Animating Halloween: Yami Shibai Episodes 7 and 8 Review

Episode 7 – Contradiction


Plot: A girl gets an odd call from her friend in the middle of the night. Something strange has happened to her and her boyfriend after visiting a supposedly haunted hospital. Can she leave?

Breakdown: This one follows the strings of a traditional ghost story so no real backstory is needed for the ghost, really. From the clues left behind, we can surmise that the ghost used to be a patient at the hospital and was locked in that room until they died, and then the hospital closed down.

Some commenters were theorizing that the ghost is under some restrictions in that it needs explicit permission to do pretty much anything since it’s constantly asking ‘Can I leave?’ This probably relates back to this spirit being locked in a room and being unable to leave without permission.

Because this seemingly follows common ghost story tropes so well, it’s not difficult to see where this story is going from the very instant Mayumi relays the story of what happened to her and Tooru. The imagery is still pretty freaky, however.

Not the strongest entry, but still a pretty solid ghost story that you can share around a campfire.

Episode 8 – The Umbrella Goddess


Plot: A boy goes to visit his friend who recently moved to the country. As he’s sitting with him outside enjoying the summer weather, he sees an odd woman holding an umbrella in her mouth and making weird ‘shiiiii’ noises. His friend’s parents lock him up for the night, doing everything in their power to protect him from this woman. Can he survive the night?

Breakdown: This one’s a little on the cheap side. It’s also a fairly typical monster story that seems to target children this time. Why she holds an umbrella and why she looks like the Crooked Man are beyond me, but the fact of the matter is that this Umbrella Goddess seems to appear only to the child that she intends to take. The adults know full out who and what this creature is, so they lock up Takeru with some salt and tell him to not open the door for anyone no matter what.

And like a typical horror movie character, of course he’s stupid and opens the door anyway. That’s not really a spoiler because the demon is not behind the door at that moment. Let me just say it ends on a jump scare that doesn’t even make sense.

All in all, it’s another okay ghost/monster story to tell around a fire, but the ending just makes no sense to me.

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