Amon (Manga) Volume 2 Review


Plot: A look at the past of Amon and Satan. What truly happened back when demons ruled the earth so many years ago?

Breakdown: This volume is a complete shift away from Devilman pretty much in its entirety. Here, we’re going to prehistoric times where demons and dinosaurs ruled the earth. A winged harpy-like race called the Silene, mostly consisting of females, are proud warriors who rule over the land and take down all who oppose them. Their leader is a gigantic Silene merely called ‘mother.’

The Silene have tanned skin and black wings. When a pale child with no wings is born, it’s taken as a bad omen. One of the Silene, Sheena, wishes to have it killed after his birth coincided with the death of her right hand woman, Saias.

Mother, however, says that killing a defenseless child is against the Silene’s nature and pride. Thus they shall keep him alive, but he is never given a name and is never truly a warrior alongside the Silene. However, despite his disadvantage in not having wings, he still manages to become a very powerful warrior, taking down dinosaurs with little problem all on his own.

He has become as such due to the gentle guidance of a mysterious voice within his head whom he soon realizes is the voice of another outcast Silene, a white-winged creature merely known as ‘the white monster.’ She contracts the boy out to bring her food and increase her power. When a Silene named Sheena catches wind of their secret meetings, she tries to convince Mother to do something about it for fear that they will wipe out the Silene. However, Mother simply states that their fate is something they cannot avoid.

As the Silene do indeed start getting killed by the demons and dinosaurs roaming the earth, and Sheena herself gets terrible wounds to her leg and wings that make her unable to fly and hidner her battle capabilities, the white monster and the boy meet up with Mother who offers her body and power to them.

Sheena manages to survive despite her entire race being wiped out and hobbles to Mother where she is horrified to find her bones, picked dry with only the eyeballs remaining.

As time goes on, Sheena finds it difficult to get food for herself, but when she’s offered some food by a snake demon who stole her killshot, he tells her that he has seen a being just like her before – someone who calls themselves Silene.

She asks where to find her, and he says that they’re probably with the demons’ new ‘savior,’ Satan.

Satan has allied with Silene and the boy, now a man, and plans on raising an army of demons to combat God in order to ensure the demons’ survival. Sheena arrives and hears a story about a giant sphere of light in the sky. It is said that the sphere is the where the first and most powerful demon, Amon, was imprisoned by the gods due to their fear of him. The sphere has been glowing more and more over time, and they say that those who wish to challenge Amon can enter the sphere by climbing Amon’s Ladder.

Sheena, in desperation to restore herself and her kind, goes to the highest point she can manage and challenges Amon. The ladder appears and she is transported within the sphere to find a huge mass of demons who also challenged Amon.

She tries her best to defeat Amon and even believes she has won and regained her wings again. When the man, having followed Sheena, finds her merged to the demon pile with nothing but a delusion and a smile left behind, he lets her die in peace. The man decides to challenge Amon, and he seems to have won. Amon, now having taken over the man’s body, returns to the earth. He does not join with Satan and the others since he lives and fights only for himself. However, he plans on battling God all on his own.

Breakdown: This was a good volume, if a little jarring due to the complete lack of all things Devilman except Amon and Satan. In all honesty, I was perfectly fine not seeing the backstory of Amon and Satan. Having Satan explain it all at the end of the original manga was fine.

The story was good, most notably Sheena and the Silene’s story, but I didn’t feel like I needed to know. Considering the Satan/Amon plot was the least interesting thing about this volume, I feel like it kinda failed in that regard. I was excited to see Amon at the end, and I’m interested to see how this plays out….even though we pretty much already know.

Sheena is a good character, and, man, I felt for her at the very end. When they cut from a splash page of her restored and flying through the air to her to disfigured ‘body’ smiling and crying while she’s under that delusion, my heart just broke.

The boy is not very likable, but I don’t believe he’s really meant to be. I’d like to know what he actually is, though. He’s a Silene, I guess, even without wings he still has talons and feather-like features on his arms, feet and torso. He seems to be more powerful than a Silene despite his wing disadvantage.

Silene is likable as she really loved Mother and is also very protective and respectful of Satan. However, we don’t learn a whole lot about her besides the fact that she was locked away because of her white wings. She was cared for by Mother, though.

Now that Sheena’s gone, I hope the story doesn’t nose dive. I’d really like to get back to actual Devilman territory, though.

Recommended Audience: Non-stop full frontal and back-al nudity because the Silene don’t wear clothes. You don’t really see any genitals, but they’re just shaded a little and not detailed most of the time. You do get plenty of ass shots, though. Other than that, there’s some gore and violence. No sex or swearing. 16+

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