Free Spirit Award!

Fujoshika of Fujoshitep has nominated me for a Free Spirit award! Thank you very much for the nomination, and this really looks like a cool award to tackle. I don’t see any rules listed, but I assume from Fujoshika’s post that I’m meant to answer their prompt, “The things that help you stay motivated to blog,” with five answers, nominate a handful of other people and give them a different prompt of my making. With that said, let’s get started.

1 – Love of Writing/Rambling/Ranting

I love anime, manga and animation as a whole. I also love expressing my thoughts on these topics through writing. Even if I don’t plan on actually posting something online, I find it fun to write out my thoughts on it. I can even return to these posts/papers later to see if my views have changed or if I was being unfair about the whole thing. I do love ranting, but it can certainly get you into trouble if you don’t properly understand what you’re ranting about. I tend to write way more than I really should, and I have been called out on this by some of my friends several times, especially when I used to write fanfics, but I really do just love to write, ramble and rant. Blogging gives me a great opportunity (and excuse, hehe) to really explore…anything in a thorough manner and share my opinions with others.

2 – Learning New Facts/Hearing Other Opinions

While I am usually somewhat stubborn about my opinions, I do change my opinions or views if new information or ways of looking at the situation are brought to my attention. Ever since I started blogging, I’ve been getting interesting and fun feedback from friends and strangers alike. They can strengthen my opinion, help me change it or at least give me a better understanding of the other half. I love learning about certain aspects of shows, movies, manga etc. that I never heard of before, and blogging gives me a great opportunity to do so.

3 – Entertainment of Others

I love all comments, non-spam of course, but I especially love when someone finds a review or an analysis particularly funny or fun to read. I adore making people laugh, I love when I can actually come up with views or analysis that makes people reconsider something or learn something new, and I love when people just enjoy reading what I write. That’s part of what makes writing as a whole so enjoyable for me, and it’s one of the ways I get motivated to keep cranking out posts.

4 – Organization

As weird as it is, blogging helps keep me organized on what I have reviewed and watched/read, what I need to re-analyze, what I should watch in the future and more. It also helps motivate me to seek out sequels and prequels to stuff I’ve watched/read.

5 – Fun

In the end, I just find blogging to be fun. Does it sometimes take a toll? Yes. Even the most fun activities would get old or trying after a while of doing it constantly. There’s never any harm in taking a break, but it really is a lot of fun. Hell, I have fun tweaking the various aspects of the site like widgets, sections and layout. I did not mean for that to sound so nerdy, but there ya go.

My prompt for the nominees: “Little things in life that never cease to put a smile on your face.”


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Have fun, guys, and visit their blogs because fun and wonder await you there. OooOOOooo!