Episode One-derland (Cartoons) Yin Yang Yo!

Plot: The world is mostly blind to the mystical evil around them, and there’s only one force in the world left to take them on – the siblings Yin and Yang who are being trained in the magical martial arts style of Wu Fu by their lazy master Yo.

Breakdown: Well, at least that’s what I found on their plot synopsis. The story gathered from this episode is that Yin and Yang are the sole students of Yo who teaches them the mystical martial art style of Wu Fu and that’s about it.

This is a really messy first episode, and I mostly mean that by the writing and pacing. The introductions of the characters are fine, though their personalities are horribly cliché especially for the early 2000s. They have a very typical older sister younger brother dynamic. Yin is kinda a feminist who is also very responsible and girly. Yang is more interested in goofing off and doing anything he deems as cool. He also wants to be accepted into groups that are seen as cool. And in the end they prove that they really love each other.

Yo’s not very characterized at all here. He seems a little lazy, but that’s it.

The pacing in this episode is exhausting. It never takes a damn break. Granted, it’s ten minutes long so rushing might be excused, but I could barely keep up. It constantly makes cuts and edits and rushes around like it’s on speed.

They try way too hard to make the antagonist of this episode, uhhhh…..the ultimoose martial arts teacher guy (?) to be funny. They put on a ‘Mr. Crocker’ act a bit with him having him spout out words or gibberish enunciated with random body movements.

I just never got into it. I never laughed or cracked a smile, the action wasn’t interesting or creative enough to keep my attention, and neither were the characters.

Even the art was fairly ugly with weird shaped characters and boring backgrounds. I don’t even know why everyone in this show is an animal. Our two main characters are bunnies, their teacher is a panda, the ultimoose guy is a moose obviously, there was a monkey in the class. Granted, a lot of shows exist in worlds where everyone is an animal for really no reason (Kung Fu Panda might be the best comparison in that regard) but I just don’t see the point.


It pretty much fails to me as a starter episode, and the show just doesn’t give me any reason to want to continue. Really hyper kids with a love of fake martial arts, magic and animals might enjoy it better.

Recommended Audience: Some incredibly minor instances of potty humor like underwear jokes and showing someone on a toilet, both of which alone are meant to be jokes, but that’s the worst of it. E for everyone.

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