Yu-Gi-Oh Episode 5 Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: Yugi is continuing his duel with Haga as he prepares for his most powerful monster, the Ultimate Moth. Yugi uses the new rules to his advantage and wins out, defeating Haga and eliminating him from the tournament. But that is only the first bump on the road to getting his grandpa back.


4Kids seems to be putting effort into making Mai very mean. Mai’s not really humble by any means in the original, but she’s constantly throwing out “losers” and “geeks” while overall mocking the group in the dub.

Mai’s first dialogue is also changed slightly. She seems to believe Yugi can’t win against Weevil in the dub, while she simply says you can’t judge the duel by one turn as one turn can be all that it takes to turn a duel around, as Yugi showed with his Mirror Force, in the original.

Okay, why the hell did Yugi attack the cocoon? He knew the defense power was 300 points greater than Gaia’s attack points. That’s like a rookie level mistake…..*cough* Though, technically Weevil made an even rookie-er mistake because he clearly summons the cocoon in attack mode instead of defense mode, which means Gaia would’ve easily won since the cocoon’s attack is 0. While we’re on the subject, Yugi cheats by using Polymerization, a magic card, during Weevil’s turn.

I don’t know why this matters, but in the original, the Great Moth sounds like, well….a donkey. In the dub it sounds like a bird. Neither is really…uh, accurate (How does a giant moth sound?) but the dub sounds better.

They edited out a flashback of Yugi and the group running through the forest as moths flew overhead. The flashback was to trigger Yugi’s epiphany that the Great Moth was poisoning Gaia. In the dub, Weevil just tells him what’s going on. To be fair, though, it’s not like the moths were giving off poison scales to begin with, so even the original doesn’t make much sense sometimes.

Another mention of Jonouchi’s eighth place win in the regionals is cut. Poor Joey, can’t catch a break.

For some reason, in only this episode, a picture of the loser of the duel (in this case, Weevil) pops up on screen and an X goes through his picture signifying that he’s been eliminated.


This episode was the first taste into dueling weirdness. It also felt a bit Pokemon-ish with the whole ‘enemy’s wet so hit them with lightning’ trick. I would’ve liked to have seen the Great Moth fully formed, but I guess that’s okay.

Next episode, it’s Jonouchi’s first duel of the tournament and it’s with the supposedly psychic Mai. Can Jonouchi debunk her powers or will he be knocked out in round one?

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