Yu-Gi-Oh Episode 4 Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: Duelist Kingdom is underway and Yugi has his sights trained on Insect Haga for revenge for throwing his precious Exodia cards into the sea. However, Haga has plenty of tricks up his sleeve by using the new tournament rules to his advantage. Can Yugi exterminate Haga from the tournament? Oh God, now I’m using puns. Damn you 4Kids!


In the original, when Pegasus makes his speech, he explains the rules of the tournament games (You must use Duel Monster cards, 2000 life points and no direct attacks.) Pegasus in the dub just tells everyone to be at their best….Kinda lame to report, but this episode has been fairly changeless (barring the inclusion of a ton of dialogue over silence) so far. Pegasus also mentions that they have 48 hours to get ten star chips or they go home in the original version. In the dub, there’s no mentioned time limit.

I will never understand this – later we see that the security guys around the island are incredibly strict when it comes to star chips. When you’re out, you’re gone. No exceptions – not even if your chips were stolen. So how is it that Anzu and Honda (and Bakura) are able to fly under the radar? Just the fact that they have no dueling glove should be a dead giveaway. It just baffles me that they never get thrown out even when they meet several officials. Hell, when they enter the finals, one of the guards actually points out that they’re not duelists and yet they do nothing about it.

Bakura might be doing something Ring-wise to prevent this, subconsciously of course, but there’s no reason for the others.

In the original, Pegasus told Insect Haga of the new rule. Why? I don’t know. It could’ve been a special gift for winning that other tournament from episode two. In the dub, Weevil says he stole the new rules.

This is prevalent in both versions. Mirror Force doesn’t affect your opponent’s life points at all. It just destroys all of the monsters on your opponent’s side of the field when an attack is called by the enemy. But, in this season, that’s really the least of their worries.

In the dub, Weevil foreshadows his Ultimate Moth Cocoon. In the original, the episode ends at Yugi calling Weevil weak. I guess this can be forgiven seeing as how the Japanese preview basically does the same thing, but still.


All in all, this episode was fairly uneventful and boring. It was mostly focused on learning the new rules of duelist kingdom and the duel barely takes up any of the episode.

Next episode, the duel between Yugi and Haga concludes.

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