Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power Episode 7 (6 For the Original) Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: Shirogane and Akasaka are holding an elegant dance party for Ichigo, Mint and Lettuce as a thank you for their hard work in the café. In preparation for the party, Ichigo and Lettuce meet an American woman set to play piano at the party, yet a huge language barrier makes first impressions more than awkward. At the party, Kisshu shows up and shows off his new ability; making Chimera Animals with human spirits, and the pianist is the first target.


In the original, Ichigo’s dad says they have to go to their grandpa’s place to see the festival. In the dub, Zoey’s dad says there’s some sort of samurai festival at the Cinepalace.

Guess the rest of this scene changes because of that. Ichigo getting mad, Ichigo’s dad eating his rice and Ichigo’s mom speaking is edited out. Basically her dad tells her to think about going to the festival, and Ichigo tells him to stop talking funny. I’m guessing he’s speaking in a weird dialect or something. I really need to brush up on that. Then he suddenly gets into traditional Japanese clothes and says he’s a real Tokyoite.

In the dub, Zoey’s dad says she used to always love samurai movies, and Zoey says she’s just been pretending that she likes them since she was little to make him happy since that one time when she was sick as a kid and had nothing better to do than watch them, which is a bit bitchy of her. Her dad then gets into traditional Japanese garb and says the movie The Reluctant Samurai is the greatest movie ever and ‘quotes’ it while Zoey says she has to work anyway.

Zoey’s mom’s voice is still terrible, by the way.

Well here’s a long cut for no reason whatsoever. After Mint acts like a spoiled bitch, Lettuce offers to do the preparation work for the opening. Ichigo yells that that’s not the point (in being mad that Mint refuses to actually help) when Shirogane interferes and asks if they swept the walkway yet. They admit that they haven’t, and Ichigo whines about working since it’s Sunday. Shirogane says she can leave, but she won’t get her employee privilege of all-you-can-eat cakes. Ichigo says she can’t do that and goes to sweep.

In the dub, the only part of this scene that is kept is Lettuce/Bridget talking and in the dub she says maybe they should just take a break and they immediately cut to them sweeping the walkway…because sweeping=break?


As Ichigo and Lettuce are outside sweeping, Ichigo whines some more, and Lettuce tells her they should do their best. Ichigo responds that Lettuce is very optimistic. In the dub, Zoey complains as I did that sweeping isn’t much of a break. Bridget says that sweeping was the only thing she could think of, and Zoey’s just glad they’re outside and away from Elliot.

Masha pops up and repeats “Do your best, do your best!” and Ichigo sighs and says he’s always carefree. In the dub, Mini-Mew says “The boss says ‘GET TO WORK!” and Zoey says “He’s calling himself ‘the boss’ now?” Yeah, who does he think he is, Bruce Springsteen? ….Wow, I could feel myself age with that reference.

Ahhhhh yessssss! One of the only moments I was waiting for in this series. The English/Spanish lady. See, in this episode we have a lady who comes out of nowhere to talk to the girls about Shirogane. The problem is that she’s American and doesn’t speak Japanese. She’s also an idiot who instantly thinks that two teenage girls on the street in Japan would know how to speak English. Don’t break out a phrase book or anything, no no. You must be from 4Kids and think that everyone and everything is American. Obviously the girls don’t know how to speak English so they’re clueless until Shirogane shows up.

In the dub, the woman is changed to a Spanish woman….Now I once complained that 4Kids didn’t do a reversal and made her Japanese instead of Spanish, but let me backtrack and say I can further understand why they didn’t do that.

1) Spanish is more common in America than Japanese is, thus it was probably easier finding a Spanish speaking voice actress than it was to find a Japanese speaking one.

2) The woman in no way looks Japanese.

Now let’s get to the complaints about it. This woman is hilarious to watch in the original. Her movements are so spastically animated, even her mouth, like they didn’t know how American people moved or something. Her speech, like many supposedly ‘native’ English speakers in anime, sounds stilted and uncomfortable. She kinda talks like a Speak and Spell. And you want to know what’s odd? She sounds like she has a little bit of a Spanish accent…

In the dub, I don’t speak Spanish well enough to tell, but I’ve heard from several people that she sounds similarly odd in her speech. I don’t really think it sounds that bad, but what do I know? I will say, however, that the subtitles that 4Kids gave her are HUGE! Look at these things.


Whereas in the original, there are no subtitles at all. The whole point of this scene is to be relatively clueless of what she’s saying. I’m not going to damn 4Kids for being ‘nice’ enough to include subtitles, but they don’t need to be that friggin’ huge.

I guess this couldn’t have translated in any sense. Ichigo initially tries to talk to the woman by saying “I am ‘a Ichigo’.” to which Lettuce responds not to put ‘a’ in front of her name. Ichigo then tries harder and says “strawberry” (since Ichigo literally means ‘strawberry’) and the woman still doesn’t understand.

Name Change: The American woman’s name was Mary McGuire. In the dub, the Spanish woman is Maria Rivera.

Zoey’s response seems way more insulting whereas Ichigo’s just seems innocent. Ichigo tries to introduce herself using the best English she knows. Zoey says in a slow and loud tone like an obnoxious tourist “WEEEE NOOOO UN-DER-STAND-O.”

This next bit’s a mess. 4Kids decided to edit out a whole segment where she’s still trying her best to speak English and says “This is a pen” which just confuses the woman further. We then see someone walking up behind Ichigo before we cut to Lettuce.

In the dub, 4Kids places their commercial break right after Lettuce leaves to go get someone who might speak English. When we come back from commercial, we see Lettuce’s scene and the shot of someone walking up behind Zoey is placed directly before we see Mark.


Mary: “Who is he? And why aren’t you answering my questions?” Oh gee, I dunno, maybe because she obviously doesn’t understand you, you moron. Not everyone in the world speaks English!

Aoyama’s bilingual too. People that perfect do not exist.

It’s here where we see why the subtitles are pointless. We don’t need them since Mark just translates later anyway and, again, the whole point of that scene is to not know what she’s talking about.

The music when Ichigo freaks out in the original is hilarious. The dub’s isn’t bad, but it’s not as funny. It’s like old-timey silent film music in the original.

Mint asks if Ichigo’s dating Aoyama formally yet. Corina asks if Mark’s kissed Zoey yet.

The piano music being played by the woman is changed. Admittedly, they’re both good songs.

Ichigo asks where the piano came from, and Mint says it doesn’t matter, just listen to the music. In the dub, Zoey says she wishes she could play the piano, and Corina says she bets she could play the piano if she wanted to. Because why have a nice non-ruined scene when Corina has an opportunity to be a snob?

Well, here’s another pointless change. In the original, Akasaka says that they’re throwing a party for the girls for helping out so much. In the dub, the party’s a charity ball for animal rights and the girls are invited. If anyone can tell me why this was changed, feel free to email me at

Hm….the original either mistranslated what this woman said or Akasaka was purposely changing her words. The woman says to Ichigo “Ichigo, I’d love to play the piano for a girl like you.” And Akasaka translates that as “I’d love to play the piano for pretty girls like you.” Two things: 1) She was only addressing Ichigo there for whatever reason and 2) she never said ‘pretty’. I really don’t know why this woman is so hung up on Ichigo.

Wesley doesn’t translate what the woman says for the girls in the dub, they just awkwardly say ‘see you later’. Which means that scene must’ve been shortened a bit for that to work.

Akasaka says Shirogane fell in love with her performance because he could feel her spirit in her music. In the dub, he just says that they both think she’s talented, and Wesley adds that she’s beautiful.

Shirogane picked pink and red for Ichigo’s outfit to reflect a strawberry/ichigo. In the dub, he just says it’s her favorite color. To be fair, since her name is changed, the original line wouldn’t work anyway. To be fairer, this line would’ve worked fine if they kept her name the way it was….

A shot of Akasaka speaking to Shirogane with a….hard to describe…”tender” sounds wrong…”proud” expression? Is edited out. I don’t know why.


Ichigo doesn’t say she thinks she hates Mint like Zoey does, she merely points out that Mint’s used to fancy parties.

Shirogane tells the girls that they should enjoy themselves since it’s a party. Elliot says, since he’s at a party, he had to wear a “monkey suit.”

Ichigo marvels at the people on the dance floor saying it’s like a real dance party. Shirogane responds by saying it IS a real dance party. In the dub, Zoey asks how they can dance like that without getting dizzy, and Elliot points out that it’s called a Waltz.

Ichigo originally said she could never go out there and dance in a real dance party since she’s only folk danced once when she was younger. In the dub, Zoey says she can’t dance because the last time she tried to do the Macarena she sent four people to the hospital…..

Okay, 1) The Macarena?….Really 4Kids? I would be more surprised if not for the fact that I know you’ve made that same reference in Pokemon before, and I know that you’ve probably done it elsewhere.

2) The Macarena wasn’t even relevant when this was dubbed, so that makes this reference even more dated and awkward. Hell, I’d go so far as to say 4Kids’ target audience for this show didn’t even know what the Macarena was.

3) How the hell do you hurt anyone doing the Macarena? It’s like one of the most tame dances in the world.

4) How did we ever call the Macarena a dance anyway? You don’t move your feet at all during it. You just move your arms and sway your hips once. You might as well call paddy-cake a dance.

A decent chunk of Shirogane and Ichigo’s dance segment is edited out. It only shows up until roses appear on the screen.


Just to clarify, the punch that Elliot gives Zoey isn’t originally alcohol (She’s only 13 anyway). It’s just juice….Yes, 4Kids, lovers of juice, changed juice into something else. Granted punch is just a mixture of juices, but still.

Shirogane says if she doesn’t like the dress she can get changed. In the dub, Elliot says he picked the dress because it matched her hair.

Not sure why Ichigo/Zoey would be so compelled to yell a greeting to the English/Spanish woman from before. She’s been scared to death of talking to her since she met her. I know it’s just a greeting and most people know simple greetings in different languages but still.

This new ability of Kisshu’s seems too Sailor Moon-ish to me. He takes the spirits of people with great talents and passion for what they do, removes their spirit, which takes the form of a crystal no less, fuses it with one of the Chimera Animal things and makes a new monster themed on that passion.

Okay, here we go. Is this finally going to be the day that I can properly compare Lettuce’s transformations?

…..Nope! Because, in the original, only Ichigo’s transformation is shown. We don’t even get snippets of the other girls transforming. This whole episode has basically been nothing but filler but we couldn’t cut some time to fit in the other Mews transforming at all?

Oh and her transformation sequence is the full and long version of it. So we couldn’t even have cut that down to give Lettuce and Mint their usual 5 second transformations? What bull.

The dub actually has at least snippets of Corina’s and Bridget’s transformations, which is nicer than the original, but then there’s the fact that they add that “We’ve Got the Animal Instinct” song PLUS I have to listen to the damn Mew Mew Power in my face thing again. However, there is the added bonus that 4Kids seems to acknowledge that this motto is awful since they make Corina ask if they have to do the motto this time and Zoey forces her.

Actually, that’s a bad thing because 4Kids realizes this motto’s awful yet they insist on using it in every episode.

Originally Kisshu says that the attack is of Deep Blue’s will and they shouldn’t take it personally. Since this is the first instance that the girls hear of Deep Blue, Ichigo asks “Deep Blue?” In the dub, Dren says he’s turned the party into a real wingdinger….Zoey then says “Wingdinger?” I concur, that’s just lame…..Actually, I’m not even certain that’s a real word.

Zoey: “That’s no ordinary predasite!”

Corina: “Well, I’M no ordinary Mew Mew!”

…Really? What makes you so special besides the fact that you’re a rich snob?

The logo “Boze” is taken off of the speakers.



Dubbed: rqeve1x

In the original, how they beat the Chimera Animal is kinda confusing. Shirogane makes off like the music from a pure spirit (oh come on. Pure spirits? This is like directly lifted from Sailor Moon now) makes the Chimera Animal unstable. In the dub, Elliot acts like the real Maria is in there somewhere and listening to her own music will make her fight the evil power fused with her.

They cut out Ichigo yelling at Kisshu.


Oh and the only one who gets praised for saving Mary/Maria is Ichigo/Zoey. How wonderful. Let’s throw a parade for Ichigo – the only Mew who matters. 😐

Wait, so Maria, in the dub….can speak English!? So this entire plot point was moot?! Come on!

Zoey: “It just goes to prove that friendship is the same in any language.” Yes, I say this immediately after the foreign lady shows that she speaks my native language. That makes perfect sense. God forbid she say “Muchas gracias, Zoey.” and make that line actually fit.

Also, how does Mary/Maria know that Ichigo/Zoey had anything to do with saving her life? How did she even know her life was in danger? Usually in these scenarios the person has no idea that they’re being used by the enemy and take it as a dream or something. Does she remember what happened? Does that mean that Ichigo/Zoey’s outed as a Mew? Rrrgh.


This episode is just not that interesting dub-wise barring the foreign language stuff. As an episode, it’s filler with only one new thing happening and that’s Kisshu showing us that he can make Chimera Animals out of humans now. Whoopdeedoo. Mary/Maria is a nice enough character, but the connection she makes with Ichigo/Zoey and only Ichigo/Zoey is abrupt and kinda weird.

Next episode is finally Pudding/Kiki’s debut, and though this may be another time when I can’t get a comparison of Lettuce’s transformation, hopefully I can at least get Pudding’s.

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    • Alright, yet another comment! Another theory of mine is that Mary McGuire has a crush on Ichigo, which is why she focuses on her so much. (By that logic, the entire show is crushing hard on Ichigo!)

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  1. Also, “wingdinger” makes me think of the font Wingdings. I looked it up, though, and it’s apparently a word of Irish origin representing fairies that fly around ringing bells. I think it’s used figuratively, as a way to compliment people.

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