Devilman (Manga) Volume 2 Review


Plot: Now a Devilman, Akira Fudou tries to continue on with his everyday life, though he finds his newfound lust for battle to be insatiable. A devil called Silen arrives at Miki’s house with her two lackies, Agwel and Ghelmer, and they start an assault to kill Amon, the demon Akira merged with.

Breakdown: Our first major devil on devil battle of the series involves the winged demon, Silen, a demon who can merge with water called Agwel, and another demon called Ghelmer. This battle takes up over half of the volume, but it’s certainly a very intense and awesome one.

Silen is a great first enemy. Unlike a lot of first-time enemies, she’s not made out to be incredibly weak or stupid for the sake of an easy battle to make Devilman look badass. She actually almost seems like she may win several times and gets tons of damage out on Devilman before the tides obviously turn. She can create high powered winds, manipulate the weather, has incredibly strong and sharp claws that even render a demon’s powers useless when ensnared by them, and she can control disembodied limbs.

I will say that the very end of the battle was a bit weak, though. Essentially, Silen gets terribly wounded by Devilman and calls out to her boss, Xenon, who appears in the first volume of Amon, to help her. A different demon named Kaim, who may or may not be in love with her, arrives and merges with her to help her win.

However, there’s a catch. Merging is random when it comes to consciousness. If Silen’s consciousness stays as the dominant one, her wounds and resolve will most likely damn them to defeat. If Kaim’s consciousness is dominant, they have a much better chance of winning but even Kaim states that he has no hope of making it out alive, possibly due to Silen’s injuries being taxing on his body after merging. Basically, either way, Silen/Kaim will die. It’s just a matter of whether Devilman will go with her/him, which he obviously won’t because then we wouldn’t have a manga.

Despite the fact that the ending is predictable after that point and we know nothing of Kaim, they handled Silen/Kaim’s death in a very good way that almost makes you feel kinda bad for her/him in a screwed up way.

This volume also pokes at the fact that Ryo seems to have gained powers of some kind from the previous volume. Ryo was in bad shape and lying under the body of a demon at the end of the last volume. However, he recovered incredibly quickly, showed enhanced healing abilities later on as well, and seems to have some telepathic powers at least in regards to Devilman. I know who he turns out to be later thanks to Amon, but eh.

I did receive a somewhat unpleasant surprise in this volume, however. That of which being Miki. She gets some more characterization here, and it’s huge mixed bag. On one hand, holy crap she was ready to take on three thugs with swords and intentions on raping her while she’s armed with a big serrated knife. And she’s still telling them off like a badass through the whole thing.

Then Akira steps in and…..she basically becomes an Akira fangirl. She gladly steps aside and even gushes over the fact that he’s protecting her and finally not being the little wuss he was in the previous volume. I swear, she grins from ear to ear when Akira steps in. Later, she even tries to excuse her use of the knife by claiming she was just scared and doesn’t want Akira to think she’s a tomboy. *sigh*

She’s also constantly flirting with him and even frequently poking at the possibility of them having sex or him seeing her naked. It gets to be really annoying after a while.

All in all, this was a great first battle, but the first quarter of the volume kinda tarnishes it a bit with Miki being a good chunk of the focus. Silen was a great enemy who got a pretty great cast off, and even her lackies were pretty powerful.

While I know what he turns into, I definitely look forward to Ryo’s development in future volumes.

Recommended Audience: There’s still nudity, though still no sex. Some swearing, a bit more gore than the previous volume. There’s even some creepy imagery involving Miki’s parents. 15+

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