Tokyo Mew Mew Episode 9 Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: Lettuce wins a free trip to a luxurious resort and brings the other Mews along for a much needed vacation. They meet a boy named Aoyamada, who looks exactly like Aoyama, and has a rough first confrontation with the girls. They soon find out that the free pass to the resort is dated for next year and the resort hasn’t even been built yet, but it’s well in the process. Aoyamada is hell bent on stopping the construction, but things get more complicated when Kisshu decides to use the boy’s pure spirit to make a Chimera Animal.


Mint says that the increase in attention that Pudding’s creating is making them do more work. In the dub, she says customers are sitting where she usually sits. Poor baby.

What the unholy hell is up with the dub mailman’s voice? He sounds like Christopher Walken.

The Hakogawara Princess Resort Suite Cottage is changed to the Pamper Princess Resort Suite and Spa.

A small bit of text is taken off the paper.

Subbed: tmmep8fixedscreen2

Dubbed: m3v1dyc

Lettuce doesn’t state how she won this trip. In the dub, Bridget says she won through a contest in her book of the month club. I’d actually complain more about the original. How the hell did they win that? Also, she says ‘we’ won in the original, which indicates they’re all being addressed, barring, I guess, Shirogane and Akasaka for whatever reason.

After they arrive, we hear the girls clamoring over all of the features of the Hakogawara resort. In the dub, they skip over all of this and cut straight to Kiki.



The sign behind the girls which never gets focus and I somehow missed seeing the first time I watched this scene, is changed to say ‘Otter Run Station.’

Subbed: tmmep8fixedscreen5

Dubbed: nu61ixp

By the way, who is taking care of Pudding/Kiki’s siblings right now?

Ichigo asks if Lettuce is sure that they’re going in the right direction, and Lettuce confirms In the dub, Zoey asks when they’re going to start feeling like ‘pampered princesses’ and Bridget says ‘Uhh, anyone up for lunch?’

A further shot of the shrine is removed.

Uh oh, Japanese food. I sense paint edits.

Yup! They changed the riceballs to sandwiches, and they changed the little hot dog things and I think those are pickled eggs into salad.

Subbed: tmmep8fixedscreen6

Dubbed: j7csv2k

Mint says she was hungry from all the walking. Corina says she never knew a tuna sandwich could be so tasty. I will never understand 4Kids’ need to not only visually change Japanese food but to also reinforce that it’s a common American food in dialogue when it’s not mentioned in the original.

Lettuce says that they’re only halfway to the resort, which causes Mint and Ichigo to freak out since that means they have way more walking to do. In the dub, Bridget says by her calculations with the map that the spa should be right where they’re having lunch, which causes Zoey and Corina to freak out because that means they’re super lost.

Ichigo tries to sate the now upset Lettuce by saying it’s okay since all the walking will only make the food taste better. In the dub, she just tries to say that she didn’t mean to react that way.

Name Change: The guy who looks exactly like Aoyama (but sounds different, more obviously in the dub) is named Masazou Aoyamada. Since Mark doesn’t get a last name in the dub, the guy is just named Marco. Points for being consistent anyway. Also, I thought that this guy’s name might also be alluding to something like all the other names, but outside of this show I can’t seem to find much information on either the first or last name.

I don’t get this at all. The shrine that they were at is originally the shrine for Bachigappa. In the dub, it’s the shrine of Isa Oshi (I assume that’s how it’s spelled anyway). Right, change a Japanese word….into….what seems like a Japanese word yet I can’t find any information on.

It finally hit me who voices Marco. It’s, coincidentally enough, Marc Thompson – the guy who voices Duke Devlin on Yu-Gi-Oh. It’s not listed on his Wiki, but according to what I’ve found on the character, it’s him. How they didn’t suspect anything about him in the dub is beyond me. At least the original voice sounds somewhat close to Aoyama even if it is hard to tell because he’s angry. But there’s no way Marc Thompson ever sounds anywhere near Scottie Ray’s Mark rendition.

He also talks about how Bachigappa is a god while in the dub he’s just a guardian spirit.

Corina: “What if that Sushi Wuwu thing is waiting for us?” Hahaha! That’s racially insensitive! Japan is weird because they’re a different culture! Hahahahahah!

All Mint says is “This place is too wild for me.”

They cut out a shot of Mint, Ichigo and Lettuce cheering.


They also cut out a couple of shots of the hot spring.

Lettuce beats herself up over the mistake while Bridget just acts angry at the people who ran the contest.

Lettuce just begs for Bachigappa to eat their lunch while Bridget uses this opportunity to reinforce that what they were eating were common American foods by saying to eat their ham and cheese on rye sandwiches.

A really short shot of someone hitting a stake with a mallet is removed.

After realizing that the date for the resort vacation was actually for next year when the resort was going to be completed construction, Lettuce apologizes and bows several times. This is removed.

It’s weird. I’m actually feeling like Marc Thompson does better as Mark than Scottie Ray does. At least he sounds like he’s a teenager instead of an insurance salesman.

In the original, the otter that was Aoyamada’s friend was called Kawataro. In the dub, it’s called ‘Otto’. I would call 4Kids lame for making his name so cheesy, but I believe the original name is also a pun/play on words since the Japanese word for otter is kawauso.

Aoyamada doesn’t say that he stopped coming to the river to see the otters because he ‘grew out of it’ like Marco does. (He grew out of loving animals?) He just says eventually he noticed that the otters slowly stopped coming.

In addition, the reason Aoyamada doesn’t want the construction to go on is because he believes the otters will return to the river some day, but if the resort gets built they’ll lose their homes forever and never return.

Marco says he doesn’t want the construction to go on because they’ll be ruining his special river spot thereby ruining his childhood. Weird how the dub sometimes goes out of its way to shove the environmentalist message in our faces yet they changed Aoyamada being worried about the otters not returning due to land clearing and construction to ‘oh no not my childhood spot I admitted to ‘growing out of”

Aoyamada says a prayer to the shrine of Bachigappa for Kawataro and his friends’ safety. The girls look on, and Aoyamada gets up and says that must be a pretty boring story to city dwellers. All of this is removed because religion.


Ichigo says his story’s not silly because she knows someone back home who loves animals. He’s surprised that a city dweller could love animals, but she goes on to describe what an awesome person Aoyama is. She’s about to say he’s her boyfriend, but Aoyamada’s face stops her and she says he’s her ‘important person’.

In the dub, Zoey says Marco can get a petition together, get all of the people on the mountain to sign it and stop construction. The scenes with her clamoring over Aoyama have to be removed due to this line change. Instead, she suddenly sees Marco’s face and gets flustered over how much he looks like Mark.

I put off mentioning this twice already, but since this line change directly contradicts this point, I guess I’ll bring this up. In the original, Aoyamada’s dad and many other people on the mountain agreed to have this resort be put up. This is never mentioned in the dub, and why would it considering it would immediately clash with that completely unneeded line change?

In the original, Aoyamada says Ichigo should ask Bachigappa about her relationship with Aoyama since he’s also a kind god of marriage, and he even offers to pray with her. He also invites the other girls to pray at the altar too if there’s someone they love. The girls all agree to pray, and they do which means this scene’s a no no.

In the dub, Marco just talks about the significance of Isa Oshi and what his spirit means to the mountain. After he finishes the story, Zoey and the others say they should leave, wish him luck with his petition, thank him for everything, not pray and then we cut straight to Kisshu entering the scene.


The villagers in both versions believe that the god/spirit of the mountain is bringing terror to their mountain due to the construction, but the dub adds this.

Villager: “The prophecy!” What prophecy!? No prophecy is mentioned before or after this line. It just randomly appeared. What did that prophecy say? ‘And lo if this mountain is invaded by construction workers building a comfortable natural hot springs resort and spa, I shall reign terror upon the villagers who seemingly had no hand in this decision!’

Lettuce says they may have made a mistake eating their lunch on the shrine as it must’ve upset Bachigappa. In the dub, Bridget says the villagers are overreacting because the Isa Oshi statue didn’t look angry….Yeah, that’s not a stupid thing to say or anything.

I love Mint’s line here. “Such an unscientific thing could never happen. Could it be? (A Chimera Animal)” Yes, mountain spirits are so unscientific and just silly. Could it possibly be a Chimera Animal, which is a spirit of a person or animal mixed with an alien creature and brainwashed into attacking us girls with magical animal powers?

Oh but 4Kids had to be even worse.

Corina: “You seriously don’t think that Kuku Mushu thing is real do you?” Haha! It’s funny because it’s a different culture’s religious figure and is by default stupid because of it! Allow me to further drive home the point that it’s stupid by again getting the name completely wrong! Hahah!

Okay guys, transformation time. Will I finally be able to compare Lettuce’s transformation!?

Mmmmm…..NOPE. They meld the transformations together. Thanks a lot. Also, they use different clips for their meshed transformations than the original does (which is also meshed).

We see a clip of Mint mostly transformed, and then some more clips of the others, later we see a clip of her earlier on in her transformation sequence making it look like she de-transformed a bit. Editing? What’s that?

4Kids also adds still frames of closeups of all of the Mews transitioned with flipscreens.

And to top if off, more Mew Mew power in my face. Wow, it’s like the last minute and half were designed solely to piss me off. That’s impressive.

Wait, the Chimera Animal dodged Lettuce’s attack by diving underwater? That seems pretty stupid considering she’s the water based one in the group.

I know there was no way around it, but they really left in the farting attack by the Chimera Animal? That would actually be a change I’d welcome.

Kiki: *as she’s kicking the Chimera Animal* “I know you’ll get a kick out of this!”


Kiki: *before she attacks* “Now time for some monkey business!”

UGH! Plus, you already made a monkey pun today!

What the hell? They actually show the monster getting stuck in the jello/pudding stuff this time? Why was it removed last time then?! Stop not making sense!

Aoyamada says as long as the otters live there, he’ll never stop fighting to stop the construction. The villagers, having been frightened by ‘Bachigappa’, agreed to work against the project as well.

In the dub, get this, Marco has already gotten a petition together, got many people on the mountain to sign it including the the construction workers who agree to completely shut down their construction and leave the place alone, which they should honestly have no say in since they’re working for a third party who is paying for all this, all within the time span of, at most, a couple of hours. Wow. That is a lot to swallow, 4Kids. A hell of a lot.

Pudding cheers happily because this also means her chimp friends will be safe too. In the dub, Kiki’s responding to Marco saying that he feels like the girls have helped him more than he’ll ever understand by saying that he can ask the monkeys. (The original says they’re monkeys, but the dub says chimps. While I know the difference for the most part, I can’t really say for certain who’s right given the artwork. I’d guess they are monkeys.)

The final scene where Ichigo’s staring at Aoyamada is removed instead ending with the shot of the monkeys.


This episode was just okay. It really seemed like one of those times where they were really trying to push their environmentalist message on us. Again, no issue with environmentalism. I just don’t like any messages where they’re hamfisting the point home. Also, I have to wonder if the choice to make Aoyamada look exactly like Aoyama had more of a point or if they were just being lazy and didn’t want to make another character design for the character of the day.

Coming up next, a Mint-centric episode….Joy of joys. She’s trying to fix relations with her brother before he goes overseas for school.

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4 thoughts on “Tokyo Mew Mew Episode 9 Sub/Dub Comparison

  1. Subs > Dubs.

    I saw the 4KIDS English dub back in 2004. I tried rewatching it again in 2016. Needless to say, the 4KIDS dub made the series unwatchable for me & did not age well. Hopefully this series gets a redubbed release like Cardcapters where the original title, original score, & characters names aren’t localized & butchered for the sake of censorship.


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