Episode One-Derland – Akazukin Chacha

Plot: Chacha is a novice witch under the tutelage of the greatest magician in the world, Seravy. However, she frequently messes up even basic spells, making Seravy nervous to send her to magic school.

To help her out, he gives her a magical pendant to wear along with a magical bracelet and ring that she is meant to give to two close friends that she can trust. A mysterious evil force tries to destroy Seravy by tricking his nemesis, Dorothy, into kidnapping and imprisoning him. Can Chacha, her friend Riiya and friend turned ally Shiine save Seravy?

Breakdown: This show is awesome.

It’s hilarious, cute, the magic is interesting, the characters are memorable, and I just had a blast watching the first episode.

It does a good job of establishing the main characters as well as the world that they live in, everyone has their own unique quirks and personalities that let them stand out and shine, and the comedic timing was spot on.

I was already on board with a fully magical world aspect to begin with, even if the Little Red Riding Hood aspect still confuses me….there were no witches in that fairy tale. Is that just the theme for the magical girl powers?

Speaking of which – magical girl show! Don’t say ‘Duh.’ I mean legit magical girl not just a girl with magic powers.

The three items that she gets can be activated by three words said by every recipient of the items. Chacha, with the pendant has to say ‘Love’….and of course she gets ‘Love’ Every girl with a specific trait as a specialty always gets ‘Love.’ Riiya, a boy who is in love with Chacha and can transform into a dog, says ‘Courage,’ while the aforementioned kinda enemy turned ally named Shiine says ‘Hope’.

In all honesty, and really not just because the ‘love’ thing makes me kinda bitter, Chacha should get ‘Hope,’ Riiya should get ‘Love,’ and Shiine should get ‘Courage.’ Chacha is full of hope in actually mastering her magic. The first character trait we see of Riiya is his undying love of Chacha. Shiine gets courage because……it’s the third one. Hey cut me some slack. He shows no signs of ‘Hope’ either.

When they speak these words, Chacha gets about five years older and changes outfits to become Magical Princess……Not the most creative magical girl name, but whatever. So my soft spot for magical girl shows was fully taken advantage of here.

The looming evil is kept in shadow and we’re never made aware of who he is nor why he wants to get rid of Seravy, but that adds tension to the overall storyline.


I can’t wait for more fun with Chacha and the others. 🙂

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