Animating Halloween: Yami Shibai Episode 11 and 12 Review

Episode 11 – Video


Plot: Three middle-school boys are trying to finish up their homework before their summer break is over. When they start to get antsy, one of them decides to play a tape that his cousin lent him that supposedly shows a ghost.

Breakdown: Well, this one certainly makes up for the poo monster.

This episode is arguably the best and scariest one yet, though it also exercises the tried and true ghost story method of a ghost/monster on a video tape. The pacing and atmosphere are great, even if it’s a little predictable, and the jump scare was pretty good too. While a good chunk is kinda predictable, the absolutely ending twist did get me, and the visuals for that shot were just fantastic, especially with the angle.

And, really people, remember, if someone lends you a tape that supposedly has ghost footage on it, for the love of god, don’t play it. Especially if the person wrapped the tape in electrical tape to prevent people from watching it. Not only is that a bad omen, but hell, that electrical tape gunk has to be bad for the VCR heads.

Why didn’t they just burn the tape if they knew what it was?

Episode 12: Tomonari


Plot: A teenage girl lives in a housing complex that a bunch of kids also happen to live in. One day, she spots the kids sitting in a circle and asks what they’re doing. They claim they’re playing with their friend, Tomonari, though this ‘friend’ turns out to be a weird black stain on the pavement. They ask if she’ll play with them, but she says she’s busy and promises to play some other time. She’ll keep her promise….Tomonari will make sure of that.

Breakdown: This one is more on the creepy side than full-on scary, but it’s a pretty unique take on a ghost kid story. Hell, the actual kids in their own right are pretty creepy. I have to wonder if they’re under some spell from Tomonari or if they really don’t get that something bad is happening. Do they really see a normal boy in this weird stain?

I am really curious as to what Tomonari actually is. I feel like the stain is supposed to be his remains, like the blob in The Overhead Rack. And that he’s just a lonely spirit looking for friends, yet the circumstances of his death, whatever they were, causes him to sometimes get these friends through violent manners.

Overall, pretty creepy episode. Not terrible frightening, but still gives you chills.

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