Episode One-Derland: Zettai Bouei Leviathan

Plot: Evil insect-like beings known as the Lucasite have landed on the water planet of Aquafall and threaten to cause destruction to the planet. A fairy named Syrup wishes to collect powerful mages to form the Aquafall Defense. The girls she has selected for this task are the water mage, Leviathan, the fire mage, Bahamut and the earth mage, Jormungandr.

Breakdown: Still a sucker for magical girl anime, which this basically is, but this first episode isn’t much to write home about.

It succeeds in introducing us to the main leads fairly well, but not much else is explored properly.

Leviathan is seemingly the main main character of the three. She has a weird personality that I can’t quite peg. On one hand, she seems shy, yet on another she seems melancholy and blunt. On yet another, she’s quite emotional, and on the other she can be stone faced and tough. It’s like they roll a die to see which temperament she’ll have in the next scene.

As mentioned, she has power over water and she can turn into a sort of dragon-humanoid hybrid based on her element of water. She seems to actually be somewhat poor at water magic, but a flashback reveals that she used to be quite the water mage until her older brother vanished. Now she can only do water magic well when she’s particularly emotionally charged.

Bahamut is the youngest of the crew. She doesn’t seem to have much luck with her fire magic, and, unlike Leviathan, we get no real insight as to why this is, besides her age. She’s the daughter of a very well respected and powerful fire mage named Rage Row, and that’s all the background we have on her so far.

Despite her lack of luck in fire magic, she is more than willing to stand up for others. She’s a tad immature, overestimates herself and is pretty hardheaded, but she seems to mean well. Her voice can be very irritating, however, in spite of her VA’s, Eri Kitamura’s, impressive resume.

Jomungandr has the least amount of information given thusfar. She’s supposedly the earth based one of the group, but we never see her do anything with her magic. She is shown to be exceptionally strong, however, wielding a huge axe and tables like they’re paper. She is the tough one of the group who works as a delivery person for some guy named Travis. I can see her becoming my favorite character.

These three really started seeming familiar….and then it hit me.

They’re the Powerpuff girls.

That might be stretching it a little since Bahamut doesn’t seem to like being cutesy like Bubbles and Leviathan’s personality really needs to be solidified more before she can fully fit Blossom, but they fit the trio of archetypes, and you can’t convince me that Jormungandr isn’t Buttercup.

Conspiracies aside, our final main character of the group is Syrup, the fairy. Syrup is a little annoying, but not


She doesn’t have much to her so far besides the fact that she has a big appetite, appreciates justice and I guess fighting, and that she always tells the truth, which seems to be a facet of fairies as a whole.

The villains are the main problem in their introduction. All we see of the Lucasites so far is a beetle-like bug the size of an iPad flying around smacking the girls in the face until it is fairly easily dispatched. Outside of a little explanation by Syrup, we get nothing else.

Instead, our main antagonists for this episode are a bunch of random thugs who were hitting on some random girl in the street. Both Bahamut and Syrup piss them off by defending the girl and Leviathan and Jormungandr get caught up in the fight and end up having a huge mostly off-screen battle with the thugs, resulting in the lot of them destroying some poor lady’s bar. The girls then lament that they didn’t get their food or tea and then laugh, end episode…..

The world that they live in is interesting to a degree. Some of the people seem based on dragons with scales and stuff and some just seem like humans with pointy ears. Some seem to be mages and others aren’t.

The names of the girls are based on beings from mythology. Leviathan is taken from that of a sea monster. Bahamut is taken from a giant fish (with no connection to fire outside of seemingly living in an abyss that includes fire). And Jormungandr is taken from a world-squeezing sea serpent. Seeing as how the girls all possess the ability to turn into dragon-humanoid creatures, these seem pretty fitting.

The art is just okay. The OP makes Leviathan’s transformed state look great, however. The colors pop and the lineart is decent enough. Nothing’s particularly detailed very much. The animation, done by Gonzo, is nothing fantastic but perfectly fine.

The opening has this cool fake language, possibly of Aquafall, layered over the credits before it dissolves into the actual Japanese credits, which I thought was cool. The BG music was pretty good. Seems a bit RPG-ish, actually. The OP and ED were fairly generic and forgettable though.

This isn’t a very good first episode as a whole. It did give us somewhat decent introductions to our main characters with plenty of room for exploration in the future, but nothing particularly big happened to hook in our attention. It was pretty boring.

The big baddies were nameless thugs who were obviously no match for even these three teenage girls and will probably never show up again, and we saw little in terms of magic. In addition, despite the set dressing, this is yet another story of invaders coming to a planet with a team of super beings needed to take them down.

My soft spot for magical girl shows is being manipulated a bit here. I hope it gets more interesting in the future.


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