2001+5 (Manga) Review


Plot: A continuation of the short sci-fi stories of 2001 Nights.

Breakdown: Despite this being just additional stories in the 2001 Nights universe, there actually is more to talk about than merely ‘This is just as good as 2001 Nights.’

Yokinobu Hoshino released these stories as a collection of unreleased sci-fi shorts for the magazine Super Action. The longest work in 2001+5, Starship Adventure: Star Field, was a stand-alone serialization project that Hoshino himself admits was poorly prepped. He started it without having planned out a solid story nor a fully fleshed out plot, and to make matters worse, the magazine in which the series was being published got canceled, and he had no desire to continue on. This leaves the entirety of this story slightly confusing and completely unfinished.

It is a shame that the story went unfinished, but I can see why he had no drive to go on with it. While the story is fairly interesting with decent characters, it doesn’t seem to stand up very well in contrast to most other 2001 Nights stories.

Speaking of seemingly unfinished works, there are three incredibly short ‘stories’ that are only three to four pages long each that only cover very basic aspects of what appears to be a much bigger story, or merely waxing poetic about some aspect of space.

There are completed works in here such as Ocean of Night, which actually was intended all along to be an addition to 2001 Nights, Vessel of Wrath, Phobos and Deimos and finally Planet of Fog.

While Phobos and Deimos is probably the weakest entry of these, all of the other stories seem pretty well-fitted for the 2001 Nights universe in tone, storytelling, characters and plot. We even get blessed with some full-color shots to really amaze you with what Hoshino can do.

Overall, the discontinued weak story drags it down a bit, and the very short stories confuse me somewhat, but the other stories offer a pretty strong continuation of the 2001 Nights universe for anyone who was yearning for more. You can even view this mostly as a stand-alone even if Ocean of Night is a sequel to a 2001 Nights story.

Additional Information and Notes: 2001+5 was written and drawn by Yokinobu Hoshino.

Volumes: 1

Year: 2006

Recommended Audience: There is some mild nudity, tastefully done single shot of a sex scene, violence and intense situations. 14+

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