Cardcaptor Sakura Episode 3 Sub/Dub Comparison

Whoa, there. Chill out, Watery!

Card(s) of the Day:

Watery/Water: Watery is one of the four most powerful Clow cards – the element cards. Watery has a great advantage in being able to disperse and keep form. Unlike the kind Windy card, Watery is very troublesome and ornery. Watery’s weakness is ice.

Plot: A school trip to the aquarium turns disastrous when a Clow card nearly drowns a trainer and a penguin. Sakura and Kero deduct that it is the doing of the elemental card, Watery. Sakura has to figure out how to capture a card that takes the form of water with the few cards she has in her possession.

Meanwhile, in the original anyway, Yukito takes Sakura out on a ‘date’ to the aquarium as a thank you for making him and Toya hotcakes. Their day at the aquarium doesn’t last long as Watery rears its head yet again and nearly drowns her and Yukito.


After one of the girls says the penguin show is starting, Tomoyo calls Sakura who zooms right by them and calls them to the show. Her friends comment on how fast she is. After that, Sakura and her friends go up the escalator to the penguin show and the title card appears. All of this is edited out of the dub.

Title Change: Sakura’s Heart-Racing First Date is changed to Allies.

They edit out quite a bit of Sakura banging on the glass calling out for the penguin and Tomoyo trying to pull her away.

They cut out a scene where Kero states she’d never drown because she doesn’t have much beyond athletic abilities. Sakura yells at him and then taunts that she won’t make him hot cakes anymore.

They edit out where Toya points to where he wrote “Work!” on the whiteboard and Sakura looking at it.

This one’s a LONG edit. After Sakura yells at Toya for eating her hotcakes, she waves her arms around at him yelling that she bought those hotcakes with her allowance. Then she stops as she hears Yukito’s voice from the hall. He enters, greets Sakura and tells her that she’s a great cook. She blushes and says she doesn’t think so and Toya agrees.

She stomps on Toya’s foot in retaliation. Sakura shyly asks Yukito if he wants some hotcakes, and he asks if it’s okay. She says yes and that she’ll bring them up to her brother’s room in a bit. Yukito thanks her and she blushes as lilies appear on the screen.

After a break, she walks up to Toya’s room with the hotcakes, but can’t knock on the door since she has the plate in her hands. Yukito realizes she’s there and opens the door for her.

Sakura asks how Yukito knew she was there and he says it was a hunch. She blushes some more and then she goes to her room.

This ENTIRE thing is cut out of the dub. Why? I guess because it’s more of Sakura’s crush they have to edit out because god knows kids never have crushes on older kids.

Remember that episode of Hey Arnold! where Arnold had a crush on his teacher and he thought she invited him to her house for a date? And he actually went to her house, they had a sorta date and Gerald was giving him advice on how to woo her? Why was something like that fine for Nickelodeon but a benign crush a little girl has on an older guy is simply unacceptable for Nelvana?

I’m not done, by the way.

Immediately after that, Sakura enters her room. She blushes and falls to the floor by her door with a big grin. Then she grabs Kero and starts happily dancing around and falls.

She holds Kero in her hands as she continues to gush about Yukito, but Kero snaps her out of it by saying she doesn’t want anymore penguins to get hurt. She sits up with line eyes and says she doesn’t want that. Kero then flies out of her lap.

Again, this entire scene needed to be edited out because there’d be no reason for her to gush if they edited out Yuki to begin with. What the hell did they do this episode to make it long enough for a TV airing? There has to be at least 5 minutes gone because of this.

A bit of the conversation is gone after Kero flies to the slipper. Kero asks if she saw anything in the water, she says no, and he claims it’s the Watery card. She says it won’t be a problem, she’ll just turn it back into a card, but he says it won’t be that simple because Watery isn’t a solid shape. It can disperse and become incredibly difficult to capture. That’s when the Clow symbol appears.

In the dub, Kero just mentions that penguins and trainers are good swimmers and that shouldn’t have happened. Then Sakura says it was probably the Water card, like she automatically knows the card already.

In the original, Kero says the cards she has now are no match for Watery. She has one element card so far, Windy, but its kind nature will be debilitating in battle. In the dub…..the dub, screw it, the dub conversation makes no sense.

Basically he says she has to use the three cards she has to beat it (No way. I thought she’d have to use cards she didn’t have!) She asks why, and he says it’s because those were the first ones she caught and those are her strongest allies. No, those are the ONLY cards she’s caught, and of course they’re her strongest allies by default because of that fact.

So I figured out how Nelvana made up for that lost time. They made a clip show for no reason. Yup, apparently we need to rehash things already at episode three. They make us sit through the full scenes of Windy, Shadow and Fly’s captures…the full scenes. Instead of just saying a little girl has a crush, they’d make you waste five minutes of your life rewatching something you’ve already seen!

After Sakura takes her hands out of the fountain, Tomoyo grabs her hands, smiles at her and gives her some inspirational words. After that, they have a conversation outside the school. This is all edited out.

They edit out Sakura saying goodbye to Tomoyo.

As Sakura’s rollerblading, she goes out of control and almost hits Yukito. She blushes and apologizes as he asks if she’s alright. He says the hotcakes were good and that Toya told him that Sakura hit Toya with her baton yesterday. Sakura stews at her brother for telling him that. Yukito offers to take Sakura to the aquarium as a thank you. She then dances around on her rollerblades and happily goes home.

As you can guess, this entire thing is edited out of the dub. I guess I should also mention that a big focal point of this episode is the ‘date’ as you can tell from the original Japanese title.

As Sakura enters her room, she gushes and falls down at her door again like she did before. Edited out.

In the original, when Sakura calls Tomoyo, it’s to gush about her date with Yukito, but Tomoyo doesn’t answer, she gets her answering machine. In the dub, Madison picks up and they discuss that Sakura has a plan for the Water card and that she’s going to the aquarium.

After Sakura calls Tomoyo, we cut to Yukito waiting at the park for Sakura and Sakura arriving. They bow and leave for their ‘date.’ They walk along, and Sakura asks if she had the wrong time for their meeting. Yukito says no, she’s actually 15 minutes early. He got there extra early to make sure she didn’t have to wait. Entirely edited out of the dub. In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Yukito’s not in this episode at all.

I have to wonder what the point is in going to the aquarium during the day in the dub. Was she going to try and catch that thing with all those people around?

Crap, I was wrong. I guess he’s too integral to edit out completely. However, they say that Yukito was there on his own and it was a chance meeting. He says he’ll buy her some ice cream, though.

Yukito and Sakura look at the giant tank of fish, and she says she wasn’t able to see that one when she came on her field trip because of the penguin incident. Yukito mentions that must mean she also wasn’t able to see the tearoom below them.

Toya then walks around the tearoom and spots them. They wave and go to the tearoom to order snowcones. Sakura mentions that he’s been moved from the penguin area. Toya responds by saying they’re moving the penguins and draining the tank to investigate the incident. Yukito mentions that Toya must be happy now because he’s no longer getting penguin food from a cold freezer, and Toya responds by saying it’s basically the same thing working in the tearoom because it’s mostly snowcones. They then order.

In the dub, they stupidly zoom by the scene of the giant tank where we can clearly see Yukito and Sakura on the staircase, but the dialogue says they’re in the tearoom ordering ice cream from Tori with no mention of why he’s down there.

They paint away Sakura’s blush as Yuki’s talking to her. They also edit out her grabbing his jacket and gushing as she thanks him.

As Sakura’s on the phone with Tomoyo, they cut out a reaction shot where Sakura has line eyes and gives an ‘Okay’ sign.

Due to editing out Sakura’s crush, the ending is very awkward. In the original, she gushes over Yukito being the reason why she knew to freeze Watery. There are two closeups of her face when she does this, and Kero mentions that she’s frozen now.

In the dub….she makes a gushing pose and says it’s because she has great friends. Kero waves his hand in front of her face, but says nothing. Then they just say they want ice cream. It…kind of makes it look like Sakura’s enamored with Tomoyo and Kero…

By the way, am I the only one who thought the secret to Watery was painfully obvious? When Kero first said that Watery was so powerful because it’s not a solid form, anyone with a brain would think “Wait, water can be a solid. Ice!”

Next episode, the debut of the Wood card. Sakura has to stay home and do chores instead of going out and having fun, but she’ll have plenty of excitement when the Wood card nearly destroys her house.

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  1. Hey there!, I’m Robin from Robinsimpressions
    I love Cardcaptors as mush as I love Sakura! That’s the only Anime I’d like to watch a hundred times & still be unsatisfied! (apart from Pokemon, of course).
    I love the way you’ve written the episodes and I sense you have the Cardcaptor spirit inside you. Because it’s….just the way I wanted to read!
    I hate the fact that English dub of the Anime has edited much of the original portions, (rather important ones ) But it’s okay! Now that you’re here, I think it will be more easier to understand.

    If you’re interested in drawings/sketches/illustrations of the Anime/Manga you love, you can visit me on the above address. My first digital work was #CardcaptorSakura. Your visit is appreciated! I’ll drop by soon !

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