Episode One-derland (Cartoons) Yin Yang Yo!

Plot: The world is mostly blind to the mystical evil around them, and there’s only one force in the world left to take them on – the siblings Yin and Yang who are being trained in the magical martial arts style of Wu Fu by their lazy master Yo.

Breakdown: Well, at least that’s what I found on their plot synopsis. The story gathered from this episode is that Yin and Yang are the sole students of Yo who teaches them the mystical martial art style of Wu Fu and that’s about it.

This is a really messy first episode, and I mostly mean that by the writing and pacing. The introductions of the characters are fine, though their personalities are horribly cliché especially for the early 2000s. They have a very typical older sister younger brother dynamic. Yin is kinda a feminist who is also very responsible and girly. Yang is more interested in goofing off and doing anything he deems as cool. He also wants to be accepted into groups that are seen as cool. And in the end they prove that they really love each other.

Yo’s not very characterized at all here. He seems a little lazy, but that’s it.

The pacing in this episode is exhausting. It never takes a damn break. Granted, it’s ten minutes long so rushing might be excused, but I could barely keep up. It constantly makes cuts and edits and rushes around like it’s on speed.

They try way too hard to make the antagonist of this episode, uhhhh…..the ultimoose martial arts teacher guy (?) to be funny. They put on a ‘Mr. Crocker’ act a bit with him having him spout out words or gibberish enunciated with random body movements.

I just never got into it. I never laughed or cracked a smile, the action wasn’t interesting or creative enough to keep my attention, and neither were the characters.

Even the art was fairly ugly with weird shaped characters and boring backgrounds. I don’t even know why everyone in this show is an animal. Our two main characters are bunnies, their teacher is a panda, the ultimoose guy is a moose obviously, there was a monkey in the class. Granted, a lot of shows exist in worlds where everyone is an animal for really no reason (Kung Fu Panda might be the best comparison in that regard) but I just don’t see the point.


It pretty much fails to me as a starter episode, and the show just doesn’t give me any reason to want to continue. Really hyper kids with a love of fake martial arts, magic and animals might enjoy it better.

Recommended Audience: Some incredibly minor instances of potty humor like underwear jokes and showing someone on a toilet, both of which alone are meant to be jokes, but that’s the worst of it. E for everyone.

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Digimon Adventure 01 Episode 4 Sub/Dub Comparison

Ow! This fire is hurting me, a Digimon made of fire, for some reason!

Plot: The group stumbles upon a village of Pyokomon (Piyomon’s pre-evolved form) when an enraged fire Digimon called Meramon attacks. Sora and Piyomon team up to get Piyomon to evolve to Birdramon in order to take him down.


Title Change: Red Hot! Birdramon! is changed to Biyomon Gets Fire Power!

Title Screen:


Izzy and his alien theories, this time about the Black Gears.

Takeru originally hurts his foot/ankle slightly after tripping. The group tells him that he doesn’t have to act like he’s not hurting, and Takeru says it does hurt a little. Patamon then has a delayed reaction to what happened and asks Takeru if he’s okay. The group says it’s a bit late to ask that now.

In the dub, Tai says to TK that he should be careful because the root that he tripped over could’ve been a snake or something. He apologizes and asks if there really are snakes and stuff around. Piyomon says no, just giant monsters and stuff. Patamon then proclaims he’ll protect TK from the monsters.

Taichi originally says that they have no idea where to go. Piyomon nuzzles Sora and says she’ll go anywhere as long as Sora’s there. In the dub, Tai says they should look for signs of intelligent life and Biyomon nuzzles Sora (which seems very out of place considering the line change) and asks if Tai’s insinuating that Digimon aren’t intelligent.

Sora says that even if Piyomon is 100 percent happy, she’ll still be miserable if they get lost and she’ll be held responsible. Piyomon then asks “100 percent?” and what she means by being held responsible. Sora just staves her off of the answers while the others walk away.

In the dub, Sora basically tells Biyomon that Tai didn’t mean to say Digimon weren’t intelligent, but that they need to get out of there and stick together. She then adds that they’ll end up getting left behind because of their talking, which is rude in both versions.

Jo says as they’re walking that Piyomon is a very sociable Digimon. Koushiro then points out that it seems like each Digimon has their own personality. Piyomon holds Sora’s hand and calls Sora’s name kinda like a child calling for attention from its mother. Sora then asks herself in thought if she can really get along with such a mushy Digimon.

In the dub, Matt basically jokes around saying “Next stop on our tour is the forest of irrelevant road signs.” which is pretty funny considering they are surrounded by irrelevant road signs. Biyomon can’t be heard, and Sora thinks to herself that she can’t believe they’re making jokes when they’re so lost.

Izzy: “Look! It’s the alien saucer again!”

Matt: “And it’s headed for a close encounter!”

This scene is originally silent – we’re not even sure if the kids see the gear in the original. Also, points off for more aliens, points off for dated reference.

As they’re walking through the desert with the telephone poles, Koushiro says this is like a documentary that he saw on the African Savannah. Then they discuss seeing stuff like lions and giraffes, but then turn around and say that there are only Digimon there. They say that they have to find other people because there simply has to be other people there. Then Koushiro says that these telephone poles could end up like the phone booths and the trolley and seem like proof of human existence, but are really traps or fake.

In the dub, they mostly just complain about how hot it is and Sora points out that the telephone poles don’t have connecting wires. Mimi then asks if they remember the phone booths and the trolley car just to see if anyone else remembered them…..Okay, none of that scene had any point whatsoever in the dub. Like, at all. In the least. The whole thing about the wires not connecting doesn’t even have any credence…..Granted most of the original conversation is pointless too, but the dub just seems to go in circles.


Izzy: “I wonder if these even are telephone poles. Maybe they’re some sort of odd alien equivalent.” God, shut the hell up, Izzy. I can’t wait until you stop this alien nonsense. Even tin-foil-hatters don’t babble about aliens as much as you seem to.

Jo originally yells that they have to find other humans, there’s no other choice. Then Tentomon tells Koushiro that he’s serious – there are no other beings besides Digimon there. In the dub, Joe yells out that they’re doomed because the heat has cooked their brains, and Tentomon tells Izzy that they need to find Joe some shade fast.

Mimi basically teases that she either found a new compass or fixed the one that she had. In the dub, Mimi says the numbers melted off of her favorite watch….and I guess that somehow turned it into a compass? Either Mimi’s being insanely cheeky or she’s brain dead.

Piyomon starts annoying Sora by constantly calling her name and saying things to her, to which she responds by saying she’s tired and hot and to just stop clinging to her. In response to this, Piyomon apologizes and backs away from her. Sora responds that it’s fine and she can walk with her. Piyomon cheers and runs to her, telling her that she loves her.

In the dub, Matt says TK’s socks reek, and Mimi says she could use a snack bar while Biyomon stops and says she’s too tired to go on. Sora responds by saying that they have to think positive and maybe imagine that it’s raining, which perks Biyomon up and she cheers while saying that she loves the rain.

These scenes with Piyomon being too clingy seem to have meaning behind them if you’ve watched the entire series. Sora’s crest is the Crest of Love and she initially doesn’t believe that she deserves such a crest because she thinks she’s not loving. These scenes with a clingy and lovable Piyomon giving Sora gobs of attention may be poking to her issues on that subject, hence why she’s so avoidant of that behavior. Since these scenes are removed from the dub in lieu of something else, we lose this bit of foreshadowing; if it is that at all.

When the group reaches the Pyokomon village, Mimi says it reminds her of a fairy tale that she read when she was younger. Yamato then says that they thought they’d be able to spend the night there, but considering the size of the village it seems impossible. Koushiro says that they can’t even fit into their houses.

In the dub, Mimi says she’d like to take one of the Pyokomon home and treat it like a stuffed animal, to which Matt replies that Mimi doesn’t seem to hear the same things that they do, and Izzy surmises that she might be….*sigh* an alien spy. They really are mean to Mimi in the dub. She is dumb, but it’s like the dub writers specifically made her much dumber and made the others like to poke fun at her much more.

In the original, Piyomon ends her sentence with ‘no yo’ which roughly translates to ‘ya know?’ and the Pyokomon ask her why she’s talking like that. She says it’s because she’s been spending so much time with Sora (even though it’s only been like two days) and that she learns a lot from her.

In the dub, she talks normally, yet the Yokomon are acting like she’s speaking differently from the Yokomon, which she really isn’t barring maybe being a little more comfortable speaking. The scene plays out the same though.

Takeru doesn’t point out that Mt. Miharashi is an active volcano in the original, he just looks at the mountain. Not even sure how TK would know that’s an active volcano.

In the original, the Pyokomon are the ones who tell the kids that they saw something crash into Mt. Miharashi earlier and they deduce that it was the Black Gear. In the dub, since they seemingly saw the crash, they figure it out on their own.

The song cue for Meramon is awesome. In the dub it’s just generic ‘trouble’ music.

Originally, the kids and the Digimon are just frozen in terror and they don’t say anything until they start reacting. In the dub, Sora is telling them all not to move, which makes no sense. What could standing still possibly benefit you? Is his vision based on movement? Meramon is not a T-Rex, Sora.

There really didn’t appear to be friggin’ millions of Pyokomon at that village, but geez there’s a lot of them when they reach the ship.

Sora doesn’t call Biyomon ‘Biyo’ (or I guess she’d be called Piyo) in the original…which is good because it kinda sounds like you’re calling her ‘B.O.’ and it’s not nice to say your Digimon stinks, Sora.

Attack Name Change: Burning Fist, Meramon’s attack, is changed to Fireball, which sounds less cool but makes more sense since it is a fireball and not like a fire punch.

Another vocal song after Piyomon evolves is removed in lieu of the same action Digimon dub music.

Meteor Wing, Birdramon’s attack, actually didn’t get changed for the dub, but for some reason they don’t say the name of her attack here.

Also, what’s the logistics of this fight? Everyone else is attacking him with air, fire and electricity and it only made him grow more powerful, but an Adult/Champion fire attack gets rid of the Black Gear? How?

Sora also never calls Biyomon ‘Bee’ (Or, I guess, in the case of the Japanese name, Pee?) in the original.

Piyomon actually tells Sora that she loves her in the original. In the dub, she just says “because…you know” Biyomon shouldn’t be that bashful.

Also, I think they repeat the shot of them hugging for no reason.

Jo says that the bird food or whatever that stuff is isn’t that bad if your chew it enough. In the dub, Joe says he’ll pass on the meal.

Next up is Kabuterimon’s debut and I actually remember that episode being kinda hokey, so let’s see.

…Previous Episode

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Pokemon Episode 8 Analysis – The Path to the Pokemon League

This should just be Ash’s default character design.

CotD(s): AJ – A promising young Pokemon Trainer with a strict yet extremely effective method of training, AJ creates an unofficial Pokemon Gym in the middle of the woods to train his Pokemon and beat passing Trainers. He manages to get 98 wins on a perfect record and aims to get 100 wins before going for badges and entering the Pokemon League. AJ is a tough, but a very smart and skilled Pokemon Trainer who definitely earned a spot in the Pokemon League if he ever made it there.

Reappears?: No. 😦

Pokemon: He has numerous, but Sandshrew is his main.

Plot: With two Gym Badges under his belt…..well, on his vest, Ash starts to get pretty cocky. When the group stumbles upon an unofficial Pokemon Gym in the woods, Ash is ready and raring to chalk up another victory. However, the owner of the Gym, an equally confident boy named AJ, easily wipes the floor with Ash by using his Sandshrew, giving him victory 99 in an undefeated streak with his ultimate goal being 100.

After the battle, Ash hears commotion from inside the Gym and peaks in to see that AJ’s training regimen for his Pokemon is extremely tough. He views it as being overly tough and worries for the well-being of the Pokemon.

In a mix-up, Team Rocket accidentally captures Sandshrew instead of Pikachu, leading Ash to believe that he was right in his assumptions. He condescendingly assumes that Sandshrew ran away because it views AJ as a jerk and saw how good of a relationship he and Pikachu had, so it went off to find a better Trainer.

AJ vehemently denies this, but Ash hops up on his high horse again. In an effort to ‘save’ the Pokemon from AJ’s strict training, Ash offers to take all of the Pokemon away from the Gym and train under him instead. The Pokemon won’t give Ash the time of day, however, because they don’t feel abused. They love AJ, and he loves them. They deal with the strict training regimen because of that love and caring – they want to see AJ succeed and they know he’d never do anything to hurt them.

Sandshrew quickly escapes Team Rocket’s clutches and immediately returns to AJ’s Gym with an unconscious Meowth attached to its tail. AJ and Sandshrew are reunited, and Ash sees that AJ really does love his Pokemon and vice versa.

Team Rocket show up to take Pikachu, and after they sling insults at AJ’s Pokemon, he challenges them to his 100th match. AJ blows Team Rocket away easily with Sandshrew, finishing them off in a powerful Fissure attack. With 100 wins under his belt, he heads off on his journey to get eight Badges and enter the Pokemon League. Ash has gained a newfound respect for AJ and vows to find his own path to achieving his dream of becoming a Pokemon Master.


– Gotta love how cocky Ash is with his two pity Badges….

– Wait, why are we using the logo to say ‘Pokemon’ again?

– Ya know, as much as I like AJ, his voice blows. Sounds like a cowboy who got hit in the face with a brick. I am aware this is Maddie Blaustein, and all respect to her, but that doesn’t change my opinion.

– I do admire AJ’s work ethic and his plan. 100 wins, undefeated mind you, under his belt before going to get Badges is a great plan. Gary and the others didn’t even have that advantage.

– Geez, Ash is being obnoxious in this episode. Between him being so full of himself it’s like ego-ception and him snapping at Misty for giving him legit advice on a topic that he’s shown time and again to have problems in (Pokemon type matchups) he’s pretty insufferable.

– Ash: “You can do it! Flying versus Ground should be no problem!” He said after his Flying type, Pidgeotto, just got thrashed by Sandshrew, the Ground type.

– Hey, they did the thing where you can see Ash’s skeleton when he’s getting electrocuted again.

– You also get to really see the stark contrast between Ash’s work ethic and that of…you know…a good Pokemon Trainer. Yes, AJ is strict with his Pokemon, yes, he uses a whip, though he never seems to actually hit his Pokemon with it, he just hits the ground near them and uses the sound as a cue, but it’s like Ash doesn’t understand intense training regimens……or work.

All he says in defense of his own work ethic is you have to make friends with your Pokemon….and that’s it. Does he really not think it’s important to keep Pokemon trained on a regular regimen outside of the one or two battles every now and then? Does he also not realize that you can be strict and a Pokemon’s friend at the same time?

– I love that scene where Pikachu goes into a ball due to the Yousei Gips thing (the ‘strength enhancer’ that Sandshrew wears) and then Sandshrew laughs and goes into a ball too.

– Team Rocket’s getting some good lines too.

– Meowth: “Just ‘biting’ my time. *munch* AHHHH THE MOMENT OF TOOTH!”

…….I said some.


I really love this episode outside of the obnoxious Ash we have to put up with. It’s made more tolerable because it’s brought up time and again that he’s making an ass out himself. I especially like it because, if this were made today, I guarantee it would end in a lesson for the CotD instead of a lesson for Ash.

They didn’t decide to go the predictable route of making AJ a legit asshole who does basically abuse his Pokemon, then have Sandshrew run away and AJ learn the error of his ways. AJ stays true to form, Sandshrew stays loyal and Ash is the one who has to learn that, just because you’re strict, tough and hard working doesn’t mean you’re abusive or an asshole to your Pokemon.

I also very much appreciate that they didn’t end this episode with Ash beating AJ. Not only would that have tarnished AJ’s dream, but it would’ve been another BS win.

Plus the ending battle with Team Rocket was just awesome. Fissure is freakin’ amazing.

This could’ve been a great time to have Ash actually learn a lesson for a change, but, sadly, this is another drop in the ‘One-shot lessons’ bucket. He’ll never reach even a decent work ethic in his training. He only ever gets close to such a thing near Gym matches and Leagues and even that’s short lived.

I especially hate the completely missed opportunity for actually making AJ another rival. Sure, he already has Gary, but he rarely ever shows up and never battles Ash when he does. AJ could’ve actually been a friendly rival that would definitely give Ash a run for his money. But nope, just another forgotten CotD who doesn’t even reappear in the Pokemon League episodes. *pfft*

And while I would find it interesting for AJ to have taken Ash’s offer to join him on his journey…..I don’t think I’d handle that voice very well for the rest of the series.

Here’s to AJ. We hardly knew ye.

Next episode, The School of Hard Knocks where the gang finds a Pokemon academy where, if you pass, you’re automatically qualified to enter the Pokemon League without traveling to get Badges.

Previous Episode…

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Episode One-Derland – Akazukin Chacha

Plot: Chacha is a novice witch under the tutelage of the greatest magician in the world, Seravy. However, she frequently messes up even basic spells, making Seravy nervous to send her to magic school.

To help her out, he gives her a magical pendant to wear along with a magical bracelet and ring that she is meant to give to two close friends that she can trust. A mysterious evil force tries to destroy Seravy by tricking his nemesis, Dorothy, into kidnapping and imprisoning him. Can Chacha, her friend Riiya and friend turned ally Shiine save Seravy?

Breakdown: This show is awesome.

It’s hilarious, cute, the magic is interesting, the characters are memorable, and I just had a blast watching the first episode.

It does a good job of establishing the main characters as well as the world that they live in, everyone has their own unique quirks and personalities that let them stand out and shine, and the comedic timing was spot on.

I was already on board with a fully magical world aspect to begin with, even if the Little Red Riding Hood aspect still confuses me….there were no witches in that fairy tale. Is that just the theme for the magical girl powers?

Speaking of which – magical girl show! Don’t say ‘Duh.’ I mean legit magical girl not just a girl with magic powers.

The three items that she gets can be activated by three words said by every recipient of the items. Chacha, with the pendant has to say ‘Love’….and of course she gets ‘Love’ Every girl with a specific trait as a specialty always gets ‘Love.’ Riiya, a boy who is in love with Chacha and can transform into a dog, says ‘Courage,’ while the aforementioned kinda enemy turned ally named Shiine says ‘Hope’.

In all honesty, and really not just because the ‘love’ thing makes me kinda bitter, Chacha should get ‘Hope,’ Riiya should get ‘Love,’ and Shiine should get ‘Courage.’ Chacha is full of hope in actually mastering her magic. The first character trait we see of Riiya is his undying love of Chacha. Shiine gets courage because……it’s the third one. Hey cut me some slack. He shows no signs of ‘Hope’ either.

When they speak these words, Chacha gets about five years older and changes outfits to become Magical Princess……Not the most creative magical girl name, but whatever. So my soft spot for magical girl shows was fully taken advantage of here.

The looming evil is kept in shadow and we’re never made aware of who he is nor why he wants to get rid of Seravy, but that adds tension to the overall storyline.


I can’t wait for more fun with Chacha and the others. 🙂

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H2O: Footprints in the Sand Review

Plot: Hirose Takuma has recently moved to a small village to live a more restful life due to his blindness. He soon meets a girl named Hayami and wants to befriend her. However, she rejects him. He is confused by her rejection until he learns that everyone in the village treats Hayami like garbage and no one bats an eye at it. She’s regularly mocked, bullied and beaten by her classmates while none of the adults do anything about it – some actually partake in it. Why is this? And why does Hayami feel that she deserves it?


Wow. Just wow. I haven’t seen an anime blow it so badly since….I can’t even come up with an example. I was somewhat excited about this series because I had heard that it was even better than Air. I was also somewhat dreading this series because the THEM Review shot this down to their lowest rating for the final four episodes due to a drastic change in the series….And I can pretty much understand why.

But let’s rewind a bit because the final four episodes are more about Hirose. Let’s tackle the Hayami angle, first shall we?

Like the plot synopsis says, she’s treated like garbage by the entire village. She’s regularly called a monster, a roach, and a lot of other vile insults. She’s constantly the target of terrible bullying like ruining her lunch or pouring toilet water on her head, and she’s regularly beaten by her fellow classmates. In addition, she lives in two cable cars up in the mountains alone. It’s so bad that I’m really left wondering why she doesn’t just leave….That’s never answered, by the way.

The reason for the bullying and the reason why she thinks she deserves all of it is because her family had a lot of power in the village and they caused a lot of pain and suffering for many of the villagers. Eventually, the village got sick of it, torched their house and drove her family out of the village, leaving her as the sole survivor. Why she stayed and didn’t leave with her family is never explained. I didn’t really understand if her parents were dead or ran out of town. They never make it clear.

Then Hirose comes into the picture and stirs up the village by standing up for her every now and then. And when I say that, I mean he stands up for her when boys are bullying her. When girls are, he never pipes up, which is annoying.

This plotline is solved rather suddenly. The kids suddenly stop abusing her and even become good friends with her just because Hinata told them to stop. The other villagers take a lot longer to stop, but it was so jarring that they went from turning their heads when she’s being beaten and bullied to going shopping with her in mere days.

This whole thing is somewhat stupid. She can’t control what family she was born into. She did nothing whatsoever to cause any heartache. Are the villagers really so stupid and cruel that they’d abuse a young girl just because she’s related to the family that was so terrible? They don’t see it at all hypocritical that they’re being no better if not worse than her family was by treating her like that? It’s a wonder anyone in this show grew up partially normally with parents who all have that mindset.

Hinata’s plotline is that she’s scared to death of her grandfather who is the village elder. I won’t spoil much of her plotline because it’s the best plotline in the series, in my opinion, but let’s just say her grandfather is really messed up.

Hirose’s plotline is where things really start unraveling. The THEM reviewer said that episode seven was the perfect ending to the series and that they would easily give the show a moderate rating if was left at episode seven, which finishes up Hinata’s storyline, but leaves a chunk of Hayami’s and all of Hirose’s in the balance.

To its credit, episode seven does seem like a series finale. It had credits over actual scenes and included a vocal song, a big reveal, a big inspiring moment, a bunch of tie-ups, it’s almost like that was the series finale, but they realized they still had to do four episodes by contract or something.

Episode eight was criticized by the same reviewer as being a big chunk of randomness. Otoha, who had been seen throughout the anime as a spirit that only Hirose could see, was suddenly a magical girl and everything around them was going nuts due to something in the spirit world. In order to gather magical energy, Hirose had to take charge of the situation and try to literally smack everyone back into reality. In the end, this is revealed to be an illusion that Otoha made for Hirose to see a book world that Hinata had made up when she was a child. Due to the connection between Otoha and Hinata, she thought that would be a good way to say farewell.

I wasn’t bothered by that episode. It was a final tribute to Hinata’s book that Otoha wanted to share with Hirose. Despite the randomness, it was kinda sweet.

Then we get to episode nine, which solidifies a relationship between Hirose and Hayami. That episode was also pretty sweet and cute, so I have no real problems yet.

Then we get to…….episode ten. Let’s backtrack – remember how I said Hirose was blind? Otoha grants him sight in the start of the series. No one questions why he suddenly has sight, but there it is.

In episode ten, since the Village Elder doesn’t want Hirose with Hayami, he reveals to Hirose that the Kohinata family, Hayami’s family, is the reason that Hirose’s mom killed herself.

The Kohinatas had set up an arranged marriage between his mother and a member of their family, but she met someone else, ran off, eloped and soon had Hirose. However, the Kohinata family soon found her and started pressuring her daily to divorce her husband and marry into their family. Details on what exactly ‘pressure’ means is beyond me. She couldn’t take the pressure anymore and jumped in front of a train one day when she was out with Hirose.

It is never, ever adequately explained, but I guess the emotional and mental trauma from that event caused him to go blind?

After Hirose learns of this, things seemingly go back to normal, but it’s soon obvious that Hirose can’t separate Hayami from her family. He begins having nightmares and hallucinations of Hayami dragging his mother in front of the train. This causes a few spontaneous emotional outbursts toward Hayami, which is unlike his gentle and quiet nature.

He drives Hayami away, and she becomes so angered that she starts beating a dam that was made to stop the water during the current rainstorm. Two of the harsher bullies from her school walk up, and she eggs them on saying that she’s going to destroy the town just like their parents said she would. The two bullies beat the crap out of her, and she continues to egg them on until one of them tries to strangle/drown her in the water.

She’s saved but walks away from the scene before she can get any medical attention.

She runs into Hirose, who doesn’t even ask her if she’s okay when she’s obviously been beaten to a pulp. He tries to apologize for what happened and says that he doesn’t blame her, but she prods and says that she is responsible. He snaps and starts beating the crap out of her while blaming her for his mother’s death. He stops his frenzy when he realizes that she’s unconscious and he faints as well.

This is where I fell off the wagon.

Hirose yelling at Hayami and having nightmares would be partly understandable. It has to be confusing to find out that your girlfriend is related to the people who drove your mother to suicide, so that might drive up bad memories and maybe a nightmare or two, but she had nothing to do with it! Just like she had nothing to do with anything else that she’s taking abuse for. In addition, it’s not like her family actually killed her or anything. They just pressured her to marry into their family.

Hirose’s a gigantic hypocrite. He was on everyone’s asses for blaming Hayami for the pain and suffering caused in the village when she was just a child who had nothing to do with it, yet here he is doing exactly that.

This entire show is built around the premise that Hayami is and must be a martyr. She must pay for her family’s sins and take all of the flak from the villagers despite being innocent for everything. It ridiculous.

Hayami wakes up and, despite being badly hurt, she is not in any life-threatening danger. Hirose, however, has yet to wake up. When he does wake up, he tells them that he’s gone blind again.

But hold on! We have a plot twist!

It turns out that Hirose had never regained his sight to begin with, and that he had fooled himself into thinking that he had. This is proven by mistaking details in a photo that he’s supposedly seen and showing drawings and writing he made that are scribbles.

So, yeah…..Hirose’s insane. He eventually gets so bad that he believes Hayami is his mother and that he’s a small child again.

After a big climax in which Hirose saves Hayami’s life from the villagers (They were going to kill her because she was going to leave…Yeah, that makes sense), he says he’ll protect his mother, Hayami.

Hirose’s uncle decides that it would be best to move him back to the old apartment that he and his mother used to live in back in Tokyo. Hirose’s father is never seen, by the way, which is incredibly weird. He’s all you have left now, he’s blind, yet you can’t even visit him? His uncle suggests that Hayami go with Hirose to act as his mother until he gets better.

Hayami and Hirose move, and they go through a few months with Hayami working as a paper-girl (those still exist?) and Hirose just hanging out because he’s so mentally ill.

One day, as they’re out shopping, Hayami tells Hirose that he has to believe that his mother loved him and didn’t abandon him like he thought. She had actually sacrificed her life for him after he tried to catch his ball that bounced across the railroad tracks.

To push the fact even further, I hope you’re sitting down for this, Hayami kills herself by throwing herself in front of a train just like his mother did. And just as she does that, his blindness is cured and he’s mentally sound.

No, I’m not kidding. In essence, to help someone get over a traumatizing event, just traumatize them again with something else. It’ll even clear up their physical disabilities!

He gets over his blindness AND gets over his crazy-ness by watching his girlfriend kill herself in the same way that his mother did? Just….just….wha–it….

Wouldn’t that just make him crazier?? Also…..hey, wait a second… If Hayami knew that, why did she let Hirose believe that her family drove his mother to suicide? Ugh, nevermind.

I’m not a doctor, but I believe I could find it plausible that someone could lose their sight after watching something particularly terrible and traumatic. At the very least, in an anime. I can even believe that he tricked himself into thinking that he had his sight back when he really didn’t, even if that does raise a multitude of questions (Like, how was he walking around town just fine? Why didn’t his friends think it was weird that Hirose was acting like he could see if he clearly couldn’t? If he never got his sight back, was Otoha just screwing with him? Just how?!) But him being cured of his supposed blindness AND mental illness by watching Hayami kill herself?

Oh and that’s not all. The end credits show everybody about 6-7 years in the future where Hinata is now the village elder (Where are her parents exactly?) and a baby is there too. (No, it’s not Hirose’s kid. It’s actually Hamaji’s, but it’s a long story. Dunno why they had that weird plotpoint in there. Hamaji was a really minor character…)

Hirose, full with sight and mental soundness, and his uncle have built a windmill where Hirose met Hayami because she loved pinwheels and windmills. All’s fine and dandy until a little girl runs up to Hirose while being chased by a boar. She looks, shockingly, like Otoha and is even named Otoha. She was reincarnated as a little girl and said that she pulled a lot of strings in the spirit world to pull ‘it’ off for him. When she runs off, he sees, yes, you guessed it, Hayami.

She was brought back to life thanks to Otoha. Because that won’t shock the living hell out of everyone in the village, will it? Then again, seeing as how his blindness being cured by Otoha wasn’t real, she could be an illusion for all we know too.

They could’ve completely avoided this if Hayami hadn’t been stupid enough to do that. The train sounds and alarm were enough to shock Hirose back to reality. She could’ve just pretended to kill herself, and that probably would’ve worked to get him back to normal. Gah!

I could’ve said “give this show a higher rating if you stop at episode seven” like the THEM review, but I can’t do that because episode seven would just leave you hanging on both Hirose and Hayami’s stories, so I’m kinda stuck.

The tone changes are also jarring. We can go from goofy and playful to sad and depressing to dark in mere minutes.

Hirose is a welcome change from your average harem main guy (even if we do have the mandatory beach episode where every girl is all over him and making him uncomfortable.) but he’s such a pushover when it comes to the girls. He’ll let them all push him around and he won’t say a thing about it. And like I said, if girls are the ones doing the bullying to Hayami, he won’t say a word. He just watches with a frown.

It’s really difficult to like any of the other main or side characters beyond Hirose and Hayami because, despite how they seem all cheery and happy, there’s this constant nagging in your head that these supposedly nice kids treat Hayami like complete garbage and don’t think they’re doing anything wrong. How can you like any of these characters when you know that they’re like that?

Art and Animation:
The art in this series was fairly good, but the girls are designed oddly. They have normal sized heads, but insanely thin stick bodies. It makes you wonder how their necks support their heads.

Music: The music is wonderful and fairly unique. The OP is good and the ED has become one of my personal favorites.

Voice Acting: Japanese – The voices and acting are all wonderful. Hirose in particular has a very fitting voice. It’s very kind and gentle, much like what I would picture for Yuki from Fruits Basket.

Bottom Line:
I enjoyed this anime for a while, but the ending really does kill it. Like…beat it with a shovel and set it on fire killed it. The main characters, by that I mean the main three, are usually likable, but I must reiterate that it’s really hard to like any of the side characters considering how they act around Hayami. The story, at least up until episodes seven and eight are great, if not somewhat frustrating at times, but the ending three episodes were so bad, it’s almost impressive.

It’s a ball of wtf wrapped in huh? and dipped in are you kidding me? It’s not a complete waste. The story between Hinata and Hayami, while being somewhat stupid at points, is nice. Hinata’s story is actually very interesting, and there are some heartwarming moments to be found there. If you’re a big fan of visual novel dramas and want something different than your usual fare, go right ahead and be very wary of the ending, but for anyone else, I’d say skip it.

Additional Information and Notes: H2O Footprints in the Sand was based on an eroge visual novel of the same name by Makura. The anime adaptation was produced by Zexcs and was directed by Hideki Tachibana.

Episodes: 12

Year: 2008

Recommended Audience: There is some predictable blindness fanservice in episode one (Whoops I can’t see, I’m gonna fall down a lot while girls fall with their butts on my face. I still don’t get how that would ever happen, logically. How would you have to fall in order to achieve that kind of position?) and mild fanservice throughout. There’s also some heavy themes and ‘scary’ moments. I’d say…..13+

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Dissecting the Disquels: Lady and the Tramp 2 – Scamp’s Adventure

Plot: Scamp is the runt of the litter of puppies that were born of Lady and Tramp, as well as the only male and the only one who takes on the appearance of Tramp instead of Lady. Scamp is sick and tired of being a house pet and longs for the adventure of being a ‘real dog’ out and about on the streets. He meets a junkyard gang of strays and wants to be with them, but the firm paw of his father’s rules are keeping him leashed to his house pet life.

Breakdown: I don’t have much of an opinion on Lady and the Tramp. I never watched it much as a kid, but it’s a pretty decent little flick. Plus it made everyone want to have at least one date where you shared a plate of spaghetti in hopes of getting that cute little kiss when in reality it’s just awkward and usually messy.

Lady and the Tramp 2, sadly, is another of those Disquels that is the original movie in reverse with the child taking the place of the parent. In the original, Tramp longed for a life as a house pet and eventually got his wish when he fell in love with Lady and was adopted by her caretakers. In this movie, Scamp hates his life as a house pet and wishes for a life as a street dog.

This is a Disquel I’ve actually seen several times because it would play constantly on the Disney channel for some reason. I remember enjoying it alright, but after a serious viewing, does that enjoyment still stand up?

Eh, pretty much. It’s a fairly harmless movie. While it may be called Lady and the Tramp 2, there’s a noticeable lack of Lady doing anything, and I mean anything. Tramp’s become an old stick in the mud because apparently everyone does that when they become parents…except Wendy from Peter Pan. He likes his nice quiet life at home with his mate and kids, the three (incredibly obnoxious) girls who look like Lady and the rambunctious Scamp who constantly causes trouble due to his desire to be a wild dog.

Scamp is pretty hard to like. He’s a kid so I can’t be too picky here in terms of his immature behavior, but that doesn’t mean it’s entertaining to watch. He’s one of those kids who acts like a hotshot then always falls on his ass, then he still acts like a hotshot after the fact.

He’s constantly whining about his life back home to the point where it’s just stupid. He actually complains about being told to eat all his food, sleep in a bed and to come in when it’s raining. And for even more confusion, during the song ‘Family’ he says with a happy expression that family’s always there with shelter from the rain.

Our romance angle with him is with the junkyard dog, Angel, who is a little too forward and flirty for a puppy (Keep in mind, we’re supposed to be taking these animal characters more or less like humans, being a Disney movie, so technically she’s the equivalent of a human child. To add to the creepiness, Buster, an adult dog the same age as Tramp, keeps treating Angel like his girlfriend, and Ruby, an even older dog, expresses sexual attraction towards Scamp…so yeah.)

Angel’s the exact opposite of Scamp in that she wants nothing more than to have a family and is appalled that Scamp is willing to give up his loving home for a cold life on the street. She’s a pretty good character, but she does come on too strong.

The romance angle is really a side story here anyway. For those wondering, they do revisit the whole spaghetti thing, but they change it up a bit to reflect the more child-like wild dogness of the two. However, the story here is really about family and Scamp learning a lesson about appreciating what he has instead of glorifying something bad.

Our antagonist in this movie is the aforementioned Buster, leader of the junkyard dogs and pretty much the biggest problem in the movie. Buster was supposedly Tramp’s best friend whom he ‘betrayed’ when he met Lady, fell in love and started a new life as a house dog.

Don’t remember Buster even though he seems like such an integral character to the first movie? That’s because he wasn’t in the first movie. He was completely made up for this movie alone. And given Buster’s intense hatred of Tramp, this is a big problem because they’re constantly drawing attention to the fact that he wasn’t in the first movie.

This can sometimes work. Take Zira from The Lion King 2 for example. She wasn’t seen in The Lion King, but she has an intense hatred of Simba and vice versa. While Simba’s hatred for her and the outlanders, barring their devotion to his evil uncle, isn’t explored very much, you can still believe to a degree that some lioness was a Scar fangirl, despite his suckiness as king, who basically had Stockholm syndrome and grew to hate Simba for killing Scar.

Hell, even in The Little Mermaid 2, despite never seeing or hearing about ‘Ursula’s crazy sister’ it was still a better situation because she wanted revenge for her sister…..the one she hated…Okay bad example. The point is, having a completely unknown character have a grudge based on something from a previous movie really only works if they’re somehow connected to something awful that happened to a character with prevalence in the original movie.

This, however, doesn’t work because the hatred is directly based on something Tramp did to Buster, and Buster never appeared in the first movie making it very apparent that this is a sloppy way to introduce a bad guy. And you know, they could’ve just said that Buster had a bad experience with a family when he was younger and now he hates house dogs, even former ones, with a passion, thus he by default harbors a hatred for Scamp, Tramp and even Angel when her secret gets revealed.

Buster isn’t even a really good villain. He reminds me of the slimy antagonists from old 1950s after school specials, right down to constantly calling the love interest his ‘girl’ only to have her constantly come back with her saying she’s not his girl.

There’s also a very noticeable lack of Buster and Tramp confrontation. They only see each other twice, and one of the those times Tramp barely says a word as Scamp has the reigns for most of that scene. If the main issue with Scamp, outside of being a (former) house dog is the fact that he’s Tramp’s kid, why are there not more of these scenes? Why isn’t the big battle against Buster? Why choose a big bulldog who doesn’t even say anything and has barely been a part of the plot to be the big finale villain?

Bottom Line: Despite the problems, it’s still a perfectly fine movie. It has some pretty good music, with the incredibly sappy ‘Family’ being my only complaint in that regard. The story’s not groundbreaking, and you can definitely lay out everything that will happen from basically the first scene, but that doesn’t mean that the ride’s not enjoyable. The art and animation are pretty good. The colors still have that Disquel overly-brightness to them, but that’s okay. Scamp’s not terribly annoying and the story’s fine.

Maybe I’d feel different if I had a deeper connection with the original movie, but as it stands, it’s one of the more tolerable Disquels that you’d probably have no issue sitting through at least once.

Recommended Audience: There’s some mild violence, and maybe I’m looking too much into the pedo angle, but eh. 6+

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Episode One-Derland (Cartoons) Zevo-3

Plot: Based off of redesigned characters from a Sketchers commercial (please don’t leave) Zevo-3 is about three teenagers who get superpowers after getting covered in the mysterious substance known as Zevo. Dr. Stankfoot, creator of the Zevo, reawakened from being turned to stone after an incident involving the Zevo several decades ago, is also mutated with the ability to spawn monsters from his oozing footsteps. The newly created superheroes, Matt AKA Kewl Breeze, Jason AKA Z-strap and Ellie AKA Elasticka fight the monsters set from Dr. Stankfoot to protect the citizens of New Eden City.

Breakdown: My thoughts going into this were openminded. Cool series have been based on sillier origins. Just because they’re based on characters from a Sketchers commercial and the fact that this is produced by Sketchers Entertainment in conjunction with Nicktoons should not damn them right off the bat.

My thoughts going out of this were ‘Thanks for abusing my ever dwindling ability to not make snap judgments, Zevo-3…’

My God, this as a show and as a first episode are a total mess. The first half is dedicated to showing us, through video files and flashbacks, the origins of the Zevo and how the three teenagers got their powers. This is so sloppily done it’s depressing. There’s exposition dumps and then there’s that. The way the entire episode is structured, there’s really no reason why that information couldn’t have been given to us in real time. Show us what happened with Dr. Foot and his Zevo as an introduction to the episode, flash forward to where we are now, show the kids getting their powers and then sic the monster on them. Very simple, very effective formula that has worked beautifully through many other similar shows.

Why have us start out showing the group screwing around then them watching a video of the origins of Zevo? One that doesn’t even make sense in its creation. Who was filming Dr. Foot doing those things? Why is that in government computers? Why would Matt hack government computers and frame his school for the illegal acts just to make a pointless video instead of just telling his friends the story?

Ellie even states that if someone is caught for something like that they’d get 20 to life in prison and then they show some seemingly nice elderly person who works at the school getting taken away by huge government guys in weird armor. Way to make the first act of our main character both illegal and completely cruel to some poor lady.

And then Matt pesters Jason and Ellie into telling them the story of how they got their powers on camera, again, for really no reason, and we see what happened through two separate flashbacks.

Just to get this out of the way, yes, there are several pokes at feet throughout this series for no reason. The destroyed city that Dr. Foot was working in was Stank city. Dr. Foot’s name is a foot reference clearly. His villain name is Dr. Stankfoot and his power comes from his oozing feet. Despite all this, though, they don’t mention Sketchers or sneakers once so I guess we can be thankful for lack of product placement.

However, there is no lack of stupid names. Z-Strap? What the hell does that even mean? His powers are supposedly metal based, which makes no sense to me because I could’ve sworn his little accident with the Zevo involved shards of glass going into his arms, which, by the way, friggin’ ouch. What do straps or….Zs have to do with metal?

Kewl Breeze?

His powers are ice based, so at least his name makes a bit more sense, but this cartoon came out in, wait for it……..


I thought we got over this a long time ago, for the most part anyway.

This show is so living in the 90s. The styles of the clothes, the way they talk and their slang, and even their superhero outfits just reek of ‘dated’, especially Kewl Breeze’s.

Oh and as you can tell, they put the first letters of their superhero names on their outfits.

Actually, scratch that, THEY didn’t. These outfits come with their powers for absolutely no reason. They activate their powers and boom they change clothes. I can’t in good conscience mark that off too harshly because, as a lover of magical girl anime, I know that’s a very common thing in ‘superhero’ shows, but it just really makes no sense. This Zevo stuff is like radioactive goop. It’s not specifically designed to make heroes. It didn’t give Dr. Foot a fancy new outfit. It just made him ugly…..and Joker-looking, which isn’t helped by the fact that he’s voiced by Mark freakin’ Hamill who must’ve needed a quick paycheck.

The kids must’ve seen the letters on their costumes and made names that matched up with them, which might actually help justify ‘Z-strap’ and the K for cool, but not really.

As for the second half of this episode, it’s very typical superhero fare. A monster is unleashed on the city, the heroes beat it. The main baddie recharges to fight another day, and we get foreshadowing of a bigger threat looming over the city….actually it’s not really foreshadowed. They outright tell us that the creator of New Eden City, a city which was basically made as a post-disaster utopia where apparently, according to Jason, nothing ever goes wrong, is a big bad guy who’s all evil despite making off like a messiah.

Speaking of New Eden City, that is pretty much the only thing that is really interesting and good in this series so far. A paradise-like city built on ruins after the Zevo disaster, I think anyway, run by a corrupt official is a little interesting. Nothing really terribly creative, but interesting.

The fight between the kids and the monster is okay, I guess, but it seems like their powers are really inconsistent. I thought Kewl Breeze just had ice powers. But he can fly? And he can be thrown THROUGH several buildings at once and get up like it’s nothing?

I thought Z-strap just had control over metal? He can fly too?

They all seem indestructible and they all inexplicably also have super speed. And I’m just going by the powers displayed in this first episode.

Speaking of powers, Elasticka’s is so dumb. Her name implies that she is stretchy like Mr. Fantastic, but no, it’s just that her hair is super stretchy and can grow to insane lengths. Her flight is somewhat explained by the fact that she can spin her hair super fast and fly like Tails from Sonic, but she also floats when her hair isn’t spinning, so I dunno.

Getting to the characters;

Jason: He’s the tough guy loner of the group, and if you forget that, he wears a shirt with a frowny face on it. I’m not even kidding. Jason’s a bit annoying because he can come off like a jerk quite often. His superhero design is my favorite one though, mostly because for some reason it reminds me of Snake Eyes from GI Joe.

Ellie: Matt’s older sister, she shares a very typical dynamic with Matt in that she picks on him sometimes, is very annoyed by his antics but shows that she loves him when the situation calls for it. She’s also a gymnast who seems to have no reprehension fighting these monsters, which is nice, but she’s pretty bland overall.

Matt: He’s apparently a super genius and is very much a typical tween boy. He’s amazed by these powers and the fact that they’re superheroes now. He loves anything deemed as ‘cool’ and he frequently speaks in slang. Matt is voiced by Dante Basco, who seems to just be doing this whole character as Jake Long from American Dragon only higher pitched. Outside of Matt’s genius, they’re basically the exact same character.

Dr. Stankfoot & Ronson: Stankfoot’s not really a villain you can take entirely seriously mostly because of his silly behavior in the final shot of him in this episode. Ronson, the guy who created New Eden City, is the only threat we can take seriously. He has full government control behind the scenes, a great public persona and even states outright that if Zevo-3, which I guess is what the team are going to call themselves, go against him that they’ll be killed without question.

Art and Animation: Both are really cheap. Nothing stands out as a design on quite literally anything. In fact, I could swear that Kewl Breeze’s outfit is a complete ripoff of another character design from the 90’s possibly from some toy line, I just can’t place it. Ellie’s design particularly annoys me. Because her power is her hair it’s almost like the animators decided to make her head look too big to help make the animation easier or something.

Music: Completely generic and forgettable.

Voice Acting: While I give nothing but respect to Dante Basco and Mark Hamill, it really feels like everyone here is phoning it in. Mark Hamill’s channeling his Joker voice for this Joker rip off, and Dante Basco is channeling Jake Long for a very Jake Long-ish character.

Jason is voiced by Bryton James, whom you may know more as Richie from Family Matters. He’s also Static on Young Justice, but I really just find it weird that I stumbled upon Richie from Family Matters….

Ellie is voiced by Kari Wahlgren who I’m ashamed to have not recognized sooner as she’s the voice of Haruko from FLCL, Robin from Witch Hunter Robin, Saber from the Fate franchise and a crapton of other things. She has really good range.

The best performance goes to Kevin Michael Richardson as Ronson whom you may know from an equally long list of things, live-action and western animation alike, but I know in particular as Trigon from Teen Titans, Gantu from Lilo and Stitch and even Action Hank from Dexter’s Lab. Oh and even more coincidentally, he also voiced the Joker in The Batman.


There is no substance to keep me coming around. For kids who haven’t seen many other shows in a superhero genre, this is probably okay, but as a first episode this is just very sloppy, and if you’ve seen even a few other superhero shows, based on comics or otherwise, you’ve likely seen better superhero shows.

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Creative Blogger QUADRA KILL!


I’ve been nominated for a Creative Blogger Award by *deep breath* Muranodo of Otaku Academia, Krystallina of Daiyamanga, Lazarinth of Fantasy and Anime and Cassidy Cornblatt of Funny Anime Pics. Thank you all very much for your nominations, and don’t worry this isn’t some rinky-dink ‘one ring response to rule them all’ thing. I am doing every one of your award posts in an ultra award THROWDOWN!

Before we get started with this little project, let’s go over the rules of the award.

1 – Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.

2 – Share 5 facts about yourself.

3 – Nominate 15-20 bloggers and add their links.

4 – Notify the bloggers you nominated.

5 – Keep the rules in your post to make it easy for everyone to know what to do!


Now let’s knockout our first award; I believe Krystallina of Daiyamanga nominated me first. Thank you very much for the nomination, and while the rules don’t indicate that the facts have to have a theme, someone who nominated me for this said it’d be better to have a theme and that does seem like it would spice up this mass award post so let’s start with facts from my childhood. Just basically start every entry with ‘When I was a kid…’

1 – ….I believed tomboys were an entirely different gender. I don’t know why I thought that, but the belief didn’t last long. I was pretty adamant about it for a while for some reason.

2 – …..I threw all of my sister’s nail polish out my window….at her. I don’t know why, but I was a pretty crappy shot either way. Most of the bottles ended up in the bush outside my house, only a few of them broke and only one hit my sister in the arm.

3 – …..I was obsessed with wearing a Chuck E. Cheese t-shirt. I would wear it every. Single. Day. To first grade. I would take it off to get it washed of course, but I wore it so often that apparently my teacher had voiced concerns to my parents over my home life. They explained everything, of course, and I soon had to give up my poor t-shirt because it was being washed and worn so often that the cheap t-shirt was wearing out and getting holes. RIP Chuck E. Cheese shirt.

4 – ….I once got so queasy/scared (?) on a Tilt-o-Whirl that my mom freaked out while watching me on the ride. She urged the operator to stop the ride, they did, I got off, and I have never ever gotten on another spinning ride ever again. I honestly only vaguely remember it, and I still don’t remember whether I was sick or scared, but I still just won’t go on spinning rides. No.

5 – ….I was a complete Nickelodeon nut, specifically Rugrats. If something had the Nickelodeon logo on it, I wanted it. My parents would constantly get me Rugrats stuff, and the first movie release I ever got excited over was Rugrats the First Movie. I even saw Rugrats Live! And I begged my parents to let me get braces so that I could get orange ones that spelled out ‘Nickelodeon’ (I saw it on Slime Time Live! And no, they didn’t let me even though I eventually developed a need for braces) My love lasted well into my teens and even now I still venture there, even if the quality of their shows has just gotten sad over the years. They may still get a gem every now and then, but their treatment of Korra really just made me ashamed of them as a company.


Second award up to bat was a nomination by Cassidy Cornblatt of Funny Anime Pics. Thank you very much for nominating me, and I have decided that the theme for this award post will be guilty pleasures.

1 – I like Batman and Robin and Batman Forever. Yes, they’re awful movies….really awful movies, but I both love them in a bad movie sense and in their send up to the 1966 Batman series as I am a huge fan of that series.

2 – I still love listening to the Backstreet Boys and N*Sync, yet I’m a huge hypocrite in basically instantly hating all current boy bands.

3 – I like Nickelback and Daughtry. They’re far from my favorite bands, but I still like their music most of the time. I honestly don’t get the massive hate on the former.

4 – I’m never able to catch it anymore, but I always liked watching Maury. The people act ridiculous and fake, the subjects are sometimes really dumb, but I do like watching to see who is and is not the father.

5 – I like Dog with a Blog. Hear me out; the show itself can actually be pretty funny. Ironically, I find the absolute worst aspect of the show to be the damn dog. No plotline with Stan is funny. No line that comes out of Stan’s mouth is funny, in fact most jokes are just pokes at the fact that HURR HURR He’s a dog! The fact that he has a blog isn’t even really a significant part of the show. It’s just there. It’s like they had a nice cast for a decent family sitcom, realized they didn’t have a hook and boom they tossed in a talking dog, realized that has been done to death, so they gave him a blog.


Third award up was nomination by Muranodo of Otaku Academia. Thank you very much for the nomination. I have decided that the theme for this one will be crushes on characters/celebrities through my life barring Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender and Hatsuharu from Fruits Basket as I’ve already spoken of them previously.

1 – Billy from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. I had more Red and White Ranger stuff for some reason, but I have always had a crush on Billy from MMPR. In fact, I’d wager he was my first crush ever, though that’s questionable.

2 – Luke Skywalker from Star Wars. The Empire Strikes back was so good for Luke fanservice…..*cough* That aside, I’m not sure I really ever would’ve became a Star Wars fan at first if I never developed a crush on him. I love the series as a whole for a slue of reasons, but my crush still stands.

3 – Justin Bartha: the main reason why I grew to love National Treasure so much. You may also know him as that guy who is supposed to be the fourth best friend in the ‘wolf pack’ from The Hangover movies. You probably don’t though because his part is always extremely minor in those movies for some dumb reason.

4 – David Boreanaz: Bones, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. To be honest, when I first watched Buffy, I had a bit of a crush on Seth Green, and while I still do a little, my attention skewed almost entirely to David Boreanaz as Angel. I stalked him through the television box to Angel and quickly fell in love with Bones when I saw he starred in it, even though I don’t much care for the show anymore due to a mess of reasons.

5 – Misha Collins: Supernatural. I guess this counts as both because I have a crush on both him and his character of Castiel (And no I’m not the type who can’t differentiate between actor and character). He’s just such an awesome and hilarious guy.


Finally, my fourth nomination was given to me by Lazarinth of Fantasy and Anime. Thank you very much for your nomination, and I since I’m already spent on coming up with topics I have decided this one will be completely random facts.

1 – My favorite color is purple and I hate the color yellow.

2 – I was born with long jet black hair that eventually fell out and was later replaced by dirty blond hair until my hair turned brown in my teens. Apparently this is perfectly normal, but my parents still talk about it saying how I looked like a little Elvis.

3 – I have a four-inch birthmark on my left hand. My mother, thinking it was dirt, apparently tried furiously to scrub it off when I was a child, cleaning it with every safe cleaner she could get her hands on. It was only later when she realized that it was a birth mark. Also, I love my birth mark. It’s not in a special shape or anything (kinda like a boomerang or maybe Florida….I’m so good at descriptions) but I’d never think of having it removed.

4 – I was once knocked unconscious after falling off of a giant Onix made of snow that me and my class made. My teacher didn’t call the nurse, I got a big bruise on my butt and I only now realized that I am probably the only person alive to actually get knocked out by a Pokemon.

Similarly, I was once thrown several feet in front of my ATV after slamming it into a snow banking. The ATV wasn’t damaged, my parents never found out and I learned I am incredibly stupid for playing Chicken with a snow banking….

5 – My favorite season is Autumn for several reasons. The heat from summer is gone, and the cool breezes of fall return. The trees are insanely gorgeous. NO GODDAMN BUGS. Halloween. Thanksgiving. The various scents such as pumpkin, maple, spices etc. and horror movie marathons.


Well, that’s all I got for you guys this time. This was an awesome award post, and thanks again to everyone who nominated me for the Creative Blogger Award.

Speaking of nominations, the rules state that I have to nominate 15 – 20 blogs….which means, collectively, I’d have to put together 60 – 80 nominees....Yeah….yeah that’s not happening. But I did scour my list of blogs that I follow, tried to exclude those who are inactive and those who have done a lot of awards recently or done this award already/recently and gathered as many awesome nominees as possible for this. So, prepare yourselves, because here they are!

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Cardcaptor Sakura Episode 4 Sub/Dub Comparison

Behold! The most adorable thing to nearly destroy Sakura’s house!

Card(s) of the Day:

Wood: Typically a docile card, Wood creates various plants such as trees and vines. However, it can go out of control when under the influence of water cards such as Rain.

Rain: A prankster at heart, Rain causes, well, rain. While typically harmless in its pranks, it does have its moments when it can get completely out of control.

Plot: Sakura is stuck in the house doing chores when she wanted to be out at an amusement park. As she’s cleaning, she finds two cards. The Wood card and a card covered in ink. The Wood card soon starts going crazy against its gentle nature and starts taking over the house. Can Sakura seal the card before it completely destroys her home?


Title Change: Sakura’s Tiring Sunday is changed to An Unexpected Find.

They cut out a fairly long scene after Toya brings out the board. Sakura has a flashback. Her friend, Rina, had a recital last week and she got Toya to take over her chores so that she could go. She agreed to do all of the chores on Sunday if he covered for her. Then we cut to another scene where she’s in front of the board. In the dub, they cut straight from Tori bringing out the board to her dad bringing out the laundry.

In the original, right before we see the conversation between Sakura and Tomoyo, we see another shot of the whiteboard. In the dub, they replace the whiteboard with another shot of Sakura’s house.

They edit out a front shot of Tomoyo’s backpack and picnic lunch.

Nothing like a nauseating girly pop song to accompany a cleaning montage.

They edit out the Japanese text on the washing machine buttons. Pulling a 4Kids…




They edit out a scene where I guess Sakura’s….lint rolling the rug? That’s not something that’s usually done in America, so I guess they edited it…

Oh, so Kero can have spiral eyes, but Sakura can’t? Real fair…

Dub Sakura: “I’m getting pretty good at this capturing thing!” Yeah, because randomly finding cards strewn about the house while you clean requires a lot of skill as a Cardcaptor. In the original, she just says in a sing-song manner that she needs a wet towel to wash off the card.

Oh great. Another long cut thanks to Yukito existing. After Sakura drops off her father’s envelope, Yukito shows up having just finished playing a game of basketball as a helper for the school team. Sakura explains that Yukito’s not a real team member in any sport, but he is regularly asked to play as a helper because he’s great at a lot of sports.

Yukito then asks Sakura if she’d like to have lunch with him at the restaurant in which Toya is currently working. Toya explains that Yukito eats about three times as much as he does, and they have lunch together. She then basically dances home gushing over Yukito.

Nelvana cut out this entire scene and cut straight from Sakura waving goodbye to her dad to her arriving home.

During the scene where Kero and Sakura are going downstairs to investigate the noise, you see Sakura going downstairs crying because she thinks it’s a ghost. They edit out Sakura crying and just show Kero going downstairs.

I love how Sakura has time to get dressed in a costume when her house is about to be ripped up by a tree…

They edit out Kero flying by while eating a sandwich, and they edit out Sakura’s derp-ish expression as she’s embarrassed.

Rain’s an adorable card. ❤

Instead of Madison making a stupid joke (“Is there a cleaning card?”) Tomoyo offers her help in cleaning the house and then Kero and Sakura hug her while crying and thanking her.

Next episode, Jump’s debut. Sakura befriends a local toy store owner, but finds that she needs to save her store from the antics of the Jump card.

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Free Spirit Award!

Fujoshika of Fujoshitep has nominated me for a Free Spirit award! Thank you very much for the nomination, and this really looks like a cool award to tackle. I don’t see any rules listed, but I assume from Fujoshika’s post that I’m meant to answer their prompt, “The things that help you stay motivated to blog,” with five answers, nominate a handful of other people and give them a different prompt of my making. With that said, let’s get started.

1 – Love of Writing/Rambling/Ranting

I love anime, manga and animation as a whole. I also love expressing my thoughts on these topics through writing. Even if I don’t plan on actually posting something online, I find it fun to write out my thoughts on it. I can even return to these posts/papers later to see if my views have changed or if I was being unfair about the whole thing. I do love ranting, but it can certainly get you into trouble if you don’t properly understand what you’re ranting about. I tend to write way more than I really should, and I have been called out on this by some of my friends several times, especially when I used to write fanfics, but I really do just love to write, ramble and rant. Blogging gives me a great opportunity (and excuse, hehe) to really explore…anything in a thorough manner and share my opinions with others.

2 – Learning New Facts/Hearing Other Opinions

While I am usually somewhat stubborn about my opinions, I do change my opinions or views if new information or ways of looking at the situation are brought to my attention. Ever since I started blogging, I’ve been getting interesting and fun feedback from friends and strangers alike. They can strengthen my opinion, help me change it or at least give me a better understanding of the other half. I love learning about certain aspects of shows, movies, manga etc. that I never heard of before, and blogging gives me a great opportunity to do so.

3 – Entertainment of Others

I love all comments, non-spam of course, but I especially love when someone finds a review or an analysis particularly funny or fun to read. I adore making people laugh, I love when I can actually come up with views or analysis that makes people reconsider something or learn something new, and I love when people just enjoy reading what I write. That’s part of what makes writing as a whole so enjoyable for me, and it’s one of the ways I get motivated to keep cranking out posts.

4 – Organization

As weird as it is, blogging helps keep me organized on what I have reviewed and watched/read, what I need to re-analyze, what I should watch in the future and more. It also helps motivate me to seek out sequels and prequels to stuff I’ve watched/read.

5 – Fun

In the end, I just find blogging to be fun. Does it sometimes take a toll? Yes. Even the most fun activities would get old or trying after a while of doing it constantly. There’s never any harm in taking a break, but it really is a lot of fun. Hell, I have fun tweaking the various aspects of the site like widgets, sections and layout. I did not mean for that to sound so nerdy, but there ya go.

My prompt for the nominees: “Little things in life that never cease to put a smile on your face.”


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Have fun, guys, and visit their blogs because fun and wonder await you there. OooOOOooo!