Animating Halloween: Yami Shibai Episodes 9 and 10 Review

Episode 9 – Curse


Plot: A little girl is being plagued by a terrible curse that is causing her great pain and turning her skin black and purple with an ominous hand print gripping her arm. Can anything free her from this hex?

Breakdown: Gonna keep this one shorter than normal because 1) it wasn’t scary and 2) it was just plain sad. There’s no creature this time around, just curse markings and this is one of those unfair ‘you’re cursed because your ancestors did something to get cursed’ curses.

The girl is perfectly nice, the mother is incredibly caring and even the priest and priestess trying to help her were really kind. This is just something terrible happening to a bunch of people who don’t deserve it. There aren’t even any jump scares, it’s just sadness.

Episode 10 – Moon


Plot: A bunch of high school boys are staying overnight at an old-fashioned inn for a trip for their baseball team. One of the boys reminisces that they’ve been there before and recalls that another boy, Daisuke, fell in the pit toilet, yet Daisuke doesn’t remember. What happened down there?

Breakdown: This one is just silly to me, I’m sorry. Let me spoil it for you; haunted toilet. There ya go. That’s all you need to know.

Sure, porta potties and pit toilets are a bit creepy considering there could be anything down there from animals to creepers with cameras (it has happened), but come on; a haunted toilet? That warrants an animated short?

They throw in a jump scare or two, but I have a hard time staying creeped out or scared when all I can think of is poop…and the other boys’ nickname for Daisuke when he fell in the toilet in first grade; Doo-suke. I’m supposed to be scared at a short that says ‘Doo-suke’

And this is yet another story that would probably benefit from a backstory. Why is there a creature down there? Is that the spirit of another boy who died after falling in the toilet? It looks creepy, I guess, but the final scene with it just looks kinda stupid, especially with the craggy animation.

……And what the hell does this have to do with the moon? Does it only come out during full moons? Is it a were-poo monster?

If you’re referencing mooning, I’m going to put my foot through my screen.

Let me end this on the same note the short did.


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