Episode One-Derland (Cartoons): Angry Birds Toons


Plot: A series of comedic shorts based on the popular mobile game Angry Birds.

Breakdown: “Whaaaaa? They made a cartoon based on Angry Birds? WHY?!” You yell through your computer monitor, ignoring the fact that I just found out that an animated Angry Birds movie is being released.

Well, considering we live in world where this was a thing;


And so was this;


It’s not farfetched to believe that a cartoony mobile game got turned into a series of short animated features. Also, Angry Birds exploded with merchandise, so an animated show is only a logical next step in that regard.

Angry Birds Toons is a Finnish-American cartoon series in which the characters from the games do slapsticky comedic things like Looney Tunes. And when I say “like Looney Tunes” I mean it’s really obvious that a lot of their inspiration for this show is from Looney Tunes. A LOT.

But is that a bad thing?

Not really. It’s actually pretty funny on its own when working from the Looney Tunes formula as a baseline. I thought that shot when Chuck, the yellow bird, slowed time down to save Red, the red bird, from falling and then he took a pitstop to look at a slowmo butterfly while Red slowmo yelled at him was really funny.

I also liked how it’s clear that, despite the fact that they work on a familiar dynamic of Chuck being the dunderhead with a heart of gold and Red being the somewhat temperamental straightman, they’re still good friends.

The first episode was merely two a half minutes long, and considering this is likely an episodic show, supposedly meant to showcase the backstory of the rivalry between the pigs and the birds, I’m sure the quality of the shorts fluctuates like any other similar show. However, I did like this first venture.

I’m not a fan of Angry Birds. I have the game on my phone and I play it on occasion, but I’d never buy any of the copious amounts of Angry Birds merchandise that has spawned throughout the years. It’s a fun game, but I never got close to being hooked on it.

The art is spot on to the style of the game, and the animation is ‘Flash-y’ but fairly smooth, bouncy and cartoony. The music, while not being memorable, matches the tones of what’s happening in the short quite well.



It’s a fun watch, and if you’re an Angry Birds fan or fanatic, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it even more.

Recommended Audience: Nothing questionable. E for everyone!

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