Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power Episode 5 (4 for the Original) Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: Ichigo’s bummed because Kisshu kissed her and she doesn’t know how to act around Aoyama now because of it. That’s about it.


Originally, the flashback to the kiss that Kisshu gave Ichigo is before the title card not after we see her walking to school like the dub.

The flashback, in addition, is wrong in the dub. The flashback shows that Zoey said “You kissed me.” followed by Dren saying “Yeah, nice wasn’t it? Well, see ya soon!” In actuality, the dubbed scene had Zoey simply saying “Eww” while Dren followed it up with “I’ve got to run, but don’t worry we’ll run into each other again real soon.” Seriously 4Kids, you even mess with crap when you’re referencing your own show, or were you really too lazy to simply look at what you made?

A scene where Dren is having a meeting with Deep Blue is inserted in the dub after Zoey’s second run-in with Mark.

Another short flashback of the kiss is edited out.

Zoey: (While in the classroom) “WHAT IF MY EARS POP OUT AND LOOK LIKE SOME HALF-CAT FREAK!?” You and your yelling of things that could instantly out you as a Mew Mew…

Zoey snorted while laughing….again.

The ticket that Aoyama gives Ichigo is digitally altered to English text. By the way, the ticket looks that awful in both versions. Although I wish the dub’s had more text. That has to be the easiest ticket to counterfeit. I could make a perfect counterfeit of that in MSPaint.



Nishiyama Park is changed to Wild Ride Amusement Park.

Also, it’s not Bring a Friend Day in the original….and that kinda makes you look cheap, Mark. That’s like giving her a coupon as a gift. Bring a Friend Day also doesn’t scream ‘romantic’…

An extended shot of Ichigo apologizing again is edited out.

The scene with Dren and Deep Blue was taken from this point in the episode.

Time to compare those scenes then. The original meeting scene has Deep Blue asking Kisshu if he’s gathered data for the plan. He says he’s doing so now. Deep Blue then says that humans have been infecting the earth for over 56 million years. Kisshu says he’ll keep working. Then Deep Blue reminds Kisshu that the earth and all of its inhabitants will be put into submission.

In the dub, Dren tells Deep Blue that he had a run-in with Zoey. Deep Blue asks if she was eliminated, and he says no because she’s intriguing and wants to keep an eye on her. Then Deep Blue reminds Dren that he wants the ‘blue planet’ take over the world yada yada.

Originally, Lettuce asks Mint in whisper what’s wrong with Ichigo. Mint says she doesn’t know and says she’s falling apart. In the dub, Bridget asks Corina if they should ask Zoey what’s wrong. Corina asks why they should because she’s just trying to get attention.

This scene is basically the same, but it’s the dialogue that needs attention. Ichigo/Zoey nearly tells Mint/Corina and Lettuce/Bridget that she was kissed by Kisshu/Dren. Ichigo blows it off by saying it’s nothing, and Zoey changes her words by saying she didn’t say “kissed” she meant “dissed” and that she was dissed by some girl in school…..4Kids, we talked about this. Stop thinking you know what the children are saying nowadays. This just bugs me all the more because there are numerous other words that would’ve worked there. Missed/Mist, wrist, list, hissed, gist, fist, cyst…okay that one would’ve been gross…Pisse—okay I know you can’t use that one, but you get it…

The word “Fukum” is taken off of a sign in the background. Dunno what that is, but there you go.



Ichigo is originally mad that Shirogane would boss her around when she’s so obviously upset. In the dub, she’s still moaning about rejecting Mark’s invite for a date.

The words “Porapora” on an awning behind Ichigo are edited away.



The words on a poster above Ichigo’s head on the train are painted away.



The words over the escalator are painted away.



The words on a divider behind Ichigo are painted away.



They don’t give a name to the location where Ichigo gets off of the train where Zoey gets off on Maple Street.

I didn’t catch this the first time I went through this episode, but it caught my eye while trying to get screencaps. There’s an ad on the side of the bus for ice cream or yogurt or something – in hindsight it could be Ben and Jerry’s ice cream or a knock-off. On the ad is a tub of ice cream/yogurt with….I dunno what they are. They don’t look like Japanese words, they just look like shapes, and the ‘words’ are painted off.

……..4Kids….I, albeit in my spare time, am putting effort into seeing how many changes and edits you’ve made to your series. I’m actually putting effort into it…..If I didn’t even see this change until a second viewing while knowing exactly what I need to look for in these comparisons….why the unholy hell did you even bother to edit that away?

I mean, it’s not even EEEEVVVVVVIIIILLLLLL Japanese, it just looks like scribbles and shapes, and it’s on-screen for literally less than a second. I know that I’m kinda in a chain of pointless edits right now, but at least these are on screen for usually a few seconds. At least those contain actual Japanese words. This is a flash that NO ONE (besides geeks like me) would notice. It took me two tries to notice that and a few tries to catch these screencaps because they go by so fast. What is the point?! What!?

Subbed: uyxvey4

Dubbed: 7eusksw

Text is edited off of a street sign.



Text is edited off another sign in the background. (Yellow square is → if anyone’s lost.)



The text on the banner for the park is painted away.



The text on the board outside is paint away—WAIT….Okay, finally they changed something instead of merely erased stuff. The original sign said “Today: Time with Animals” The dub has “Petting Zoo 12-4 PM: Wild Ride Amusement Park: Bring a friend for FREE.”

Subbed: fasergn

Dubbed: hqlswig

Bridget: (While pouring Corina some tea that’s not even given attention in the original) “Here you go, some nice mint tea”…….some nice mint tea…..nice mint tea… tea….mint…..4Kids….I think you just called me out….I really do. That….that just seems like something they’d put in there to piss off people like me who actually complain about dub changes…You wanna dance? We can dance.

Mint originally says that Ichigo’s probably still crying over her date. Corina asks why she should be worried about Zoey when she got the day off (not really, she was sent to look for aliens…) while they’re toiling away like slaves. Right….slaves….Hey Corina…take that tea and pour it up your–


*sigh* Okay. I gotta calm down or I’ll be burnt out by the mid point of this series.

The really tiny text on the banner for the animal pen is edited out.



Not sure why they’d visit a petting zoo….to not pet animals… (The original just says they show animals, it’s not a petting zoo.)

Boy the digital painters sure are earning their paychecks this week. Another banner on the stage is edited free of text. (By the way, what the hell is going on here? Is that Sailor Moon in a tutu fighting jellyfish and narwhals?)

Subbed: u0etxco

Dubbed: 7pdzybu

What the hell? One of the ghost illusions in the haunted house is a guy with a sword stabbed through him while he’s covered in blood……4Kids did nothing about it….That IS scary…

Originally, Kisshu says that Ichigo shouldn’t be going on dates with other guys since she’s his. In the dub, Dren’s just happy they’re out of the haunted house so that he can see if she can handle his latest attack.

When Kisshu says “Hehe, we meet again Honey” his voice makes that line adorable. Also, that line is changed to “What, you didn’t tell him about US?” in the dub, but the line is delivered in an also cute manner. Not nearly as cute as the original, but he tried.

A short flashback of the kiss (how many times are we gonna be reminded of that?) is edited out.

Kisshu originally thanked Ichigo again for the kiss. He insinuates that she liked it, and asks if she wants to kiss again while holding her chin. In the dub, he basically taunts her about telling Mark that they’re an item now.

Kisshu licking his lips is again edited away.

Most of where Kisshu grabs Ichigo’s chin and talks to her is edited away even though we just saw him do the exact same thing a minute ago….


Kisshu originally points out that she’s nothing more than a human unless she transforms, which leaves him disappointed and gives him no choice but to kill her. None of this is mentioned in the dub.

Ichigo originally berates Mint for yelling at her for slacking off when all she does is drink tea and slack off. In the dub, Zoey just tries to excuse why she’s at the amusement park.

Bridget says that Zoey thought that the amusement park would be the best place to look….for Zoey. The name you’re looking for, Sweetie, is Corina. Corina thought that. Zoey didn’t suggest a place to look for herself.

Also, again, Lettuce doesn’t transform on screen. 😦

Zoey: “Are you ready to Mew-tilate that thing, girls?!” …….This show’s gonna drive me to be an alcoholic.

Also, Ichigo is originally concerned about turning the lion cub back to normal, not mutilating it…

The dub seems to have edited out the motto for this episode…..YAY! WHOOOOOOOOOOO!! NO MEW MEW POWER IN MY FACE!!

I guess I should mention something about the motto for this episode, though. Mint and Lettuce are actually included in her pose, but not only do they get nothing to say during the motto, but the camera zooms in on Ichigo during the actual motto and pose, and, before the zoom in, all three of them are in shadow, which means we basically see and hear Lettuce and Mint contributing nothing to the motto, so why even have them doing it then?

Ichigo says as she’s flown through the air “Not my tail!” (Because the monster grabbed her tail) Zoey says “I’m totally flipping out!”….because she’s flipping through the air…get it?…Huh? Get it?

Mint originally complains that Ichigo ran off to see Aoyama without even thanking them. Lettuce excuses her by saying that Ichigo just gets pretty absorbed when Aoyama’s concerned. This is edited out I guess due to the placement of the commercial break or time, I dunno.

Originally, Ichigo says that she still has a secret that she needs to keep from Aoyama, but she’ll tell him eventually. Then she says that she loves him so so much.

In the dub, Zoey’s voiceover is acting like she just now remembered that, due to the way the dub is set up, that this entire thing is a flashback. Seriously, four episodes beyond the start of this flashback and this is the first time since the beginning of episode two that we’ve been reminded of it.

She says back then that she really thought she could keep that promise, she wanted to believe that, but with the Cyniclons and becoming a Mew Mew, she can’t be sure of anything. She just knew that she’d promise Mark anything at that moment.

Next up is Puddi—OH COME ON! More filler? -huff- Do we at least get to see Lettuce transform? ….What do you mean ‘probably not because it seems most if not all of the episode is centered on Ichigo, and Lettuce doesn’t even go to her school?’ *more huff*

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