original) Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: Shirogane and Akasaka are holding an elegant dance party for Ichigo, Mint and Lettuce as a thanks for their hard work in the cafe…..well, Mint really deserves that doesn’t she? Such a hard worker she is drinking tea and lazing about. In preparation for the party, Ichigo and Lettuce meet an American woman set to play piano at the party, yet a huge language barrier makes first impressions more than awkward. At the party, Kisshu shows up and shows off his new ability; making chimera animals with human spirits and the pianist is the first target.


In the original, Ichigo’s dad says they have to go to their Grandpa’s place to see the festival. In the dub, Zoey’s dad says there’s some sort of samurai festival at the Cinepalace.

Guess the rest of this scene changes because of that. Ichigo getting mad, Ichigo’s dad eating his rice and Ichigo’s mom speaking is edited out. Basically her dad tells her to think about going to the festival and Ichigo tells him to stop talking funny. I’m guessing he’s speaking in a weird dialect or something. I really need to brush up on that. Then he suddenly gets into traditional Japanese clothes and says he’s a real Tokyoite.

In the dub, Zoey’s dad says she used to always love samurai movies and Zoey says she’s just been pretending that she likes them since she was little to make him happy since that one time when she was sick as a kid and had nothing better to do than watch them, which is a bit bitchy of her. Her dad then gets into traditional Japanese garb and says the movie The Reluctant Samurai is the greatest movie ever and ‘quotes’ it while Zoey says she has to work anyway.

Zoey’s mom’s voice is still terrible, by the way.

Well here’s a long cut for no reason whatsoever. After Mint acts like a spoiled bitch, Lettuce offers to do the preparation work for the opening. Ichigo yells that that’s not the point (in being mad that Mint refuses to actually help) when Shirogane interferes and asks if they swept the walkway yet. They say no and Ichigo whines about working since it’s Sunday. Shirogane says she can leave, but she won’t get her employee privilege of all-you-can-eat cakes. Ichigo says she can’t do that and goes to sweep.

In the dub, the only part of this scene that is kept is Lettuce/Bridget talking and in the dub she says maybe they should just take a break and they immediately cut to them sweeping the walkway…because sweeping=break?


As Ichigo and Lettuce are outside sweeping, Ichigo whines some more and Lettuce tells her they should do their best. Ichigo responds that Lettuce is very optimistic. In the dub, Zoey complains as I did that sweeping isn’t much of a break. Bridget says that sweeping was the only thing she could think of and Zoey’s just glad they’re outside and away from Elliot.

Masha pops up and repeats “Do your best, do your best!” and Ichigo sighs and says he’s always carefree. In the dub, Mini-Mew says “The boss says ‘GET TO WORK!” and Zoey says “He’s calling himself ‘the boss’ now?” Yeah, who does he think he is, Bruce Springsteen? ….Wow, I could feel myself age with that reference.

Ahhhhh yessssss! One of the only moments I was waiting for in this series. The English/Spanish lady. See, in this episode we have a lady who comes out of nowhere to talk to the girls about Shirogane. The problem is that she’s American and doesn’t speak Japanese. She’s also an idiot who instantly thinks that two teenage girls on the street in Japan would know how to speak English. Don’t break out a phrase book or anything, no no. You must be from 4Kids and think that everyone and everything is American. Obviously the girls don’t know how to speak English so they’re clueless until Shirogane shows up.

In the dub, the woman is changed to a Spanish woman….Now I once complained that 4Kids didn’t do a reversal and made her Japanese instead of Spanish, but let me backtrack and say I can further understand why they didn’t do that.

1) Spanish is more common in America than Japanese is, thus it was probably easier finding a Spanish speaking voice actress than it was to find a Japanese speaking one.

2) The woman in no way looks Japanese.

Now let’s get to the complaints about it. This woman is hilarious to watch in the original. Her movements are so spastically animated, even her mouth, like they didn’t know how American people moved or something. Her speech, like many supposedly ‘native’ English speakers in anime, sounds stilted and uncomfortable. She kinda talks like a Speak and Spell. And you want to know what’s odd? She sounds like she has a little bit of a Spanish accent…

In the dub, I don’t speak Spanish well enough to tell, but I’ve heard from several people that she sounds similarly odd in her speech. I don’t really think it sounds that bad, but what do I know? I will say, however, that the subtitles that 4Kids gave her are HUGE! Look at these things.


Whereas in the original, there are no subtitles at all. The whole point of this scene is to be relatively clueless of what she’s saying. I’m not going to damn 4Kids for being ‘nice’ enough to include subtitles, but they don’t need to be that friggin’ huge.

I guess this couldn’t have translated in any sense. Ichigo initially tries to talk to the woman by saying “I am ‘a Ichigo’.” to which Lettuce responds not to put ‘a’ in front of her name. Ichigo then tries harder and says “strawberry” (since Ichigo literally means strawberry) and the woman still doesn’t understand.

Name Change: The American woman’s name was Mary McGuire. In the dub, the Spanish woman is Maria Rivera.

Zoey’s response seems way more insulting whereas Ichigo’s just seems innocent. Ichigo tries to introduce herself using the best English she knows. Zoey says in a slow and loud tone like an obnoxious tourist “WEEEE NOOOO UN-DER-STAND-O.”

This next bit’s a mess. 4Kids decided to edit out a whole segment where she’s still trying her best to speak English and says “This is a pen” which just confuses the woman further. We then see someone walking up behind Ichigo before we cut to Lettuce.

In the dub, 4Kids places their commercial break right after Lettuce leaves to go get someone who might speak English. When we come back from commercial, we see Lettuce’s scene and the shot of someone walking up behind Zoey is placed directly before we see Mark.


Mary: “Who is he? And why aren’t you answering my questions?” Oh gee, I dunno, maybe because she obviously doesn’t understand you, you dumb bitch. Not everyone in the world speaks English!

Aoyama’s bilingual too. People that perfect do not exist.

It’s here where we see why the subtitles are pointless. We don’t need them since Mark just translates later anyway and, again, the whole point of that scene is to not know what she’s talking about.

The music when Ichigo freaks out in the original is hilarious. The dub’s isn’t bad, but it’s not as funny. It’s like old-timey silent film music in the original.

Mint asks if Ichigo’s dating Aoyama formally yet. Corina asks if Mark’s kissed Zoey yet.

The piano music being played by the woman is changed. Admittedly, they’re both good songs.

Ichigo asks where the piano came from and Mint says it doesn’t matter, just listen to the music. In the dub, Zoey says she wishes she could play the piano and Corina says she bets she could play the piano if she wanted to. Because why have a nice non-ruined scene when Corina has an opportunity to be a snob?

Well, here’s another pointless change. In the original, Akasaka says that they’re throwing a party for the girls for helping out so much. In the dub, the party’s a charity ball for animal rights and the girls are invited. If anyone can tell me why this was changed, feel free to email me at wtf4Kids@RRRGHHHHHH.com.

Hm….the original either mistranslated what this woman said or Akasaka was purposely changing her words. The woman says to Ichigo “Ichigo, I’d love to play the piano for a girl like you.” And Akasaka translates that as “I’d love to play the piano for pretty girls like you.” Two things: 1) She was only addressing Ichigo there for whatever reason and 2) she never said ‘pretty’. I really don’t know why this woman is so hung up on Ichigo.

Wesley doesn’t translate what the woman says for the girls in the dub, they just awkwardly say ‘see you later’. Which means that scene must’ve been shortened a bit for that to work.

Akasaka says Shirogane fell in love with her performance because he could feel her spirit in her music. In the dub, he just says that they both think she’s talented and Wesley even adds that she’s beautiful.

Shirogane picked pink and red for Ichigo’s outfit to reflect a strawberry/Ichigo. In the dub, he just says it’s her favorite color. To be fair, since her name is changed, the original line wouldn’t work anyway. To be fairer, this line would’ve worked fine if they kept her name the way it was….

A shot of Akasaka speaking to Shirogane with a….hard to describe…Tender sounds wrong…Proud face? Is edited out. I don’t know why.


Ichigo doesn’t say she thinks she hates Mint like Zoey does, she merely points out that Mint’s used to fancy parties.

Shirogane tells the girls that they should enjoy themselves since it’s a party. Elliot says since he’s at a party he had to wear a “monkey suit.”

Ichigo marvels at the people on the dance floor saying it’s like a real dance party. Shirogane responds by saying it IS a real dance party. In the dub, Zoey asks how they can dance like that without getting dizzy and Elliot points out that it’s called a Waltz.

Ichigo originally said she could never go out there and dance in a real dance party since she’s only folk danced once when she was younger. In the dub, Zoey says she can’t dance because the last time she tried to do the Macarena she sent four people to the hospital…..

Okay, 1) The Macarena?….Really 4Kids? I would be more surprised if not for the fact that I know you’ve made that same reference in Pokemon before and I know that you’ve probably done it elsewhere.

2) The Macarena wasn’t even relevant when this was dubbed, so that makes this reference even more dated and awkward. Hell, I’d go so far as to say 4Kids’ target audience for this show didn’t even know what the Macarena was.

3) How the hell do you hurt anyone doing the Macarena? It’s like one of the most tame dances in the world.

4) How did we ever call the Macarena a dance anyway? You don’t move your feet at all during it. You just move your arms and sway your hips once. You might as well call paddy-cake a dance.

A decent chunk of Shirogane and Ichigo’s dance segment is edited out. It only shows up until roses appear on the screen.


Just to clarify, the punch that Elliot gives Zoey isn’t originally alcohol (She’s only 13 anyway). It’s just juice….Yes, 4Kids, lovers of juice, changed juice into something else. Granted punch is just a mixture of juices, but still.

Shirogane says if she doesn’t like the dress she can get changed. In the dub, Elliot says he picked the dress because it matched her hair.

Not sure why Ichigo/Zoey would be so apt to yell a greeting to the English/Spanish woman from before. She’s been scared to death of talking to her since she met her. I know it’s just a greeting and most people know simple greetings in different languages but still.

This new ability of Kisshu’s seems to Sailor Moon-ish to me. He takes the spirits of people with great talents and passion for what they do, removes their spirit, which takes the form of a crystal no less, fuses it with one of the chimera animal things and makes a new monster themed on that passion.

Okay, here we go. Is this finally going to be the day that I can properly compare Lettuce’s transformations?

…..Nope! Because in the original only Ichigo’s transformation is shown. We don’t even get snippets of the other girls transforming. This whole episode has basically been nothing but filler but we couldn’t cut some time to fit in the other Mews transforming at all?

Oh and her transformation sequence is the full and long version of it. So we couldn’t even have cut that down to give Lettuce and Mint their usual 5 second transformations? What bull. This show favors Ichigo way too much. I know she’s the main-main character and leader, but the balance between the whole team is just pathetic sometimes.

The dub actually has at least snippets of Corina’s and Bridget’s transformations, which is nicer than the original, but then there’s the fact that they add that damn “We’ve Got the Animal Instinct” song PLUS I have to listen to the damn Mew Mew Power in my face thing again. However, there is the added bonus that 4Kids seems to acknowledge that this motto is awful since they make Corina ask if they have to do the motto this time and Zoey forces her.

Actually, that’s a bad thing because 4Kids realizes this motto’s vomitly awful yet they insist on using it in every damn episode.

Originally Kisshu says that the attack is of Deep Blue’s will and they shouldn’t take it personally. Since this is the first instance that the girls hear of Deep Blue, Ichigo asks “Deep Blue?” In the dub, Dren says he’s turned the party into a real wingdinger….Zoey then says “Wingdinger?” I concur, that’s just lame…..Actually, I’m not even certain that’s a real word.

Zoey: “That’s no ordinary predasite!”

Corina: “Well, I’M no ordinary Mew Mew!”

…Really? What makes you so special besides the fact that you’re a rich snob?

The logo “Boze” is taken off of the speakers.

Subbed: tmmep7screen10

Dubbed: rqeve1x

In the original, how they beat the chimera animal is kinda confusing. Shirogane makes off like the music from a pure spirit (oh come on-pure spirits? This is like directly lifted from Sailor Moon now) makes the chimera animal unstable. In the dub, Elliot acts like the real Maria is in there somewhere and listening to her own music will make her fight the evil power fused with her.

They cut out Ichigo yelling at Kisshu.


Oh and the only one who gets praised for saving Mary/Maria is Ichigo/Zoey. How wonderful. Let’s throw a parade for Ichig -; the only Mew who matters. 😐

Wait, so Maria, in the dub….can speak English!? So this entire plot point was moot?! Come on!

Zoey: “It just goes to prove that friendship is the same in any language.” Yes, I say this immediately after the foreign lady shows that she speaks my native language. That makes perfect sense. God forbid she say “Muchas gracias, Zoey.” and make that line actually fit.

Also, how does Mary/Maria know that Ichigo/Zoey had anything to do with saving her life? How did she even know her life was in danger? Usually in these scenarios the person has no idea that they’re being used by the enemy and take it as a dream or something. Does she remember what happened? Does that mean that Ichigo/Zoey’s outed as a Mew? Rrrgh.


This episode is just not that interesting dub-wise barring the foreign language stuff. As an episode, it’s filler with only one new thing happening and that’s Kisshu showing us that he can make chimera animals out of humans now. Whoopdeedoo. Mary/Maria is a nice enough character, but the connection she makes with Ichigo/Zoey and only Ichigo/Zoey is abrupt and kinda weird.

Next episode is finally Pudding/Kiki’s debut and though this may be another time when I can’t get a comparison of Lettuce’s transformation, hopefully I can at least get Pudding’s.

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Pokemon Episode 17 Analysis – Island of the Giant Pokemon


CotD(s): None

Plot: Following the events of the previous episode, Ash, Misty, Brock and Team Rocket are hurdled through the sky from Gyarados’ Dragon Rage attack. Ash, Misty and Brock manage to survive the fall and find themselves on a beach in the middle of nowhere. Worse yet, Pikachu is missing and so are Ash’s Pokeballs.

Team Rocket also managed to survive the attack. Not surprising, considering they get blasted off every week, but they find that Meowth is missing as well as Jessie’s Ekans and James’ Koffing.

Pikachu finds the Pokeballs of Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur, and the group tries to find their way back to Ash and the others. Meowth, Ekans and Koffing later join them, avoiding the conflict of their Trainers by claiming that Pokemon are only bad when their masters are.

Later, they discuss their situation by a campfire, but are interrupted when a giant Rhydon starts attacking. Meanwhile, Ash and others also find themselves on the receiving end of an attack by a giant Zapdos while Jessie and James end up at the mercy of a giant Moltres.

The Pokemon all gather at a local Slowbro’s food stand to lament in the loss of their Trainers over dinner.

The next morning, everyone, Pokemon and human alike, prepare to set out to find each other. Jessie and James use the telephone booth that they found earlier to contact Giovanni and ask him for assistance. However, since Jessie and James screw off and do their motto first, he quickly hangs up on them. They decide to pull themselves along by the phone cord in hopes of reaching the phone company.

Meanwhile, the Pokemon try to get some help from the local giant Pokemon by approaching the evolved forms of Squirtle and Bulbasaur, Blastoise and Venusaur repsectively, hoping to establish a familial connection. However, their efforts are in vain.

Team Rocket escapes from a giant Kabutops and Pikachu in a railcar, but panic when the railcar ends up traveling back the way they came. Luckily, the phone cord James has been carrying wraps itself around the giant Kabutops’ leg and drags it with the car. Ash, Misty and Brock end up falling into the railcar when it crashes into the bridge they were standing on, and the resulting carnage grabs the giant Pikachu along for the ride as well.

As their paths converge, Ash catches sight of his Pokemon being chased by the remaining giant Pokemon. They manage to jump into the cart, but there’s a problem. They’re out of control and will inevitably crash soon. The cable snaps, and the cart is hurdled through the air, causing it to crash into the Zapdos, which is revealed to be a giant robot, same with the other giant Pokemon on the island.

The group finally plunges into the water, and a passing ferry reveals that the island is actually a theme park called Pokemon Land, which Giovanni owns, and he’s none too happy about his park being destroyed.

Later, Ash and the others get back on their journey and arrive at the beautiful beach town, Porta Vista, ready to take a well-deserved vacation after everything that has happened to them lately.


– I find it weird that Ash, Misty and Brock stayed together after that, especially since they made a big to-do in the beginning of the episode about them losing their grips on each others’ hands, same for Jessie and James, yet Ash’s Pokeballs and Pikachu got flung however many miles away.

Also, we saw Staryu, Starmie and Goldeen get taken up in the cyclone as well yet they’re never seen being recovered in the start of the episode. Guess they died and Misty caught new ones while they were looking for the other Pokemon. Convenient as they’re right by the water.

– We’re STILL using the Pokemon logo to say ‘Pokemon’ in the title screen?

– I love how that Krabby finds two dead bodies in the sand and his first reaction is ‘Sweet! I get to pinch dead bodies!’

– So Jessie got her Ekans for her birthday and James got his Koffing for Christmas…..I guess that begs the question of who gave them those Pokemon?

– Irrelevant but the random phone booth on the beach reminds me a lot of Digimon. This probably preceded Digimon, but still.

– While this episode does have the charm of finally understanding what the Pokemon are saying, I’m disappointed in several aspects.

1) They never do an episode like this again. I can’t imagine the chore of reading subtitles would be that big of an issue, and this provides so many opportunities for new stories. Plus, actually being able to understand the Pokemon sometimes allows us to better understand their personality traits. Like, gee, it sure would be nice to get to know Pidgeotto’s true personality.

2) Pidgeotto and Butterfree, as well as all of Brock’s Pokemon, are missing from this episode. It’s a little more understandable that Goldeen, Staryu and Starmie are missing, considering they’re corpses in the sand now, plus Goldeen wouldn’t have been able to travel on the land and hearing Staryu’s ‘Hiya!’s and Starmie’s ‘*sighs*’ would’ve been grating.

3) Come on, give Pidgeotto some love.

4) I really would’ve liked to have heard how Butterfree felt after being traded. I’m sure he’s somehow aware he was traded and that must be emotionally trying to be suddenly taken away from your trainer and given to some stranger. It was only for a short time, but it’s an emotional and psychological aspect of the show that I would’ve liked some insight on. Imagine if you were best friends with someone and suddenly they decided to trade you to some weird man for a giant rat that you were beating up earlier.

– Slowpoke will never not be entertaining to me.

– This episode also further highlights Charmander’s kind personality before he suddenly shift gears as Charmeleon and Charizard. Now I really want an episode where we get subtitles in the scenes where Charmeleon and Charizard are being dicks for the sake of comparison.

Squirtle and Bulbasaur’s personalities are further explored here. Squirtle is playful and a bit mischievous while also being laid back. He also has plenty of faith in Ash as he refuses to believe that he would forget about them.

Bulbasaur shows that he may still have a bit of a bitter aftertaste in the thought of trusting humans as he’s the one who suggests that Ash forgot them in the first place. Even after the others try to convince him otherwise, he only says that ‘maybe’ Ash isn’t that way. I really really really want to know what Bulbasaur’s backstory is after hearing him speak, since he seems to have a very interesting past. Too bad they’ll never explain….

Charmander visibly gets worried at the prospect of Ash abandoning them. This doesn’t really show that Charmander distrusts Ash, but that he’s still worried about being abandoned given his past with Damian. He also comforts Ekans and Koffing by assuring them that Jessie and James are looking for them, even though, by all intents and purposes, he has every reason to believe that they’re mean enough to abandon their Pokemon.

However, I do have to point out the depressing fact that Jessie and James really aren’t concerned about Ekans and Koffing or even Meowth for that matter. They acknowledge that they’re missing, but after the initial scene, they never bring them up again. Their whole focus after that point is getting off the island, not looking for their Pokemon.

– I like how Charmander’s using his tail flame as a lantern again.

– Meowth: “That means I can finally get my revenge!” Revenge…for….what? Saving your ass from drowning in the hallways of the St. Anne? Helping you find a way out of the sinking St. Anne? Saving your ass from drowning in the ocean? Letting you share a raft with them? Sure Pikachu was disappointed that Meowth didn’t die in the ocean (Which, by the way, is still messed up, Pikachu) but Meowth didn’t see that little snap of his fingers.

– You really gotta love Koffing’s perpetually doofy grinning face.

– I kinda call BS on the whole ‘no Pokemon is bad, they only have bad Trainers’ thing. Considering Pokemon seem to all have their own personalities, temperaments and most of them seem pretty intelligent, it’s unrealistic to assume that there’s not at least a few jackasses in the bunch.

I guess Meowth’s self-analysis also combats this, but Meowth’s shown time and again that he’s not all that bad.

– It’s nice that we also get a look into the personalities of Ekans and Koffing because, let’s face it, they don’t get really any focus, character wise, at all. Until much much much later anyway. All we know about them is that they’re Team Rocket’s Pokemon. Although, I do find it weird that Ekans and Koffing have such an odd manner of speech. They’re not dumb, they just talk like cavemen.

The fact that Koffing and Ekans are actually quite kind Pokemon is both surprising and a welcome twist. It would’ve just been every other Pokemon episode just with the Pokemon acting out the human parts if Koffing and Ekans ended up being evil.

– I believe the whole ‘My master’s not around’ thing that Meowth says is dub-exclusive, but I do have to consider the theory that he was once Giovanni’s Pokemon, considering he’s always saying how he wants to be ‘top cat’ again.

– That cutaway to Ekans and Koffing drinking tea is hilarious.

– Squirtle incorrectly says ‘our masters are gone, too.’ Since the only Pokemon there are Ash’s, it should just be ‘Our master is gone too.’ Yay grammar!

– I love Bulbasaur’s face in this shot.


Looks like he’s doing a Ricky Ricardo impression.

– These giant Pokemon are robots. So why are they not only on, but also actively traversing the island in the middle of the night?

– Okay, letting the giant Pokemon robots wander the theme park on off-hours….I can stomach that, even though it would be a huge safety risk, liability and drain on power. But why the hell would you give these robots working attacks?

Zapdos has lightning shooting from it, Blastoise can use Hydro Pump, and Moltres and Charizard can use Flamethrower. What’s even worse is that they’re actively seeking people out to attack.

I would say this is just a Team Rocket scheme, but they’re trying to make legitimate money off the place. Having a bunch of patrons killed in your theme park by giant flame-wielding, water shooting, lightning spouting Pokemon is a good way to lose money on all sorts of lawsuits, get time in prison and possibly get the organization investigated.

– I love how 4Kids doesn’t cut out the scene where Bulbasaur and Meowth are very obviously drunk.

– Also, it’s very trippy to see a scene where a bunch of Pokemon are wallowing in depression while also getting drunk. It’s even worse considering that 4Kids doesn’t add any subtitles here. The Bulbagarden comparison noted that it’s all mostly incoherent stuff in the Japanese version, but seeing it without any subtitles is just weird, especially considering how long they linger on the final shot.

– I like how the music for the Team Rocket theme is coming from the phone.

– It’s nice that Squirtle and Charmander are courteous enough to call for Misty and Brock too instead of focusing their attention on Ash.

– I love Bulbasaur trying to play the stoic tortured hero in an effort to avoid talking to Venusaur.

– There’s no way that dinky railcar has enough power to pull a giant robot Kabutops…

– Notice how the Pikachu robot is the only one not chasing or attacking anyone? Wouldn’t want to besmirch Messiahchu’s good name.

– Why the hell would there be a random loop-de-loop in an otherwise normal set of train tracks?

– Despite not actively looking for them, James’ face when he gets Koffing back is pretty heartwarming. Too bad Jessie’s too out of it in panic to care about Ekans. It’s made up for when you see them both crying happy tears later on. Ekans’ smiling and content face as Jessie pats him just makes it all the better.

– I love how Team Rocket is obviously disappointed that Meowth came back. It’s a bit mean, but it’s played up for laughs and you know they really care about him.

– The scene where James, Jessie and Meowth predict what will happen as they go out of control is just great. They’ve become so good at being failures that they can accurately predict every single thing that will happen during the crash.


All in all, this was a really great episode. Disappointed and confused on some levels, but it’s a great break from the norm, explores territory we haven’t explored before (and never will again….) and has plenty of heartwarming and funny moments. It’s actually a lot better than I remembered as I thought the St. Anne trilogy petered off at this episode.

Next episode is the infamous first banned, yet not really entirely banned, Beauty and the Beach episode. Will FiddleTwix go the extra mile and review the original version to get all that James boobage the audience wants so much? Find out next time on Pokemon Ball Z!

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Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power Episode 6 (5 For the Original) Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: After seeing Ichigo make an amazing jump due to her cat powers, the school rhythmic gymnastics team recruits her to help them win an upcoming tournament. Everything you expect to happen happens.


You see a truck coming at you from pretty far away, like not even close to hitting you even a little, so you decide to stop in the middle of the crosswalk and gawk like a moron instead of continuing to run across the street to SAFETY? Well, okay. Also, why is Ichigo so much slower than her friends? If she’s really as catlike as we’re supposed to believe, then she could be able to, at the very least, keep up with them.

Her friends don’t compare her to a cat in the original. They just say that she’s been doing more and more impossible stuff lately and that she seems superhuman.

By the way, while looking up the captain’s name for comparison purposes, I found that 4Kids did title the episodes, they just don’t have title cards for some reason.

So check out these MEWTASTIC titles.

“The Mew Kid in Town”

“Mew Two” (Oh that’s REAL cute, 4Kids, real cute.)


“Gymewtastics” (This episode, and wow could they have stretched a little more for that pun? If it even is one)

“Party ’til You Mew”

“Spa Blahs”

“Butterflies are Freaky” (I don’t know how to respond here)

“A Girl with a Porpoise” (Because Lettuce is a finless porpoise GET IT?)

“One Flew Out of the Mew Mews Nest” (Okay, first of all, if you’re trying to reference what I think you’re referencing, it’s ‘One Flew OVER the Cuckoo’s Nest,’ not ‘out of’. Second of all, isn’t that kind of a heavy movie to be poking fun at in a title for a kid’s show?)

Surprisingly, some of the titles are actually good and fitting (not these, obviously). It’s like 4Kids picks and chooses when it wants to be stupid.

Name change: The Gymnastics Captain whom I don’t think is given a name is called Mary Lou in the dub….Mary Lou? Really? Did she hop on a TARDIS and travel from the 1940’s?

The girls don’t harp on the gymnastic squad’s lack of pants (they’re wearing leotards and jackets) in the original. I guess 4Kids wanted to assure kids that the girls weren’t in their panties, but that’s still a little dumb.

Originally the girls really wanted Ichigo to join their squad because they need one more person to make up a legit squad for some competition that they have to enter or else their club will be disbanded. In the dub, they act like they’re not good enough to win on their own and they need Ichigo’s skills (or lack thereof) to help them win. Also, isn’t that the cliché of cliches to have a club that needs to win some competition in order to stay as a club?

Mary Lou’s voice is awful. She also sounds way too old for the role, like she’s in her thirties. Not as bad as Mark, but pretty damn bad.

Ichigo says she shouldn’t join the team because she’s never done rhythmic gymnastics and starts to say that after school she either needs to work at the cafe or do Mew Mew stuff. In the dub, she says she shouldn’t join because her balance sucks so much that she loses her balance if a cute boy walks by.

The captain just calls Ichigo’s jump a high jump, not a triple rotation pivoted whatchamajigger.

What a weird thing 4Kids did. After Ichigo turns around, she says to herself that they saw her jump earlier. In the dub, they freeze her mouth and make her think “That was my secret power” First of all…what? Second, what is the point of this? Why freeze this shot and make her think to herself instead of having her talk softly instead? Does Zoey’s VA not possess the ability to whisper?

The blond haired girl tells Ichigo that she might be a star with her superhuman techniques and Ichigo responds by saying they’re trying to think for her. In the dub, the blond haired girl builds on what the brunette (not gonna bother learning their names – they’re Ichigo’s annoying friends) says about Aoyama being in the gym a lot during Kendo by saying he’ll get a crush on her for sure when seeing her do gymnastics (Aren’t they already kinda dating-ish, though?) and Ichigo responds by saying she’d never want him to see her a leotard.

Ichigo rejects the offer because she’s busy. In the dub, she rejects because she doesn’t think she’d be good at it.

Ehhhh, does it count as sexual assault if three girls forcibly rip off your clothes and make you dress in a leotard?

I know they’re saying “And lean, and reach and crack” in the dub but it REALLY sounds like they’re saying “And lean, and reach and crap!” Which, given the position, is completely viable too.

Akasaka says rhythmic gymnastics are great because they celebrate the female form and create expressionism like bouncing the ball is an expression of the feeling of being in love. In the dub, he just says extracurricular activities are great because of energy and exercise and whatnot.

Ichigo says she can’t keep up with the gymnastics training unless she transforms and uses her Mew powers since she can’t seem to control when she uses the moderate powers she has when she’s not transformed. Then she wonders if there’s a way to control her powers outside of transformation. Akasaka wonders about that idea and Ichigo says she should ask Shirogane about it.

In the dub, most of this is relatively the same, but she’s really wondering why she can’t just be in Mew form the entire time and says that her life is full of secrets; secret powers, secret crushes, secret diaries. Akasaka then inquires about the diaries and Ichigo tells him to forget she said that.

Originally, Ichigo thinks that Shirogane’s room seems kinda lonely since he only has a bed and a computer. Then she wonders why he lives in such a small, empty room when he has so much money. She then thinks about Shirogane and how he’s always with her.

In the dub, screw any sort of emotional development. Zoey sees Elliot standing in his room and she thinks it’s ridiculous that he’s ‘posing for himself’. Then, as she looks around his room, she realizes that it’s pretty empty, but probably rightfully so as it has to have room to fit his ego (her words, not mine). Then she goes on an inner tangent wondering stuff about rooms and what people would think if they saw her room.

The X on Shirogane’s bottle of water is edited off….because…kids don’t know what X is? Well, they haven’t started algebra I guess. Or maybe 4Kids thought that X meant he was drinking poison.

Subbed: pkiqjfc

Dubbed: fgyrbu3

So 4Kids erases Kisshu’s groin lines on his stomach, but Shirogane can stand there shirtless with his pants unbuttoned and no one bats an eye?

Several shots are edited out of the end of this scene before Shirogane spots Ichigo. Her opening the door further, Shirogane standing looking at the bottle, taking a drink, Ichigo watching him and Shirogane slowly noticing her as well as Ichigo realizing that he’s noticing her are all edited away. Ichigo’s such a peeping tom…….or….Is it still peeping tom if she’s a girl? Peeping…Tom….antha?





Elliot doesn’t accuse Zoey of being a peeper like Shirogane did. Instead, he calls her a spying little sister.

Ichigo’s not mad at Shirogane in the original – she has no reason to be. She just thinks it was a mistake trying to ask him about the powers. In the dub, Zoey is mad at Elliot I guess because he accused her of spying on him, which she was so she has no right to be mad.

Masha tells Ichigo that Aoyama is coming; Mini-Mew tells Zoey “Crush Alert, crush alert” *sigh*

In the original, Ichigo’s obsessed with the ribbon again as she twirls it due to her cat nature. In the dub, she’s doing so well on her routine because she’s obsessed with Mark. In both versions she got more motivated because of Aoyama/Mark, but the dub is entirely focused on Mark with no mentions of the cat stuff.

Hold on to your underwear everyone – 4Kids actually translated a sign instead of erasing it. I have to say, the sign actually looks pretty damn good.



In the original, Ichigo’s wondering when/if Aoyama will show up. In the dub, she’s worried that people she knows might be there to see her compete because it would be so embarrassing….Wait, this makes no sense in the dub. She’s excited about Mark being there, but would be so embarrassed if other people that she knew were there? When Mark is like one of the most important people in her life? What?

Well, they butchered this next scene. In the original, Ichigo is actually very happy to see Mint, Lettuce, Akasaka and even Shirogane. Mint tells her that they came to cheer her on and Shirogane, now with the knowledge that she’s involved in rhythmic gymnastics, says that it’s great and wishes her luck. She genuinely thanks them for coming and we go to the next scene.

In the dub, since the line about being SO EMBARRASSED if other people, besides super important crush Mark, were to see her there was muscled in, this next scene is terribly awkward. Corina greets Zoey with a tone dripping of “I can’t wait to see you make an ass out of yourself.” Zoey responds with a forced greeting, and Wesley says they came to cheer her on. Zoey replies by feigning happiness. Elliot says he was dragged there by them and says not to blow it to which Zoey forces out a thanks to them. Awkward, unneeded, unnecessarily stupid and somewhat mean. That’s 4Kids for you.

Daikan Junior High is changed to Mountain Valley High School.

Text on a banner behind the stage is edited out.



More banners behind Ichigo are de-texted.



What is with this weird thing that Mary Lou has in the dub about thinking Zoey’s super close to her? A scene ago she was acting like Zoey was working hard to impress Mary Lou and now she’s telling her to focus on her in order to calm down.

4Kids changes all music, but this made me laugh. In the original, when Aoyama enters the stadium, cute music box music is playing. It’s not a new song, but it’s still cute and endearing.

In the dub, this is changed to—I don’t even know if I can describe it accurately. You know that lame super cheesy dreamy music they use when they want to over-dramatize love scenes? The kind of music that would play when two people are running across a beach into each other’s arms? That’s what 4Kids decided to use. It’s not cute or endearing at all, it’s hilariously lame.

The sign above the emergency exit is completely gone instead of just removed of the small picture and nearly microscopic text.



Sure hope no one needs to know where the EMERGENCY EXITS are.

Oh hey we FINALLY get to see Lettuce’s full transformation. Let’s get it on!

– it…..

Oh, false alarm. The transformation is full in the original but only partial in the dub, so I can’t do it. Hmph.

Also, they screwed with the transformations even further. Originally, Mint transformed first, Lettuce second and finally Ichigo. In the dub, Zoey goes first, then Corina then Bridget, but only Zoey’s is full and the others are cut. Also, they a poppy vocal song to the dub transformation sequence called We’ve Got the Animal Instinct. Like many 4Kids’ fare it’s very lame lyrically but catchy musically.

Yet another instance where all three of them are saying the motto, yet the shot only focuses on Ichigo. Why bother doing that if all of the spotlight is on Ichigo? They put so much emphasis on Ichigo sometimes I really wonder why the other characters even exist besides more storylines.

Guys, I’m not kidding, I’m going to go insane if I have to listen to 20 more instances of Mew Mew power in my face. I just can’t.

Where did Kisshu get an otter to corrupt? Did he stop off at the zoo?

Hongo Junior High School, the team that won over Ichigo’s, is changed to Carmell High School.

I guess we can call this a change. Mint originally points out that the team likely only placed second because Ichigo made so many mistakes. Akasaka then points out that it couldn’t be helped since she was so tired after the battle.

In the dub, Corina says second place seems lame after Zoey helped save everyone and then Wesley says it can’t be helped because other people have no idea what she did. To be fair, she shouldn’t really want to win because she saved everyone. She should want to win because the team earned it.

Zoey also doesn’t mention anything about making misses in the dub whereas Ichigo apologizes for making mistakes.

Originally, Ichigo just asks what the otter is doing there. In the dub, Zoey says she hopes it doesn’t blow her cover….what? How the friggety hell would it do that? Write “Zoey’s a Mew Mew” on a ball and bounce it on his nose?


What an utterly pointless filler episode. The characters of the day didn’t even get names (in the original anyway), the plot was forced, and it seems hard to believe that Ichigo trained enough to be good enough at something she’s never done before to enter and place in a regional competition.

The chimera animal was also forced. It seems like they went the whole episode writing a slice of life show and then BOOM, oh crap we’re a magical girl show. Better throw in an enemy. I still don’t know where the otter came from. And to make matters worse, 4Kids robbed me of my Lettuce transformation comparison again. Urgh.

Pudding is not up next, it’s more filler. But wait, it’s the episode that has the American woman. Yay!

…Previous Episode

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– I am going to be graduating from college around March of next year, and with this graduation will likely come a big job hunt because student loans and health insurance and blah. My current ‘job’ won’t cut it for my monthly payments, so, in somewhat contrast to the previous update, my posts may become sporadic around this time. Depending on what job I get and when, my posting schedule may also need to be altered. I will update when this occurs.

– I will probably be posting Sub/Dub Comparisons on the Pokemon movies also sometime around New Years. I have been working on these on a very small forum for years and I think I’ve gotten far enough ahead on them for finally start posting here. I just recently finished Movie 08, Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. These posts work a little differently than my other SDCs. Instead of just making one post pointing out the differences, I completely review, step-by-step, the dubbed movie and then do the same for the Japanese version. In essence, these are SDCs mostly in reviewing their quality differences due to the English dubbing. Dogasu from Bulbagarden already has full and more comprehensive comparisons that I will link to in every review.

These movie reviews also come with the bonus of Pokemon shorties. Remember those short films that would precede the movies? Those get reviewed as well. I only review the shorts once, though, since A) it’s hard as hell to find both the English and Japanese versions of these shorts, B) there’s not much to note in regards to differences anyway and C) some of the shorts aren’t even available in both versions. Hell, some aren’t available period. For those movies that don’t have shorts alongside them, I review standalone Pokemon shorts.

– I will do my damnedest to plow through Tokyo Mew Mew SDC this month because I finished it months ago and I really want to get on reviewing the second half (IE the undubbed half) soon to finally finish it off completely.

– As for holiday related stuff, there will be one Thanksgiving post made the week of Thanksgiving. This year’s A Very Animated Holiday Special will start on December 1st and I hope to, at the very least, have a new post up every couple of days. I don’t even know where to start on this one, but I’m looking forward to it.

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Yami Shibai 3 (full) Review


Plot: A little boy drawing on a slide presents us with tales of demons and monsters.

Breakdown: Well, now we’re at Yami Shibai 3, the season most people seem to hate with a passion, for some reason. Nearly every comment I saw about this season was slamming it in some way.

People ranking the seasons always put this one last or called it terrible. The comments on the individual episodes called the stories stupid, boring and plain not scary.

I will admit, the sudden change in format and the seeming change in subject matter was a bit difficult to deal with. However, is it really on the lowest rung of the ladder for this franchise?

Episode 1 – Lend it to Me: 8/10 A creepy little story with a successful jump scare at the end. In hindsight, the monster looks a tiny bit silly, but it’s only on screen for a few seconds and it’s not that bad.

Episode 2 – Tunnel: 9.5/10 I called this episode the scariest one of the series so far, and I would probably say that statement still stands up even after watching the rest of the series. Successful jump scares, creepy atmosphere, freaky imagery – it’s just a really effective episode.

Episode 3 – Rat: 6.5/10 The first ‘meh’ entry of the season, I’m not that freaked out by rats, the husband is a complete ass, and the final imagery is a little silly. It’s a bit squicky, but doesn’t really warrant anything above an ‘okay’.

Episode 4 – The Noisy Hospital Room: 7/10 Creepy setting with a couple of decent scares, but ultimately disappointing with somewhat silly visuals.

Episode 5 – The Museum of Taxidermy: 6.5/10 Another creepy setting with some nice atmosphere, but ultimately predictable and kinda meh.

Episode 6 – “That Side” Festival: 6/10 A mixed bag in regards to freaky imagery, but not really that scary and has a fairly sad ending.

Episode 7 – Behind: 5/10 This one is just completely ruined by the visuals, which are cartoony and laughable. The sad part is that the actual story is fairly strong, but the imagery just makes it fail.

Episode 8 – The Empress Doll: 8/10 This one had so much going for it. Great atmosphere, creepy environment, freaky visuals and creative ideas, but it is marred very badly by the BOO ending.

Episode 9 – The Fourth Man: 4/10 Fitting that this episode receives a 4 rating. This episode has a decent enough set up, but it’s predictable from start to finish, the visuals aren’t that creepy, the monsters are very easy to avoid and the ending is cheap.

Episode 10 – Merry-Go-Round: 7/10 Very effective in its setting and atmosphere with some pretty freaky moments, this one also just ends up being silly in the end. And I mean really silly. Despite the silly ending, this was a very memorable episode that made something unique out of itself instead of relying on clowns like I was worried it would do.

Episode 11 – Cuckoo: 4/10 Rating given mostly for atmosphere and buildup, this isn’t scary at all, is barely interesting in its story and ends up being pretty silly. Plus, I really believe that grandma is a bitch. She must’ve known what that clock really was, yet she just lets her granddaughter get caught up in it.

Episode 12 – Water: 2.5/10 About as interesting and creative as its name – this episode is milk toast at best and silly at worst.

Episode 13 – Drawing: 9/10 The best season finale of all three seasons, and a very well-written and composed tie-up to the story of the little boy who has taken over the narrator’s job this season. The actual story itself is a little predictable once you get into it and the visuals aren’t fantastically scary, but it’s a great entry in this series and really makes up for the narrator’s absence, especially the absolute end.

Overall (Rounded Up) – 6.5/10 Though, to be technically fair, this season beat out YS2’s raw score by about .2 during calculation.

Additional Information and Notes: Yami Shibai 3 was directed by Takashi Taniguchi and Tomohisa Ishikawa, and was written by Hiromu Kumamoto. It was produced by ILCA and is currently licensed in the US by Sentai Filmworks.

Episodes: 13

Year: 2016

Recommended Audience: The Museum of Taxidermy is pretty much the worst you get in terms of gore, and even that’s not too bad. Typical scary situations and whatnot. 7+

Animating Halloween FINALE: Yami Shibai 3 Episodes 9-13 (end) Review


Yami Shibai 3 Episode 9 – The Fourth Man

Plot: A teenage girl overhears some classmates talking about the latest urban legend; the handshake man. According to the story, there are four handshake men. You have to shake the hands of the first three men when they ask. Refusal will get you crushed up into a meatball. If you shake hands, though, you’ll be safe. The hitch is to watch out for the fourth handshake man. If you shake the fourth man’s hand, he’ll bite your hand off. The girl’s little sister asks to go back to the school in the middle of the night to get her homework notebook. She agrees, but she has to watch out for the handshake men.

Breakdown: This one is incredibly cut and dry. They explain everything about the handshake men full out and you know that the girl in question is going to come into contact with them, plus, if the title is any indication, you know that the fourth one in particular will be the one to get her.

The only facets of suspense are wondering if her little sister will also be attacked and how the fourth man will actually get her.

And I have to say, the way he got her was incredibly cheap. It sounds like the whole business with the handshake is a complete choice. If you accept, you’re golden, if you refuse, you’re a meatball sandwich. Except, of course, for the fourth man who bites your hand off if you accept and…I have no idea what he does if you refuse him. Does he crush you into a meatball too? Or is the rejection his ‘leave them alone’ option. Because, I have to say, outside of the cheap way he seems to work, that would be an incredibly easy monster to avoid. Shake, shake, shake, no shake. You’re free.

The cheap way the fourth man worked? Instead of asking the girl to shake his hand and letting her make the decision, he just grabs her hand after sneaking up on her. Cheater.

They could’ve easily made it so that the fourth man could create the illusion that it was her little sister, and since they were holding hands the whole time, she could reach her hand out and say ‘grab my hand’ (which could also mean ‘shake my hand’) and then, boom, the illusion fades and she realizes she’s holding the fourth man’s hand and then decides to go to the pirate store for a nifty hook.

Really, the fourth man would also be more threatening if the other three didn’t have higher stakes. Gee, would I rather get my hand bitten off or be violently crushed to death and mushed into a ball? Decisions, decisions.

In the end, this episode is predictable, not scary and pretty cheap in the end. She was being smart about her every move and the fourth man gets her on technicality…

Episode 10 – Merry-Go-Round


Plot: Satomi and Shinichi are a young couple at a nostalgic mall carnival when Satomi is approached by a clown who gives her a red balloon. As the mall is about to close, she decides to ride on the Merry-Go-Round for old times’ sake. Round and round she goes, where she stops…..


Yami Shibai 3: Episode 5 Review – “Taxidermy?! Now you’re really cheating, Yami Shibai. What’s next; clowns?”

I was friggin’ kidding!

So, yeah, clowns! That’s not cheating for free creeps. Totally.

Honestly, though, this episode was a bit odd. On one hand, the story and atmosphere is genuinely creepy, and the first few passes on the Merry-Go-Round did succeed in freaking me out a bit. However, there are several goofy shots that ruin the ambiance and really make you laugh a little.

Especially the ending. Now, I don’t exactly know an ending that would’ve been fitting for this episode; maybe just having her vanish or end up dead, impaled through the Merry-Go-Round pole or something. Maybe she’d go so crazy that she’d somehow kill herself on the ride? Nope. Instead we get….Okay, I’m not gonna spoil it. Let’s just this would be a really dark episode of My Little Pony.

Episode 11 – Cuckoo Clock


Plot: A young girl named Rumi is fascinated by her grandmother’s cuckoo clock. And it’s glad to finally have a friend.

Breakdown: This one is another that have good ambiance and what could be a pretty creepy topic, but ends up just being silly. I guess this girl ends up under the spell of the cuckoo clock, which spurs this whole thing, but why does it never affect the grandma if the clock is magical and malicious?

I think they could’ve done a lot better with this story than they ended up doing. They built it up fairly well and just ended up making a silly ending. It’s not really predictable, but it’s a bad unpredictable in that ‘it’s so goofy, no one would expect it’ kind of way.

And while clocks can be effectively made into spooky story fodder, why choose a cuckoo clock? Has anyone ever been afraid of a cuckoo clock?

Episode 12 – Water


Plot: Tooru is a the star member of his swim team, and the pressure’s on him to help them win a big meet coming up. In an effort to prepare, he sneaks into school to use the pool for practice. But he’s not alone….

Breakdown: Eh, this one’s just stupid. They spent a good minute of the four minute short on setting up why Tooru was out there and in the end he just gets attacked because there’s a monster in the pool for some reason. I don’t think it was because he was set on winning or anything, he just gets randomly attacked by a monster.

While the traditional mermaid stories can be seen as scary, this one is probably not even a mermaid, and it’s not scary. The visuals for the thing are actually pretty laughable.

As a horror movie lover, I love pointing out those stupid ‘Horror movie character’ moments. You know, those special moments of dumb where they could easily escape danger but decide to do something stupid instead? He only notices that there’s something in the pool when he has completed one run, meaning he’s at the edge of the pool. When he freaks out, he decides to, instead of immediately climbing out on the side he was on, to swim to the other side of the pool to get out and run away.

Good job.

Episode 13 FINALE – Drawings


Plot: A new teacher from Tokyo finds life in suburbia to be very nice, but she’s continuously weirded out by a boy in her class who is very cold and anti-social. He just draws a lot by himself. But no one ever sees his drawings. What’s in that sketchpad of his?

Breakdown: I am happy to announce that the comments section for this episode was filled with people saying that this finale more than made up for what they considered to be a lackluster season. And I wholeheartedly agree.

While I definitely don’t think season three is the massive crap fest so many people seem to make it out to be, I will say that this finale made up for those entries that seemed either blah or just stupid.

First things first, remember that little boy I mentioned at the start of season three? The one who replaced the narrator? Allow me to flesh out more of what he’s been in the series up until this point. He opens each episode by singing to himself on a slide while drawing a picture. As he leans the sketchbook forward and reveals his eyes for a second, we get the title card.

After the episode ends, we see that he was drawing a mish-mash of the imagery from the episode before we see a mask or numerous masks rapping words that are fed into his head. As each episode goes by, more masks join the ending. IE, there’s one mask in episode one, two in two, three in three etc.

While I missed the regular openings with the kamishibai format and the narrator, I was really hoping they’d explain what this kid was about before the series was over, and lo and behold they did.

The twist for this episode is one I don’t want to reveal because it is incredibly clever and freaky in its own right. I won’t spoil anything but I will reveal that the narrator does indeed make a return and the boy is kinda within a Yami Shibai story within a Yami Shibai story.

This is definitely my favorite episode of the entire series so far because I really think they knocked it out of the park with this finale. If they had given a lackluster ending to this boy’s story and failed to explain the whereabouts of the narrator, people definitely would write off this season as being a total fail in comparison to the other seasons. It would be unwarranted in my opinion, but they would do it.

I’m even happy to report that the ED did indeed grow on me after a few episodes. Rap may not be my favorite thing, but I found myself unable to resist tapping my feet and trying to sing along when it came on.

This season was released this year, so there’s hope for more Yami Shibai in the future. For now, however, it’s going to have to be the end. The curtain is drawn on Yami Shibai’s stage.

And that’s it for my first ever Animating Halloween! I hope everyone enjoyed this year’s Halloween and horror-themed reviews! Happy Halloween!