Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power Episode 8 (7 for the Original) Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: As Ichigo’s on a shopping trip, she meets a younger girl who is a hyperactive street performer named Pudding. After Pudding puts on a show for her, she tries to get a tip out of Ichigo but accidentally makes her ears and tail pop out. Realizing they’re real, Pudding does everything that she can to get Ichigo to teach her to grow her own cat ears and tail. Ichigo won’t help her and ends up blowing up at her about the subject since she finds her cat ears and tail to be a curse not a blessing.

After a realization, Ichigo decides to go back to the park where Pudding performs to apologize but finds that she’s being attacked by Kisshu in order to obtain her spirit. Ichigo and the others transform to help, but when Kisshu’s newest Chimera Animal seems to be too much for them, it’s up to Pudding to help.


The opening scene is replaced with a scene of Dren talking to Deep Blue about how he’s got a big new plan, but Deep Blue’s unsure of how Kisshu will do since he seems to be increasingly distracted by Zoey. Dren reassures Deep Blue that it won’t be a problem. After the theme song they show the actual first scene of the episode, so this scene must’ve been lifted from later on.

Ichigo just says that Shirogane and the others always ask for too much when it’s her turn to go shopping. Zoey says Elliot always chooses her day to grocery shop to run half-price specials on veggie drinks at the café. I only want to ask…Why the hell are they selling veggie drinks at a café? Especially one that seems to put a lot of focus on cake and candies and stuff. Eat healthy, everyone. Have a veggie drink! It’ll go great with your quadruple fudge chocolate lava cake with cookie dough ice cream drizzled with white chocolate!

Kiki oddly says that she’s doing Kabuki ball bouncing……there’s no such thing as Kabuki ball dancing. What she’s doing in the scene is rolling a ball on top of a spinning parasol. This is part of a traditional Japanese show art called Daikagura. Basically it involves doing a lot of tricks with common household objects like balls, knives, umbrellas, bowls and more.

Kabuki is a type of traditional Japanese theater art that typically involves very slow interpretive dancing with the main trademark being elaborate masks and makeup. It’s just so weird that 4Kids would make her say this. It’s like they wanted to point out that what she was doing is Japanese, and I salute that, but they were too stupid and lazy to find out what it was.

Kiki: “How’d you like it?”

Zoey: “Great!”

Kiki: “Then how about a tip?”

Zoey: “Sure! Don’t do drugs and stay in school! See ya later!”

……I…am stunned on several levels….First, that was rude as hell. She just worked really hard to give you a great show and you respond with snarky sarcasm… Second, I am just so weirded out to hear the word “drugs” in a 4Kids production. I know she was saying “Don’t do drugs” but still that’s pretty high on my list of words I never thought I’d hear in a 4Kids show.

They remove the little bubble that says “Candy” and a big question mark by Pudding’s head.



Dubbed: bq4vhmb

They don’t remove all of the graffiti from the alley, just the graffiti with words. English words…Even if I don’t know what Flork means….I wish I did because I want that word in my vocabulary.



Dubbed: jfmmaxr

Ichigo says to do ten laps around the park while Zoey says to merely do it once.

Ah here’s where they took the opening scene. It’s kept mostly the same, Deep Blue and Kisshu are talking about finding a compatible match for their new experimental Chimera Animal. The only real difference is that Deep Blue doesn’t scold Kisshu nor does he bring up his attraction to Ichigo.

Most of the next scene is also kept mostly the same, but Lettuce said Shirogane told her to look for Ichigo because she was probably ditching work. In the dub, Bridget says Elliot sent her to look for Zoey because there was a line around the block for the half-price health drinks—PBBBBBBTTTTTTT AHAHAAHHAHAHAHA!! Look, eat healthy and everything, that’s wonderful, but I can in no way believe that people would be lining up AROUND THE BLOCK for half-price vegetable mush at a café.

The words “Bad” and “Ka” are removed from the walls.




Oddly enough, though, 4Kids doesn’t remove the letters NWG from the wall when Zoey runs by.

While Ichigo’s being a bitch in both versions, she’s more of a bitch in the dub. The original basically implies that Ichigo doesn’t like the fact that she has cat ears and a tail while Pudding is wishing for them to do silly tricks and make money. She says a normal elementary school kid wouldn’t want that (Well, that’s just wrong. Plenty of kids want to have animal traits. Hell, even adults. That’s why catgirls/boys and the like are so popular.) and says Pudding’s not a normal elementary school girl.

In the dub, she calls Kiki the weirdest kid she’s met and basically berates the crap out of her for being annoying with no implication that Zoey’s truly bothered because she dislikes her own ears and doesn’t like the fact that Kiki’s wishing for such a ‘curse’.

Why does the dub keep bringing up those veggie shakes? Was 4Kids on a health food bender back then?

Why are Mint/Corina and Shirogane/Elliot berating Ichigo/Zoey for popping out her eats and tail in public? It’s been fully established that she can’t control when this happens – they pop out in times of great duress or when she’s emotionally charged.

Mint tells Ichigo that there must be a reason why Pudding was so intent on getting cat ears, which causes Ichigo to reflect on what she said to her. Corina seems to know Kiki in the dub and outright tells Zoey that Kiki performs to make money because she lives in a shelter.

….By the way, no she doesn’t. She lives at home with her brothers and sisters, and she’s the only one taking care of them since her mom’s dead and her dad’s off somewhere training. She needs the money to support them. I guess saying that she lives at a shelter seems better because an 11 year old being the main head of a house is….bad?

This whole backstory reminds me of Brock from Pokemon. Supposedly dead mother, in the dub anyway (even though she reappears with no explanation later) father being MIA training for his dream and the only person left to take care of a slue of brothers and sisters is the eldest child because child services just don’t exist in anime apparently. I suppose Brock is old enough for him to be main head of the household while Kiki isn’t. Brock IS supposed to be like 15 or 16 so maybe it’s more understandable, but I still don’t entirely get it.

And like Brock’s story eventually got messed up because of 4Kids’ interference, we will eventually see for ourselves that Pudding does not live in a shelter – she lives in a regular house.

The flashback is just static black and white images, the dub has them in full color video.

I love how, in the dub, we get this revelation that Kiki’s homeless and living in a shelter and immediately after it’s followed by the happy-peppy bumper music. “She doesn’t even have a home…” LAAAALALA-LALA!

Text is removed from signs after the commercial.



Dubbed: mg3jubs

We’re not told that the woman that has her soul stolen is a musician in the original, and the woman is just screaming in the original whereas, in the dub, she’s repeating the word “samba” over and over.

Ichigo’s bummed because she yelled at Pudding the other day, then goes off track as she’s talking to her friends saying she’s not upset about Aoyama. She says they haven’t gotten to spend much time together lately, but she thinks he likes her back. However, if they get together, the other girls in school will hate her so she starts freaking out.

In the dub, she’s not upset about Kiki anymore, she’s thinking about Mark. She says she feels like there’s two sides of her, and Mark might like one side but not another – like a ham and cheese sandwich. You know he’s a fan of ham, but he might not like cheese. Well, then he should do what a normal person would do and just rip you apart, take your cheese off, and then eat you. It’s not that big of a deal.

A shot of the school’s clock, Ichigo running out of school and complaining that she had remedial classes when she wanted to meet with Pudding is removed.



4Kids again forgets the actual line from the scene that they’re flashing back to. Originally, Zoey said “Well, I’ve had enough! No more of these games! Got it!?” In the flashback she says “I’ve had enough! Leave me alone!” Is it really that hard to check these things? Also, again the flashback is a static black and white image in the original, full color video in the dub.

Kisshu tells Pudding that he’s an angel, but she doesn’t believe him at all saying angels don’t have evil faces like that. He says he came down from the skies to grant her her wish, but he supposes that makes him a fallen angel.

In the dub, Dren says he’ll grant her wish for cat ears, and she says she hopes he doesn’t mean ears like his. Dren says he enjoyed watching her act and wants to take her spirit to make a predasite. Also, he’s making his usual villain-esque speech when he says this “Oh I’ll just cut to the chase, I’m going to steal your spirit for my predasite army.” Pbbt, is 4Kids getting bored of its own cliché dialogue? That’s just amazing.

I can’t get screenshots of this, but the screen flickers as Kisshu’s about to take Pudding’s spirit. This may be a glitch in the footage, I dunno, but it’s not present in the 4Kids version.

Oh great a scene misplacement and more Mew Mew Power in my face. Ichigo says her motto after she makes her appearance known to Kisshu. That’s usually how it works in magical girl anime. There’s no point in saying your motto if the villain doesn’t even notice that you’re there. In the dub she says it right after she transforms.

Pudding’s happy to see Ichigo again. Kiki’s surprised that Zoey’s cat ears are back….Why? It’s not like she lost them permanently.

I don’t even know if this is a joke. Dren: “Nice to see you again my little pretty cat.”….He says ‘pretty cat’ inflected like ‘pussy cat’. Or is he referencing Looney Tunes trying to make a play off of “Puddy tat”? In no way does this work. If they had inflected to just make it seem like he was calling her a pretty cat, it would’ve been fine. Maybe they wanted to call her ‘pussy cat’ but they didn’t want to because they thought she’d be swearing. In the original, Kisshu just calls her ‘honey’ which never ceases to entertain me. He says it in such a cute way.

Dren: “Now now, play nice you Mew you.”…..4Kids what are you trying to do? I think you’re trying to be funny, but really coming off as weird and awkward. Did you give up on this episode half-way through or something?

Oh and what a big shock. Lettuce arrives at the scene with Mint and they’re both already transformed. Because no one and I mean no one wants me to do the comparison for Lettuce’s transformation sequence.

The way Kiki says “Kick some butt” is so weird. She’s been yelling and shouting about everything all episode, but the one thing you’d expect her to yell out she says practically monotone. Guess the voice actors were giving up in the middle too. Pudding just yells “Onee-chan!” in the original.

Why is everyone calling Kiki ‘kid’ now in the dub? Seems disrespectful.

Pudding asks if she’s in heaven now since she jumped in the way of the attack. Kiki answers Zoey’s question about where the rock came from by saying she thinks she did it despite the fact that her eyes are closed and thus doesn’t even know there’s a rock in front of her.

Corina: “He’s giving the little beggar a power pendant!”…………………What the hell is wrong with everyone today? Why is everyone so rude and mean-spirited in the dub? Hell, even oh-so-perfect Mark was being an ass earlier when he kept bringing up all the mean things Zoey said to Kiki while trying to ‘cheer her up’.

If you’re not going to be funny, dub, the least you could be is kind and light-hearted. Every time I do these comparisons I feel like punching someone in the face, and considering how many other comparisons I do that only make me feel that way on occasion I’d say you have serious problems, Mew Mew Power.

They remove a shot of Pudding looking at the transformer.


Pudding says “Mew Mew Pudding, Metamorphosis!”. Kiki says “Now I’m a Mew Mew!”

Pudding’s transformation comparison, because screw Lettuce. They remove:

Pudding in front of the DNA strands.

Pudding holding her pendant above her head and putting it to her head.

Pudding’s nail polish appearing on her fingers.

Her little arm bands forming on her arms.

Her pose.

And the background for her pose; they replace it with a bright light….does 4Kids believe the images behind the Mews is copyrighted or something? Because they refuse to show it for any of them.



Dubbed: w3vo0ys



Attack Name/Weapon Name change: Pudding’s Pudding Rings plus her Pudding Ring Inferno are changed to Golden Tambourine Attack and Tambourine Trench. Also, Pudding doesn’t make monkey sounds as she does her attack like Kiki does.

Okay, what the hell Zoey? Kiki launches her attack, and, before it even hits the monster, Zoey launches her Strawberry Bell attack right the hell out of nowhere. Kiki’s attack never registers, and the whole scene just seems like Zoey butted in to get the glory.

In the original, well, Pudding’s attack is kinda weird. It shoots through the ground at the opponent then the opponent gets trapped in a big thing of orange Jello. This seems even more out of place to me because none of the other Mews, despite having food themed names and attack names, have the actual foods come into play. Pudding then calls upon Ichigo to finish her off instead of her butting in like a glory hogging jerk.


Now, before we go any further with anything…..Does this mean Kiki will never land an attack in the future? Does 4Kids think her attack is too weird or something? I mean, yeah it’s one of the weirder powers I’ve seen in anime, but come on. Encasing monsters in jello is not any weirder than playing card games on motorcycles or keeping super powered monsters locked in balls that you can fit on your belt.

Ichigo thinks to herself that since Pudding’s working at the café now, her workload should finally lessen. But when Pudding starts making trouble, she retracts that statement. In the dub, Kiki’s boasting over all of this.

As Pudding’s running around breathing fire, we circle transition out to a pink screen which suddenly disappears and shows Pudding on screen asking for a tip. This is removed from the dub.


In regards to the original, this episode was a pretty good intro to Pudding. It was more interesting than Lettuce’s and Mint’s, and Pudding’s way less annoying than Mint. They were also subtle about her backstory leaving room for her character development episode in the future, unlike some versions.

Dub-wise, this episode makes me angry. It’s mean-spirited on a constant basis, makes Kiki seem way more annoying than she actually is since they make her way more pushy and boastful, they shoehorn in her (altered) backstory without elaborating because they’re stupid, they scene shift more than they have been, they completely remove any effect of Kiki’s attack and make Zoey look like a pushy showboat trying to steal the glory. In addition, Lettuce/Bridget gets to do nothing but carry groceries and babysit Pudding/Kiki on the sidelines AND we don’t get her transformation sequence in either version for me to do the damn comparison.

This episode just seems to encompass everything I hate about the dub.

That reminds me, this whole series is still one giant flashback dub-wise since they start with episode 12 in the dub. So wondering if Mark will accept her as a Mew is pointless because we already know he instantly will with his edited and flipped smile.

If you liked Kiki or Renee you have to wait for nine episodes to until half the series is over (since 4Kids lost the rights before getting to dub season two) to see them. In addition, I completely forgot these were flashback episodes since 4Kids is incredibly inconsistent with their narration. I just randomly remembered while looking at the episode numbers.

..Next episode is filler. The obligatory hot springs episode. Oddly enough, there’s no fanservice. Kinda makes the obligatory hot springs episode moot.

…Previous Episode

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