Digimon Adventure 01 Episode 2 Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: The kids are still trying to find their way back to camp when they come upon some odd phone booths on a beach. The phones are utterly useless, but while Jo tries to make them work, the others try to get some food in them since they haven’t eaten all day. While separating rations, an angry Shellmon attacks the group. All of the Digimon are too hungry to fight except Agumon who ate some food with Taichi earlier. Since they’re the only ones with strength to fight, Agumon must evolve to beat Shellmon.


Title Screen:

Title Change: Originally, the episode was called Explosive Evolution! Greymon! In the dub it’s The Birth of Greymon.

The dub inserts flashbacks of the Digimon’s Digivolving sequences when they’re re-meeting their newly Digivolved Digimon.

In the original, Digivolution is merely regarded as evolution. I wanna go out on a limb here and say it was changed to avoid butting heads with Pokemon’s evolution and/or the backlash from religious groups who put all sorts of hate on the fact that evolution was being used in kids shows like that.

In the original, Takeru asks if their evolving means that they can’t change back, and Pataman answers that he doesn’t know. In the dub, TK says that he helped Patamon Digivolve and that it’s cool. Patamon says “Yup it is.”

After that, Jo says that he’s having difficulty understanding it all, and Gomamon says that it’s okay because they don’t understand it all either. In the dub, Joe says his parents doesn’t let him talk to strangers, and Gomamon says he’s not a stranger, he’s his friend.

In the original, Jo says that they should find a nearby road. In the dub, Joe says that they should stay put. Matt’s the one who suggests that they find a road.

Koushiro says that the local vegetation indicates they’re in the subtropics. Tentomon agrees, and Koushiro asks in a surprised tone that Tentomon knows what subtropics are, but then Tentomon says he doesn’t and Koushiro sighs. In the dub, Izzy says that it’d be easier if they had a compass to find out which way is north. Tentomon says that he knows, Izzy asks where, and Tentomon says its the opposite of south.

Jo continues to talk about finding a road in the original. In the dub, Joe says he shouldn’t have worn those pants because they ride up when he does too much walking.

Yamato originally says that he doesn’t want to put anyone in undue danger by going back. Matt says that he’s not scared of any monsters.

As they’re walking along, Jo says that the trees really make him think that they’re not in Japan anymore. Yamato responds by saying that the Digimon should’ve been enough to tip him off that this place wasn’t Japan. In the dub, Joe says that the trees are aggravating his hay fever. Matt responds by asking if there’s anything Joe isn’t allergic to.

In the original, Mimi asks Palmon if she’s some kind of plant. Palmon says yes and she can even perform photosynthesis. Mimi says that’s great and asks her to do it for her. Palmon asks her if she even knows what photosynthesis is, and Mimi says no. Palmon responds by saying that she doesn’t know either.

In the dub, Mimi asks Palmon where she gets her hair done (which is a dumb question, she just recently became Palmon. Even if hair salons were in the Digital World, when would she have had the time to go to a hair salon? Also, her ‘hair’ is a FLOWER.) Palmon says that it’s natural. Mimi says that she should let her do her hair for her sometime and Palmon asks her if she thinks she puts too much emphasis on appearance. Mimi responds that she’s never really thought about it much. Palmon responds by saying that she likes her flower/hair the way it is.

Taichi originally asks Agumon if Kuwagamon is a Digimon too. He keeps saying yup to his questions. In the dub, Tai’s just talking to himself about how it’s such a cool story, but no one would ever believe him. Agumon has no dialogue in this scene. It’s slightly weird because you can still point out where he talks in the dub, but there’s no sound.

And thus begins Izzy’s weird short-lived obsession with aliens. Koushiro just says that phone booths randomly positioned in the middle of a beach is irrational. Izzy says he believes aliens set out the phone booths as traps. I never understood this thing with Izzy and aliens in the beginning of this season, but it’s dropped completely later on, so yeah.

Yamato and Mimi originally don’t talk about ordering a pizza with the phones. They say that those phones are just like the ones back home. Jo concludes that these phone booths are proof that they’re still in Japan. Gomamon asks what Japan is, and Jo slowly stares at him, slowly turns around and says “maybe not.”

In the dub, Joe says that the purpose of the phones is for them to call their parents for a ride home. Gomamon asks what “a parents is” and Joe slowly stares are him, turns around and says “That’s it, I’m outta here.”

Izzy again brings up aliens by saying that the aliens can bill his phone card.

All of them simply want to call their parents in the original. In the dub, Izzy wants to connect to the internet and TK wants to look for loose change in the slots while the rest just say that they want to use the phones.

I have to admit, they made Mimi’s line better here. In both versions, Mimi’s phone says that tomorrow’s weather will be mostly sunny with a chance of ice cream. Original!Mimi just says that something’s wrong with the phone. Dub!Mimi says “What do you wear for that?” I know I can’t really stand Mimi, but it’s lines like these that make her tolerable in the dub. Her ditzy sounding VA makes the line that much funnier. Only Mimi…

The weird phone messages are again blamed on aliens by Izzy in the dub while Koushiro just wonders what’s going on.

Original!Mimi says her Digivice is on her bag. Dub!Mimi says, if anyone has a pink Digivice, she’ll trade. Kinda funny seeing as how, in future installments, there are pink Digivices. However, in this season they’re all a very pale green/blue color.

In the original, after Takeru shows everyone his food (Why exactly did he have a backpack full of food on him during summer camp when he was just lounging around?) Mimi points out that he’s not from their school. Takeru says that she’s right. He’s visiting his ‘onii-chan,’ Yamato, for the summer and Yamato confirms.

Taichi asks Izumi why Takeru calls Yamato ‘onii-chan’ since they have different last names. Izumi responds by saying, since ‘onii-chan’ is also a common phrase for cousins or close male friends that he might be his cousin.

In the dub, this obviously doesn’t work the same way. English doesn’t really have one phrase that encompasses cousins, brothers, and close friends. Mimi simply asks TK if he’ll be a good little boy and share his food with her. TK says she doesn’t even have to ask and follows it up by telling Matt that she’s cute. Matt disagrees. Tai then tells Izzy that he could eat a small cow.

Originally, Yamato asks Mimi where she got all of that survival stuff in her bag. Mimi responds by saying that it’s been a while since she last camped so she borrowed her dad’s camping stuff secretly.

In the dub, Matt asks why Mimi didn’t tell them that she had a compass back when they said that they needed one. Mimi responds by saying that she thought it’d be fun to see how far they’d get without one. Plus it’s broken.

The stupidity of that statement is of sheer brilliance. Seriously. They make her seem like a dick for saying “Yeah I had this important piece of survival equipment that we needed but didn’t say anything about it for funsies.” then they make her seem like a moron by making her say “Not like it would’ve helped if I did say something anyway, it’s broken” Just wow. Wow.

The way that the rations are divided is different from the original. Let’s just leave it at that because I’d have to rewatch that scene like four times to get exactly the differences.

Might I say that the song that comes on when Shellmon appears in the original kicks so much ass?

Attack Name Change: Mega Flame is changed to Nova Blast (Well, in this episode, it’s Digi Nova Blast, but it’s just Nova Blast for the rest of the show) And, again, better name with the dub.

Next episode is Garurumon’s debut!

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