Animating Halloween – Boo Haw Haw (Ed, Edd ‘n Eddy)


Plot: After marathoning a ton of horror movies before Halloween, Ed finds himself constantly hallucinating that the people around him are monsters, and he tries to save Eddy and Double D from the creatures as they make their way to a place called Spook-e-Ville to rake in an awesome trick-or-treating haul.

Breakdown: Ed, Edd ‘n Eddy was a show I watched off and on when I was younger. I liked it, but I never really got too into it. Probably because, 1) I was getting a bit older when my family finally got Cartoon Network and 2) this show is a bit too much ‘constant noise’ for my tastes, especially as an older kid/young teen/adult.

This episode is a pretty good reflection on my opinions of this show. It was funny enough for the first half, but the shtick just repeats over and over. Ed hallucinates that one of their friends is a monster so he, in a paranoid delusion, beats the everloving crap out of them while Double D freaks out and Eddy obsesses over getting to this mystical ‘Spook-e-ville’ that is obviously going to end up being a big disappointment (and it is). And just repeat that about five times.

It’s non-stop noise, especially by Ed. This would’ve been a lot better as a Part A episode instead of taking up the full 23 minute run time. There just isn’t enough to carry the whole episode, especially not the Spook-e-Ville plot. Really, who, even as a kid, thought that there could really be some magical place called Spook-e-Ville where you could get major trick-or-treat hauls beyond your wildest imagination? Hell, just the fact that Eddy’s brother made the map to the place should be a big enough hint that this is all just a prank.

And, in the end, I kinda felt bad for Eddy and Double D, but moreso for Double D, like always. Ed was the one doing all this crap, yet Eddy and Double D end up getting beaten up by the other kids for what he did. Eddy kinda deserves a little because he dragged his friends on some stupid quest to an obviously fake place and completely ruined their trick-or-treating outing while also completely ignoring Ed’s schizophrenic episodes, but Double D was a completely innocent party. He gets no candy and gets beaten to a pulp by the town kids because Eddy’s a greedy idiot and Ed has severe mental problems.

The best parts of this episode were the hallucinations because the interludes are done pretty well, in a way that reminds me of some of the stylistic choices of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy or Courage the Cowardly Dog. However, it really just starts to grate on your nerves after the first ten minutes. Overall, I can’t see myself ever watching this again, but if you’re a fan of the show, this is probably a decent enough episode at least.

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